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Call for compensation for mandate harm

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Chris Leitch
Chris Leitchhttps://www.socialcredit.nz/
Chris Leitch has been a campaigner for monetary reform since 1972. He is a former elected member of the Auckland Regional Services Trust set up in 1992 to own Auckland services companies like the buses, the Ports of Auckland, the water supply, and to manage millions of dollars of downtown Auckland property. It paid off millions of dollars of debt while successfully keeping the revenue-earning assets in public ownership. He was also elected to the Waitemata Electricity Trust, and has been chairman of the Whangarei Youth Centre and the Onerahi School Board. He was the first ever Alliance candidate, standing in the Tamaki by-election in 1992 and is the Social Credit's Whangarei candidate.

Social Credit is calling on the government to pay full compensation for lost income to all those whose employment was terminated as a result of the mandates, including those like GP’s, dentists, and physiotherapists who were barred from operating their own practice.

They not only lost their job, but also their income, their family’s security, and in many cases their home and their future career prospects.

Mandate compensation news

Now that the mandates are being unwound, it’s time to address the considerable financial hurt that’s been caused to those Kiwis who had the courage to stick to their principles in the face of unacceptable coercion – get jabbed or lose your job.

The Prime Minister and the Director General of Health both publicly admitted in the latter part of last year that vaccination wouldn’t stop people getting Covid-19 and wouldn’t stop them spreading it to others.

The mandates appear to have had more to do with covering up for decades of under-investment by both major parties in our hospitals, our doctors, nurses, GP’s, and other medical staff.

We call on the government to also require the Medical Council to immediately re-instate all those GP’s who it de-registered and withdraw the gag orders and so-called ‘voluntary agreements’ it forced some of them to sign.

In addition it should also set up a fund to support those GP’s in taking legal action against the Medical Council for its moves and the damage it has caused to their reputation.

That action by the Council is similar to what medical authorities did 160 years ago to Hungarian doctor Ignaz Semmelweis, which caused him to be drummed out of the profession.

The Medical Council’s approach to medical professionals who raise justifiable concerns about medical treatments appears to be to attack and de-platform the doctors rather than thoroughly, and with an open mind, address the issues they raise.

What has been done to GP’s in the last two years by the Council should never be allowed to happen again.

Should the government not take those actions, Social Credit MPs elected at next year’s general election will introduce appropriate legislation into the house to implement them, and make them a bottom line in any negotiations with other parties seeking our support to govern.

The government waged economic war on thousands of its citizens at a time when they were most vulnerable and that hurt needs to be addressed.

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  1. Yes. I met a Kiwi surgeon with over 30 experience the other day who was mandated out of working because of his concerns with the jab. Now you know why we have problems in the health system. What madness does that to such an experienced person?

    The bitter taste left in peoples mouths after the actions of our govt will never dissipate. The damage is done.

    Just make sure we enlighten people as to who really did the damage while systematically claiming to be ‘helping’ people. Next time someone complains about not getting their knee or hip op or their hernia op or whatever operation they are waiting months , nay YEARS for, consider the REAL reason. That GOOD and experienced people were banned from working because they had reservations about a JAB with NO long term safety data. It’s criminal.

    • I met a senior nurse of 34 years who refused the jab , She showed undeniably evidence of the harm the jab was causing & was told to leave the hospital grounds immediately or be forced off – After 34 years working there ???? WTF is going on .

  2. Dont be surprised if something comes on the way when the elections near. Printing money from thin air to pay for the NWO agenda is the key here. When the petro dollar collapses, paper money cannot compensate anymore. People will become very poor and divided; easy to enforce the agenda.


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