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Zelensky is destroying Ukraine – exiled opposition leader

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Viktor Medvedchuk also argues that the Kiev government is leading Europe towards a potential nuclear crisis.

The policies of President Vladimir Zelensky’s government – based on hatred and intransigence towards Russia – are inevitably driving Ukraine into poverty, the former parliamentary opposition leader has warned.

Viktor Medvedchuk, who was forced into exile after being arrested by the SBU (the successor agency to the Soviet KGB), claims that Kiev is encouraging the same approach in other European states. He believes that such dangerous sentiment could even lead to an eventual nuclear standoff.

Medvedchuk’s political party was the second largest in the current Ukrainian parliament, before it was banned last year. The rump of the faction is now closely controlled by Zelensky’s “Servant of the People” group.

As part of his crackdown on dissent, the President personally targeted Medvedchuk, who was a proponent of reconciliation with Russia, the latter has claimed in an article published on Monday in Russian newspaper Izvestia, in which he gives his view on the roots of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Both Zelensky and his predecessor Pyotr Poroshenko had been elected after the 2014 coup in Kiev on a platform of peace, and each made a U-turn after getting into office, Medvedchuk pointed out. He argued that this shows a pattern of betrayal of the Ukrainian people by its leadership and by what he termed a “party of war.”

Being enemies with Russia is against Ukraine’s economic interests, Medvedchuk asserted. Not only is Russia a major market and source of raw materials from which Ukraine can benefit, the country’s industrial sector was mostly in the east and people there, who for historic reasons have ties to Moscow, were antagonized by Kiev. Economic ruination is an inevitable consequence of the conflict, the politician wrote.

“It is no longer [Western] Europe that teaches Ukraine politics, but Ukraine that teaches Europe how to achieve economic decline and poverty with the help of a policy of hatred and intransigence. And if Europe continues to support this policy, it will be dragged into a war, possibly a nuclear one,” he warned.

He accused Western nations of hailing the incumbent Ukrainian government for “victory after victory, while no military breakthroughs are observed,” referring to the parades that generals in Ancient Rome were given after major victories. Meanwhile, the “party of peace” has no voice either at home or abroad, Medvedchuk lamented.

Those who stood for peace were slandered, intimidated and repressed on incitement from the West. The Ukrainian party of peace simply did not suit Western democracy

“This eloquently suggests that most US and European politicians do not want any peace for Ukraine. But this does not mean at all that Ukrainians do not want peace, and that Zelensky’s military triumph is more important to them than their lives and destroyed homes.” he reasoned.

Only when pro-peace politicians are allowed to make their case freely can there be hope to resolve the situation, Medvedchuk believes.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Very sad. Seeming like the next endless war that needed to continue for military industrial to keep production up after Afghanistan exit.

  2. Zelensky is a puppet as we know. By all accounts a twin to Pinocchio. Similar to our own leader but not as thick.

    The US and its insane elites control his strings and that of the Ukraine. Known as a corrupt people in that part of the world they are now wholly owned and directed by the west

    But here’s the cut.

    The USA and the west are getting beat up by the Russians and it’s becoming harder and harder to hide that reality.via its sodomised media.

    The only way out? To push for nuclear war against the greatest nuclear power on earth. Russia

    Perhaps the masters are thicker than their puppets

  3. Zelensky takes orders from Washington. He can run Ukraine into the ground and escape to one of his mansions in Italy or Florida, leaving the people to suffer.

  4. Zel the Dwarf is the same in stature as in brain power. And indeed he is running Ukraine into the ground at America’s bidding, or should that be Bide-ing. Ukraine is getting a slapping from the Russians a greater military force than Europe combind, and they’re doing it with the breaks on. But now that Putin knows they were lied to during the Minsk accords the gloves are off and it’s anyone’s guess.

    Zelensky’s behaviour over the Orthodox Church is yet another nail in his small coffin. The media has continued to confirm its puppet status as it rolls out lie after lie about the military “victories” of the failed Ukrainian military. How Europe and the west manages to keep up this facade is beyond me. But we have come to a very dangerous place because of it.

    Even though we are seeing fragmentation in Europe, the recent resignation of the German minister of Defence a case in point, and other countries backing out of their assurances of support to Ukraine, America will not see reason and continues to up the ante. They have clearly lost their minds.

    The next few weeks will see Russian and Belarus forces rebuilding the bridges destroyed by Ukraine as they prepare for the hammer blow. The next few months will see those standing in their way wishing they had never been born. I truly pity them. All they had to do was to act as grown-ups and none of this would have happened. But it’s too late now, and they will reap what they have sown…

  5. as a european, i am ashamed of what Europe is doing. And many european disagree with sending arms and money to criminal zelensky. The european msm receive a lot of money from Bill & melinda, or are now in private hands. The european msm had for years a smear campaign against russia and putine. We are in europe not properly informed. And it is seemingly von der leyen, head of the EU( not elected) and no less than an american agent who decides to send monies and arms.
    As for the european head of states ? they dont have the populations interests at hart. They serve for many of them first their own interest or foreign

  6. Putin: Bombed Hospital Was Really Bioweapon Storage Facility

    Article about Trump’s alleged call to Putin regarding Russian hospital bombing.
    Putin gives explanations to Trump that may be realistic and show the criminality of the deep state as well as the cruelty of war.
    We cannot believe everything a priori, and even less can we reject alter visions and information a priori. This last is what matrix agents do.
    We can’t rule out the propaganda of Trump’s Republican supporters, but we can rule out the truth in the mainstream media’s information.


  7. Thats the plan, Zelensky destroys the Ukraine while Nato helps Ukraine destroy Russia while Biden and co destroy America while America destroys the EU and all this destroying each other helps to destroy China and once they are all gone everything else will collapse.


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