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Woman denied heart transplant over COVID jab status

The affected woman named Irene, has a history of blood clots and heart issues, which are known side effects of the mRNA gene therapy.

Despite complying with all other vaccination, medication, and assessment requirements of the transplant protocol, an Auckland cardiologist told her in a letter dated 1 March that her unvaccinated status could pose a risk of infection to other patients and potentially jeopardise the donor heart if she contracts COVID-19.

The letter was shared on Twitter by Tauranga lawyer Kirsten Murfitt.

According to Murfiit Irene has already had COVID-19 without severe complications and believes the vaccine poses a greater risk to her because of her medical history. Murfitt said preparations were being made to document her case should she pass away before receiving the transplant.

Matt Shelton of NZDSOS responded to the tweet saying ‘there were several other people in the same position. But a queue of jabbed people waiting for heart transplants or other procedures from severe damage from the shots too. Go figure.’

Last year Canadian woman Sheila Lewis was removed from the priority organ transplant list after refusing to take two shots of the COVID gene therapy. She later passed away after securing a confidential out of court settlement with Alberta health authorities.

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  1. Green Lane, hey?

    Weren’t those two miserable crones who took offence to unvaccinated baby Will operating out of the same medical centre? 🤔

    Seems like the whole area could benefit from a sudden sinkhole.

  2. The flip side of the equation is what becomes of this patient if she was to have a complex Immunological adverse reaction to the vaccine? Would she then again become ineligible for a transplant?
    For how long has the eligibility hinged on vaccine status? Maybe a good question for the Covid Commission of Inquiry.
    How many patients are now being denied an appropriate treatment pathway based on vaccine status? Surely a check on antibody level should indicate if this patient has natural immunity….that’s right they are not easily accessible in NZ but should be for these circumstances. Then again, has anyone actually established what the protective antibody level actually is?
    Still so many unresolved issues….that deserve proper research, proper process and appropriate decision making based on science.
    I reside with a double vaccinated transplanted patient but I am not vaccinated. Is this patient putting me at risk because they are immunosuppressed?
    To date neither of us have had Covid….luck or good management?

  3. I have been reflecting on this article for a while this evening.
    I chose not to be vaccinated due to being adversely impacted by a different vaccine many years ago. Rightly or wrongly, I concluded I would actually willingly donate my organs /blood but will never take another vaccine. I then wondered if they would accept my organs /blood as a Covid unvaccinated individual? I guess the answer would be a definitive ‘No’.

    • I have taken my “donor” status off my drivers license just this year because of the appalling behaviour of the medical profession in New Zealand over covid. I also learned that they can’t donate from a dead body so you have to wonder how compromised the decision making process is to keep someone alive if they are in a bad accident.

      Tht this kind of discrimination is stil happening in 2024 is disgraceful. The MOH says in their own documents that jab doesn’t stop transmission. Why are the other patients not protected by their jab status.

      Just unbelievable and where is the report on mainstream media about this? 🦗

      • It is unbelievable because the jurisprudence in Godzone has been hijacked by agendas not conducive to justice. Judges judge according to direction by TPTB.

    • I’m also unwilling to take experimental vaccines and I too, am a donor. Our decency and altruism is no reflection on the malignancy that is the mainstream political establishment in this country. They are the true disease in my estimation.

      • Don t forget the malignancy of the medical establishment. I could tell you a few stories from europe you would not believe.
        I have been for a while blood donor.
        I stopped and never was an organ donor. Would not want an ” organ” from anybody. I would rather die

    • Look at diabetes research in Canty- same word-for-word report every year, with the same Masonic donors.
      It’s a social club, populated with psychopaths, and we ain’t in it!
      F@#K ém!

      • Disgraceful. Everyone knows type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease caused by ultra processed food and a sedentary lifestyle. Why do the doctors never tell people to change their diet and read them the riot act about their health. I look around me these days and all I see are overweight out of shape sick looking people with big guts and they drive everywhere.

        The amount of money wasted funding drugs for these people who are- let’s face it- too lazy to take responsibility for themselves, is criminal.

        Why doesn’t the government tax the crap food and sugary drink companies? We know why, WEF WEF WEF.

        • It’s what the food manufacturers are putting in the food that makes people fat & obese. All a part of the de-population process as per the WEF agendas as previously seen on the Georgia Guide Stones.
          This is why there is a war against ‘grow your own garden’ now in several western nations- the PTB do NOT want you to be food independent; they want you to ingest their chemicals so that you will develop Type 2 Diabetes, get sick, be treated with drugs that make the investors richer, and then you die with the insurance companies refusing to pay-out due to únreported diabetes’.
          BTW- in the US State of Oregon (a Communist stronghold of ANTIFA, BLM and Leftist Wackos…) it is now ILLEGAL to water your garden and grow your own food. It’s also illegal to collect rain water.
          The breaking point will be in October of this year for many people.

          • Unreal. Well shame on those people in Oregon for kowtowing. I won’t be tolerating any of that nonsense. Just f’ing try.

    • That would imply that judges (many of them) have maintained some sort of decency, morals and legality.
      Nothing could be further from the truth.
      These ‘judges’ have been ‘educated’, groomed and installed by the very system they are bribed to support.
      And nothing in means of justice will come from the courts they preside over.
      I see on the horizon that good-standing citizens have had enough and exchange their ‘way-out’ from suicide to ‘action’.

  4. Late July/early August 2021 the US CDC published a paper on their website of an in depth analysis of an outbreak of Covid (Delta strain) in Barnstable County, Massachusetts. Most of the confirmed cases were fully vaccinated. Four of the five people who were hospitalized were fully vaccinated. There was no difference in tested viral loads between the fully vaccinated and unvaccinated. The official CDC advice went from ‘fully vaccinated can discard their masks and enjoy summer’ to ‘put your masks back on because there are breakthrough infections’.

    Yip, yip, that is what it is. It’s about confidence….those that have done the right thing and got vaccinated can be confident that the people around them have also done the right thing.

    The fact that doctors went along with this nonsense at the time was depressing.

    The fact they are still enforcing this nonsense is frightening.

    Good work, again, Kirsten.

    • ‘Covid’ doesn’t exist.

      ‘Covid’ was simply a United States DOD psychological operation unleashed for nefarious geopolitical ends.

      Apologies to burst your bubble.

  5. New Zealand used to be a decent country but now, what a hell hole. We have been considering leaving for quite some time now and this kind of ugliness from yet another govt that claims to have our best interests at heart (no pun intended whatsoever-I feel deeply for this poor woman) shows there is no real distinction between the so called left and right. All just globalists.

    Oh and what about NZF? All the outrage pre election, are you going to back this woman’s cause?

  6. Voices For Freedom and Reality Check Radio have had their latest e-mail sent-out regarding the Covid Inquiry Survey, titled Ýou’re Fired’ in the subject block.
    Filling out surveys with your name, etc. only leads one to being ‘profiled’ by the government.
    The people that the Covid Inquiry seeks to remove will still remain there in those positions, irregardless of what the voting population wants.
    This shows conclusively that the WEF / WHO/ IMF/NWO/UN Agendas 21, 30 & 40 are being implemented.
    Doctors in Canada have been instructed to snuff-out the mentally ill and disabled…all part of the Globalist Plan to ‘thin out the herd!’.
    I am vaccine exempt also, due to adverse reactions from over 35 years ago.
    I am also mask exempt.
    And I will NOT comply with another forced mandate, law or blatantly-known criminal activity perpetrated on me and my family by a globalist-based WEF government, which the Communist / Bolshevik Zionist-inspired Ardern Government did to the entire population!

  7. I used to be patriotic…. until nzgovtcorp tried to murder me.
    I used to love my neighbour……. until he gaslit me by parrotting globalist propaganda.
    I used to like volunteering…… until i wasn’t allowed to because i wasnt in their cult.
    I used to give to the community…….. until they were programmed to believe i was a terrorist.
    I used to have a job…. until my beliefs deemed me unfit to enter the property.
    I used to trust helen clarke….. until i found out she was controlling jac#nta.
    I used to trust and believe….. But now i don’t.

  8. A god like surgeon who most probably made himself exempt for the Covid vaccination.

    Decisions clouding his secret exemption seems likely.

    Said consultant needs a hard physical beating.

  9. Yup, and I see our local New World Is back in the fear-mongering game again too. Plastic sheilds up where there were none and majority of staff masked up again. Guess where I won’t be going back to! Morons!

  10. Parking my compassion for the woman and anger at the situation, there is an irony here: If the woman got a heart transplant but had to get a vaccine first, the vaccine would then damage her new heart. Then she would need a second heart transplant.

    Seems like some of the people that run these institutions have no compassion, no empathy, and are nothing more than biological robots following a fixed program. Or, perhaps worse, they “get off” on their position of power in controlling others, whether they do harm or not.

    • Exactly. Sadly most of the medical fraternity are simply deluded indoctrinated financially enslaved groupthink morons.

      This wont change until they’re defunded unfortunately.

      • I experienced this first hand after being shuffled around like a tennis ball between doctors. In the end I paid and got an MRI to find out what my issue was. Boy you should have seen them panic when they realised they couldn’t just sit there spouting BS and pretending to help me.

        My advice, seek natural therapies and research your own cures. In most cases there ARE natural ways to heal yourself and there are also some very old, off patent very good medications that WILL heal you.

        Follow the money every time. There’s no money in healing people right? Most of what is wrong with people leads back to a few basic things. Mostly inflammation. Address the inflammation and you don’t get all these other issues.

        Other simple cures like salt can fix a multitude of problems like vertigo and heart palpitations, but no, salt is bad apparently. All the things we have been told are bad for us like salt and animal fats are actually beneficial to us. Inform yourselfes people!

  11. Wow! these ‘doctors’ actually still believe the jab is ‘safe and effective’.

    What a bunch of Indoctrinated feebleminded cretins.

    It would be comical if it wasn’t so tragic.

  12. Unethical and sinister.

    Hopefully these ‘doctors’ will be held to account during the upcoming inquiry.

    Obviously many of them should face criminal charges and longterm imprisonment for crimes against humanity.

  13. Do you think the cardiologist manging a transplant process with a person whose condition and history they are fully aware of might have a better understanding of the potential medical complications involved than conspiracy advocates?
    Much of the above commentary is mindless drivel.

    • They would still be aware of their condition and history to have an understanding of any possible complications. Tell us, how would them being jabbed with comirnaty protect anyone else on the ward? I have been around plenty of people that had covid, and yet my unjabbed self has not caught the vid. Maybe they would be protecting the others on the ward more by not being jabbed

    • Show me the data that proves the Pfizer product is not only safe but effective.
      If you recall….back in early 2022 RNZ had a Covid by the Numbers page showing all manner of graphs and charts and interactive whatever. When the data clearly showed that triple jabbed were outdying the unvaccinated, and infections and hospitalizations were higher in regions boasting higher vaccination compliance … they discontinued some of the reporting.
      Recent peer reviewed research does indeed show that those who fail to keep taking the boosters are indeed more prone to catching covid….but also states that those who never took any shots have the lowest rates of Covid.

      Fear is the mind killer…

  14. This makes no sense at all. People take the “vaccine” to stop them getting Covid but they are still at risk of getting Covid from an unvaccinated person?? So what’s the point of getting the “vaccine” in the first place?? Are these surgeons that stupid??

    • Yes they are indeed stupid.

      Vaccinated idiots in fear of catching the ‘virus’ they’re been been ‘vaccinated’ against.

      It’s simply an admission the ‘vaccine’ doesn’t work.

      Sadly these indoctrinated cretins are depressingly dim.

      Oh well, they’ll find out in the end, but far too late obviously.


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