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An open letter to Jacinda Ardern from a concerned citizen

While a trained communicator who claims to …”be kind” and …”I can promise you, we will be a party that governs for every New Zealander”, it is clear that you are neither kind or governing for all New Zealanders.

In fact, you are a danger to this country, its freedom and democracy.

You are driving home your socialist extremism, largely unchecked.

Letter to Jacinda Ardern news

You have openly stated …”we have incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policy in a way that we hope will drive system-level actions”. What you are referring to Jacinda is the UN Agenda 2030 (One World Government) an agenda that has never been explained or voted on in New Zealand. As a Young Global Leader in the World Economic Forum, with a stated aim of ”[accelerating] solutions to global challenges through new models of public-private co-operation” and ”the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, re-imagine, and reset our world” –Klaus Schwab, Founder & Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum.

The “great Reset”is nothing short of a corporate takeover of global governance that affects our food, our data and our vaccines.

We should be very worried. New Zealanders are the ones with a ”narrow window of opportunity”, that is to get rid of you and not accept the globalist agenda.

The global covid pandemic has been used as an excuse to sneak in this UN Agenda 2030 with legislative changes and measures which have already robbed us of our rights and liberty. No one voted for this. Your unnecessary lockdowns and mandates have crippled small business and employment in New Zealand.

Your harsh covid restrictions have been based on dodgy data provided by fellow globalist, Neil Ferguson –Mathematical Epidemiologist -Imperial College London and those funded by you at Auckland University.

You are proposing law changes to criminalise individuals who hold a different view to your globalist one, or to dare to challenge you as the “one source of truth”.

You have persecuted some perfectly good New Zealand doctors who’s only “crime” was to dare to question the safety and express their concern in the early days of this experimental “vaccines” rollout. That surely was their duty and their right? Yet their reputations and careers have been ruined. I find it ludicrous that a doctor can abstain from terminating a pregnancy, or euthanizing someone based on their individual knowledge and beliefs, yet cannot take a stand on covid “vaccination”. Further, why does a government decide medical treatments rather than a doctor with knowledge of their patient? By the way Jacinda, emerging evidence now supports these doctors. We were told that the “vaccine” does not alter DNA but the latest research proves the exact opposite. Further, a high court judge in the USA has unsealed 400 pages of evidence and approved a litigation case to proceed against Pfizer for falsifying trial evidence and in its application to the FDA for vaccine approval.

We are talking about an experimental “vaccine” which doesn’t stop you getting or transmitting covid but which is causing irreparable harm and injury.

You are well aware that the World Council for Health, a group of world-wide health professionals and scientists (free from the influence of governments and big pharma) have produced masses of evidence undermining the narrative that this “vaccine” is safe or effective.

Why are you ignoring our home-grown local groups and mounting evidence of this “vaccines” harm and why are the public not being told about the adverse reactions and deaths?

Why? It is because you have hired one of the largest teams of media spin doctors in the history of our country, to control your narrative.

That’s corruption Jacinda and exactly what communist regimes do.

Further, we now have legislation that allows police, or their ‘agents” to enter our private homes or business without a warrant.

That’s a police state Jacinda.

As for the recent Wellington protest, my respect goes to the peaceful protesters who were just exercising their legitimate right to be heard. On the other hand, I have no respect for the dirty, under-hand, cunning tactics employed by you and your team designed to provoke and discredit these genuine protesters, starting with Trevor Mallard and his sprinklers and loud music, and culminating in the carefully crafted impression that the protesters were …”filthy animals” who were violent, set fire to tents and left parliament grounds trashed.

In fact:

  • I have seen video evidence that it was police who knocked over a gas cooker setting a tent on fire as they set about smashing the camp site.
  • I have seen video evidence of police deliberately smashing protesters car windows as the only protester in the area begged for them to stop;
  • I have seen video evidence of “outsiders” (not part of the peaceful protest) with their own agendas who inflamed the site conveniently providing you an excuse for your actions

Your excuse for not talking to the protesters was that they were …”acting illegally”. Really! When was it illegal for New Zealanders to peacefully protest at parliament? It has always been part of our proud history.

But more importantly Jacinda, the representative protest groups (Convoy 2022 NZ, Freedom Alliance, NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science, Outdoors & Freedom Movement, The Freedom & Rights Coalition, Voices for Freedom) made it clear to you, both verbally and in writing, that they simply wanted a fair hearing and then the protest group would go home. So Jacinda, ending the protest in a peaceful manner was in your hands but you chose otherwise!

You have arrogantly dismissed the protesters as “filthy”, “violent”, “fringe”, anti-vaxxers” yet they represent every corner of decent New Zealand society. They are mums, dads, grandparents, students, teachers, nurses, trades-people, policemen and women, firemen and women, labourers, beneficiaries, truck drivers, retirees.

Please don’t insult our intelligence.

I am a NZ Registered Nurse with over 50 years experience, much at senior level. My choice not to be vaccinated was a well informed one, but also based on my medical history. I am truly disappointed with those of my medical and nursing colleagues who remained silent and put their jobs and selves before public safety by not telling the truth. For example, all of them will be well aware that any mask other than an NP95 Respiratory Particulate Mask, would be ineffective against viral spread.

I have seen a 60 year old lady who, within 24 hours of her Pfizer vaccination, suffered a severe headache and nausea, followed by a life-threatening brain bleed requiring two holes drilled in her skull to release pressure. She now has a permanent disability. She was previously fit and well.

I personally know of a number of young people who have unexpectedly died with cardiac-related conditions after their Pfizer vaccinations.

There are hundreds of New Zealanders who have told me that that they did not want to be vaccinated but felt they ‘had to’ to pay keep their job to pay their mortgage.

Coercion is not consent Jacinda, no matter how often you tell us most people are for the “jab” and that it is only a few fringe anti-vaxxers who are not.

“Divide-and-rule” is as old a time Jacinda, we see through you.

We are now a confused, divided, unhappy country. You have created two classes of people.
I spoke to a lady who lost her job after having chosen not to be vaccinated. She was distraught, no longer able to pay her rent or bills, so was having to seek shelter in a different town with a friend.

I spoke to an elderly chap just yesterday. He was in tears because he had chosen to take the vaccination but his unvaccinated daughter no longer wanted contact with him, fearing that he would “shed” spike protein and be a risk to her.

Today, I have just been shown a notice posted in a local supermarket, obviously by a pro-vaccine person trying to deter other shoppers from a local business:

”(named business) continues to abuse shop owners and general public by taking part in angry group of protesters in Wellington –avoid shopping there”.

What have we become?

You have ruined our beautiful country.

No Jacinda, you are not …“kind” and you do not have a …”team of five million” and I’m calling you out.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. I find this letter totally inspiring. It should be compulsory reading for all Ardern supporters, to get them to think and to realise what an absolute demon the PM is. She is vile. To the auther thank you so much.

  2. Well said. Time for a constitutional change in NZ. we need a way to have checks and balances put onto the people that enter these positions. They should be held personally responsible for their decisions. Maybe we need a 2nd amendment like the states. An armed citizenry is the only way to put a stop to these communists.

  3. Thank you Kathy and to Daily Telegraph for telling it as it is – the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I am tired of being called scum, filth and a lowlife of society all for not partaking in a medical experiment ie: getting vaccinated. Yes I have lost my job along with thousands of others. At almost 60 years old, this is not the same country I and my children have grown up in. Shame on you Jabcinda and your cohorts for ruining our lives, judgement day is coming for you.

  4. loved your letter.
    What i want to know why is there such a cover up over clark gayford and why is there nothing on media about him how much of a pay off is this costing us tax payers i think it is criminal.

  5. Thanks, you hit the nail on the head…strait to the horses mouth ! The great fish and chip seller, takes perfectly fresh fish,and fresh potatoes….chops them up, covers them with grease,wraps it in old news….creating an unhealthy mess…and sells it as the best thing….at a terrible price !
    Jacinda truly is the fish and chip seller of this government

  6. Thank you for telling the truth, it seems to be hard to get out there. The die hard Labour supporters and Jacinda and her band of inadequate mps. She is trying to depopulate us, there seems to be no other answer and drive us to NWO.
    The deaths and vaxx damaged people will get swept under the carpet.
    I wonder how her menstrual cycle is these days after her vaccine’s, if at all she ever took it, how would it be to see her child start having seizures and her husband to lose his job if she was a regular citizen. I don’t believe this woman is a human being, something is dreadfully wrong with her.
    Our beautiful country is being destroyed and no one seems able to stop her.

  7. So many have replied with thanks and praise for the author of this piece not one negative. I feel the same thank the one who wrote it and thank you daily telegraph for printing it. If so many of us feel this way. How is she still PM. Why was she allowed to use the police against peaceful protesters? Many of whom believed police are there to serve and protect them the people. At what point does the madness stop? Seems to me it should have stopped long before now. Who’s idea was government and why can’t one opted out.


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