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David Farrier, Racial Profiling and Hypocrisy

Daily Telegraph Editor Malcolm Dreaneen responds to blog post of David Farrier.

On Saturday 11 December I read a blog post by David Farrier entitled ‘Bad News: the anatomy of dodgy news’.

Ostensibly the article was supposed to be a hit-piece on me and my fledgling news website Daily Telegraph New Zealand.

Instead, all it did was expose Farrier as a mediocre racial profiler and hypocrite.

In addition to defaming me to his 175,000 Twitter followers (more on that later) he made a point of naming my father, who has nothing to do with Daily Telegraph. Worse, Farrier did this in the full knowledge my father had been in hospital for five days due to a serious medical condition. Knowing that Farrier might suspect I was fabricating an excuse to delay responding to his email, I immediately emailed to explain I was currently focused on my father’s rapidly worsening health – and even went so far as to provide him with my father’s name and the hospital for verification purposes.

Prior to Farrier publishing his blog post we exchanged additional emails. In cherry-picking sections from those communications, Farrier deliberately left out others that provided important context. His intention was to mislead his readers into believing I was a certain type of person, namely the media’s stereotypical ‘anti-vaxxer’ and far right nutter. Farrier’s selective editing is clear to see from the exchange published in full at the end of this article. Readers can see I went to some lengths to explain the dangers of labelling me an ‘anti-vaxxer’.

Ignoring this, he instead subjected me to a disgusting and bigoted process of racial profiling.

If you’re a person of colour like I am, or an ethnic minority, you should be outraged. Farrier identifies as bisexual, and should know about prejudice, bigotry and the dangers of stereotyping people. But that’s exactly what he subjected me to. In public.

His fatal mistake was to assume I’m an old, white, conservative, redneck, Trumper-dude.

If he’d done his research he would know I am Polynesian – a Tongan.

You see Farrier assumed from my name that I am white. His false assumption is based on a racist view that Pacific Islanders can’t possibly have ‘European’ names, they can only have ‘coconut’ names.

That Farrier intended the issue to become one of race is undeniable. Look no further than his use of an ‘old white dude’ photo, attributed directly to the ‘Daily Telegraph NZ’s YouTube channel’. The Alt Tag for that image reads ‘A white man with a face that you’d sort of expect as this point.’

Farrier white male image
The image which appeared on Farrier’s blog, which he alleged was from the ‘Daily Telegraph NZ YouTube channel’.
Alt and Title image tag
Alt and Title tag for image, ‘A white man with a face you’d sort of expect at this point’

Sprinkled throughout his post are references to QAnon and Alex Jones – far-right Trumper conspiracy havens. As a mainstream shill, his intention is to reinforce the media’s narrative that because I dissent, I am therefore an ‘anti-vaxxer’, a white far-right nutter who watches Alex Jones and reads QAnon.

Before publishing his hit piece, my email proves that Farrier was fully aware I have been a Labour supporter all my life and, in most respects, supported Jacinda Ardern.

He also ignored my advice to consult a lawyer before publishing. Likewise my warning not to use the term ‘anti-vax’ – a term the legacy media increasingly ‘charge’ with racial connotations, each time a Trump flag is waved at a demonstration.

Farrier’s assumption that I was a white Trumper reveals what he really thinks about men of colour. He assumes we are unintelligent sheep, too stupid to think for ourselves, and will blindly follow what the government tells us to do. It insinuates that men of colour don’t have the necessary skills or intelligence to develop and operate a successful news website. Not only is this incredibility insulting it is reminiscent of a time, a generation ago, when Pacific Islanders were the subject of systemic racism, redressed only recently by the New Zealand government’s Dawn Raid apology.

Back to the white male photo he used, Farrier referenced my ‘YouTube channel’ of ‘two million followers’ and captioned the image: ‘A screenshot of one of Daily Telegraph NZ’s YouTube videos.’

There’s a small problem with this. I’ve never had a YouTube channel. Nor does Daily Telegraph NZ have one. I don’t know who operates those channels, and neither I nor Daily Telegraph have any connection with them.

He said there were ‘zero names’ behind Daily Telegraph. While that was true when Farrier first contacted me, I updated the ‘About’ page on Thursday 9 December at 9.43pm (two days before his post) to include my name. This meant that claim was false at the time he published his blog. As you will see in the full emails, my father’s worsening health meant I had good reason to withhold personal details.

Farrier Blog server log
WordPress log shows I updated About page to include my name two days before Farrier’s article

I don’t know about you, readers, but I’d be interested to hear what you think in the comments – if I was doing a hit-piece on someone, and I knew their father was gravely ill in hospital and possibly on their deathbed, I would hold off for a while out of respect for the ill and dying. If our roles were reversed, I know I would have sent Farrier an email along the lines of ‘Hope he gets better.’

If nothing else comes from me writing this, it is to expose Farrier as the sort of person who knowingly attacked someone he’d never met (me), in the full knowledge that person’s father lay near death in hospital.

Farrier incorrectly stated my father owned the Daily Telegraph website (on Twitter), and the effect of this has been devastating. Just hours before Farrier published his post, Dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. This followed weeks of suffering excruciating, unexplained pain that arose immediately after he had his second Pfizer jab.

So thanks David, for deliberately and maliciously causing my father additional unnecessary suffering.

The damage also extends to threatening and entirely unwarranted comments from trolls made about my father on Daily Telegraph, which couldn’t be deleted for five days until a site-wide upgrade was complete. And there’s the huge cost to Dad’s reputation with likely flow-on damage for his business as hundreds of people suddenly check out who he is on LinkedIn – again, matters I took time to explain to Farrier in my emails with him.


Farrier trolls news
An example of a troll attacking my father on a Daily Telegraph comments section.

His post claims the dailytelegraph.co.nz domain name ‘points’ to a company called Monotapu Marketing Limited, which in turn points to a man named ‘Malcolm Joseph Dreaneen’. This is false. The company was closed down and removed from the Companies Register in 2018. To my knowledge, ‘Malcolm Joseph Dreaneen’ doesn’t exist. The domain name is mine, as I explained to Farrier in my email.

There are two versions of Farrier’s post – one that he tweeted out and which was included in the Twitter card image, and one that he posted on his blog. The one he tweeted has my Dad’s name on it, while the one he posted has my name on it. It was another amateurish mistake, but the damage has been done. The Twitter card image, which is still up five days after his post, is visible to all his followers and any member of the public who visits his Twitter feed, and those who have received retweets.

Farrier Twitter image card news
The image card for Farrier’s post tweet, visible on Twitter for days, and ‘doing the rounds’ according to Farrier, incorrectly names my father.

More false tweets news

So far, I have established that Farrier:

  • Falsely claimed that I had a YouTube channel with two million followers.
  • Falsely claimed that Daily Telegraph NZ has a YouTube channel.
  • Falsely claimed that an image of a white male was from a Daily Telegraph NZ YouTube video.
  • Falsely claimed that there were ‘zero’ people behind Daily Telegraph at the time he published his hit-piece.
  • Claimed that Daily Telegraph was related to a fictitious company called Monotapu Marketing Ltd, whose director was a fictitious person named ‘Malcolm Joseph Dreaneen’.
  • Subjected me to racial profiling in which my cultural identity was portrayed falsely.
  • Wrongfully named and tweeted my gravely ill father’s name, hours after his cancer diagnosis.

These lies are serious. I warned Farrier twice that he should seek legal advice before publishing. He called them ‘vague legal threats’. But they weren’t vague at all – in fact I told him what to do – just take my email with his proposed blog post and give them to a lawyer to read first. Pretty simple really. I was actually trying to help him but instead he mocked it, just for some ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.

Quite apart from the issue of defamation (of both myself and my father), there are also criminal issues of digital harm in respect of my father, compliance with Twitter’s user policies and likely other legal implications.

What a train-wreck. And he accuses Daily Telegraph of spreading fake news and conspiracy theories!

This brings me to my final point.

Farrier’s Masterpiece of Muppetry ends with an analysis of a recent case of fake news spreading on Twitter in respect of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Farrier states, ‘Daily Telegraph plays into this type of thinking because they know it’ll lead to likes and shares.’

Having baselessly accused Daily Telegraph of this, he then proceeds to do exactly that – tweet out a blog post containing multiple falsehoods just to get shares and likes. Hypocrisy.

The difference however is that the Maxwell tweet was about media coverage of the trial and was victimless. Unfortunately, Farrier’s one wasn’t.

Full Text of Farrier Emails

I received one email from Farrier, and I sent him two.

Email received from Farrier, 08/12/21 @ 17.02:

Hi there,
I am working on a story about your disinformation site DailyTelegraph.co.nz – I will be naming you and what you do – and wanting to know if you had any comment to add on what you are doing.
David Farrier

Email to Farrier, 08/12/21 @ 23.07:

Hi David,
thanks for your email. I hardly check this email account, so would be grateful if you could send me future correspondence to editor@dailytelegraph.co.nz. Yes I would like to provide comment, but ask for a little bit of time. My father is currently in North Shore hospital for ongoing complications following his 2nd Pfizer jab, and has been for the last 3 days. His name is Michael Dreaneen and you can confirm this if needed. I look forward to continuing this conversation soon, and will reply to you shortly.
Malcolm Dreaneen

Email to Farrier, 09/12/21 @ 7.06pm:

Hi David,
first things first.

1. Terminology.

In your ‘hit-piece’ please don’t refer to me as an ‘anti-vaxxer’. I am pro-vaccine. I am fully immunised. My son, who turns two next week is fully immunised (about 20 injections already in his short life). I gladly took a tetanus boost the last time I travelled overseas on doctor’s orders. I have no problem with people taking the mRNA injection for COVID if they choose to, with proper informed consent.

I don’t have a problem wearing masks, maintaining the bubble, social distancing, scanning QR codes. I don’t even have a problem with proposed digital central currency, Three Waters, or a Chinese social credit system for NZ and all the other things the government has rushed through parliament the last few weeks that has caused many to speak out. I have voted Labour all my life, but never again. In fact I convinced my family, all National supporters, to vote for Jacinda because I told them she would make New Zealand a better place. You can imagine I’m getting a bit of a ribbing for that now.

All I am is an ‘anti-MRNA mandate’, and it would be accurate to refer to me as such in your hit-piece.

Nor would it be accurate to label Daily Telegraph an ‘anti-vax’ or ‘anti-vaxxer’ website. There is no article on the website which is against or discourages the use of any of the vaccines on the current NZ Childhood Immunisation Schedule, or that has been authorised for use in the normal manner, outside of Emergency regulations.

Daily Telegraph contains some anti-MRNA mandate material, but not exclusively. If you look you will find some articles that are of this nature, albeit at small number, but I have also published a number of government press releases on COVID. It’s far more balance than what MSM gives to alternative viewpoints and experts.

My lawyers and I would take a very dim view of any label of ‘anti-vax’ or ‘anti-vaxxer’ being applied to myself personally or to the website, especially after you have just been notified of the above.

That is not to say some users of Daily Telegraph may be ‘hardcore anti-vaxxers’, some may also be pro-vaccine and anti-mRNA mandate. There’s no way to tell the proportion/split. I am sure on a daily basis all other news websites have visitors that are ‘hardcore anti-vaxxers’.

No comments are deleted – Daily Telegraph welcomes free speech and all points of view. You will find commenters on both sides of the argument of any story in the comments section of articles.

2. Naming me

In your initial email you said you will be ‘naming me’. If you think that intimidates me, or that I want to keep my name secret or anonymous, you are mistaken.

I would have gladly put my name to the website from the beginning, and you need to understand a little context as to why that has not happened.

I work for a family business my father has built up over 30 years. The PM’s mandates have, like many others, split our family down the middle. Both my parents are double-jabbed. My brother and I have not been jabbed.

I have owned the domain name ‘dailytelegraph.co.nz’ on and off for many years, and toyed with the idea of starting an independent news website, long before COVID. The appearance of the COVID crisis has brought that idea back into focus. When Jacinda Ardern mandated the mRNA injection despite promising many times previously that no one would suffer any consequences for refusing to take it, that was the last straw for me. When I told my father that I wanted to start a news website, after a few days thinking about it, he was supportive but concerned that this would negatively affect his business because about 80% of the work for him is government contracts, with obvious flow-on effects for his post-jab health. He asked me not to put my name to it at this stage, and we’ll talk further about it in the new year, after he got better (we hoped). You see, my father’s health deteriorated rapidly the day he received his second jab. After waiting weeks in pain for various tests and scans, he was admitted to hospital for the last three days. We are waiting for various test results. Today is his fourth day in hospital. The outlook is bleak, but we remain hopeful.

The fact my dad asked me not to put my name to the website for now is indicative of the climate of fear in our country, that people feel they cannot speak out freely about issues important to them without fear of repercussions for them, their business or family. The fear has infected even those (ie. my father), who don’t speak out and follow the government’s advice.

I published Daily Telegraph for the first time in late October. The aim was to just slowly build content ‘under the radar’ while my connection with the family business could be sorted according to the wishes of my father. I could never have predicted the web site would have got so big so fast. From zero to 60,000 visitors a day in the space of 7 weeks. No one could have predicted that.

With numbers like that I knew legacy media would start to attack me and the website, so receiving your email was entirely predictable, and ‘on cue’.

I am sure the future of journalism will see the rise of ‘citizenry’ journalists and outlets, independent of the mainstream. The phenomenon has started and gaining traction overseas, and has yet to have a real impact here, but that’s the way it’s going to go. Whether it will replace legacy mainstream media entirely is unlikely, who knows. But the space will have new players in the months/years to come, whether Daily Telegraph or others, and I know that does not sit comfortably with your bosses who want to control all information the public receives, and be paid handsomely for it.

What Daily Telegraph shows is that a small group of dedicated citizens with laptops and internet connections can easily do your job and create similar engaging content to that of the Herald or Stuff, and command audiences bigger than companies with enormous resources, powerful connections and money. No wonder your bosses have ordered a hit job on me.

3. ‘Disinformation’

Disinformation is a subjective term. What you believe is disinformation may not be what another person believes is disinformation. You could get 100 scientists and doctors to back up Ashley Bloomfield, while I could get 100 that would disagree with him.

The crux of the ‘disinformation’ issue is that the media are not doing their job properly. They are not abiding by their own Code of Ethics to provide balanced and fair reporting. If they had, websites like Daily Telegraph would not exist. It’s a basic issue that mainstream media are not or refusing to acknowledge and accept.

The fact I can make such an immediate impact, with no Facebook, with Google censorship and suppression, with zero followers on Twitter and Telegram, from a laptop in my lounge, is proof that there’s something seriously wrong with the way the legacy mainstream media operates and reports.

Here’s my take on these problems. The media are not holding power to account. They are silencing and ridiculing dissent, even the scientific dissent. They are not being fair or balanced in reporting important issues. Basic, balanced and fair investigations into such matters as testing contamination and efficacy, accuracy of numbers, accuracy of reported deaths, adverse reactions, alleged deaths from the mRNA injection, providing a voice for those who have suffered as a result of the mRNA injection and mandates are not being done. This is not me telling you what to do, it’s what is expected in your own Media Council Code of Ethics.

As to the site content for Daily Telegraph: 80% is syndicated word for word from RT News or Sputnik News. 10% is expert opinion from doctors, scientists, psychologists – you can read their names and qualifications. 5% is simply transcriptions of video or tweets from YouTube, Telegram or Twitter publicly available and presumably published in accordance with the terms and conditions of those platforms. I accept there will be borderline articles and headlines, as with any news organisation. Comments are free and open for readers to put the record straight, as many have done. I assume you will focus on this small number of articles, ignoring the 95+% other articles.

It’s not as if MSM don’t publish disinformation on major issues, such as China, geopolitics, Russia, or any country which doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the West. One example for instance: the Accusation of chemical gas attack in Douma against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. For weeks MSM claimed Assad was responsible for the chemical attack, with videos and photos. We now know the OPCW investigative process was corrupted, and the findings widely reported in MSM for weeks, if not months, were untrue, see: https://thegrayzone.com/tag/opcw/. To my knowledge no media outlet in NZ has published a retraction to that fake news.

Or how about the MSM reporting the successful assassination of a key ISIS figure in Afghanistan recently, only to learn later they had actually killed an innocent man and 7 children? Even with your resources and staff you spread inaccurate news, so don’t expect Daily Telegraph to be perfect either.

The media also are doing a disservice by engaging in ‘disinformation by omission’. Last week the Lancet, the world’s most authoritative medical publication concluded that treating vaccinated and unvaccinated differently for public health purposes was ‘grossly negligent’. In other words, vaccine passports, mandates, banning of unvaccinated etc is a complete and utter dereliction of duty, see: https://dailytelegraph.co.nz/news/mass-vaccination-fails-to-halt-covid-transmission-rates-the-lancet-2/ (and sources linked there).

This should have been front page news in New Zealand. It should not fall upon websites like Daily Telegraph, to disseminate this critical information.

I accept, given the constraints on time to fact check, there will be some stories on Daily Telegraph, and indeed the Herald and Stuff that may not be accurate, or are later proved to be incorrect. If there are any stories in particular you’d like to take issue with me on this point, please point them out. I’m happy to consider, retract or amend.

In closing I look forward to new visitors arriving to Daily Telegraph as a result of your hit piece. They will see with their own eyes a refreshing, different perspective on such topical subjects as American politics, the Jeffrey Epstein trial, Venezuela, UK politics, the Chinese moon landings space programme, cryptocurrency and a whole host of other topics the site provides information on. I know from the many hundreds of messages and emails I have received over the last two weeks and other analytics, that I have the support of a great many New Zealanders from all walks of life. That gives me immense strength and determination.

I do advise you have your lawyers check any article you write about me or Daily Telegraph, together with this email. Any whiff of a defamatory, unsubstantiated or misleading comment will be actioned. I spent 13 years as a litigator and miss the ‘argey bargey’ of the bar from time to time.

Malcolm Dreaneen

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  1. I have never visited that Farrier blokes blog but I have heard and read elsewhere that he can be a bit of a C word. Anyway you have my support and I welcome the Daily Telegraph as a valuable source of news to counter the shameful propaganda and other rubbish dispensed by the bought and paid for media in this benighted country. Long may you grow and prosper. And I hope your Dad gets better.

  2. David Farrier is a [edited] excuse for a journalist or even a [edited]. I’ve always found it amusing how these types of people claim the moral high ground on so many issues, but in reality they are actually really nasty. I only get my news from the Daily Telegraph because it is balanced. Something Farrier might want to emulate. I wouldn’t worry too much about dweebs like him. He’s just upset that you have a bigger following and write better articles than him. His hit piece was an attempt to bring you down – it’s done the opposite. Keep up the good work and I hope your readership numbers explode!

    P.S. I hope your Dad is ok. From your email exchanges, you made it very clear that you just needed a few days due to your father’s worsening condition. What a piece of **** writing that article knowing full well your dad was ill.

  3. As a former journalist Malcolm I’m just APPALLED someone would publish when they knew your dad was seriously ill. Everyone is aware that is an absolute no-no. Worse, Farrier did this despite you going to the effort of providing him with a way to verify you weren’t just fobbing him off. But of course there’s a different set of rules for the woke , where they can be aggressive as they like without impunity. So much for the caring, ‘kind’, society the left espouses… Keep us all posted how your Dad is doing?

  4. Hey Malcolm, nice to put your name to the paper. I didn’t know you existed until I was directed here by Farrier’s piece on you. I must admit, when I first read it, it seemed sloppy and poorly put together – a bit rushed. He also came across as your typical journo bully boy. But, you obviously have a thick skin and it’s water off a ducks back!. Attacking your old man was cringeworthy at best – evil at worst. His threats to “name you” were a bit lame. At the end of the day, there is obviously a massive hole in the media market in NZ and you are filling that hole. Keep bringing us the news. I am about to throw some crypto your way for your efforts.

  5. I’ve read a fair bit of the articles here on the Daily Telegraph and found them to be pretty good. That David Farrier has a history of being a pillock. No surprises with him acting like this.

  6. Farrier ……pffft. I met him once. Very weak handshake and a complete non event as a human. Was a frail looking thing. A bit angry – like the world owed him something. I just remember walking away thinking what a pitiful excuse for a man. I also remembered he had [edited].

  7. This is the problem with so called journalists like Fazzer. Waste their time doing pointless shit like that, while real stuff isn’t being investigated

  8. This is why the legacy media need to be deleted. These so called reporters, Farrier and the likes [Gower is included] are political lackeys through their relentless bias and personal political ideologies. This is no longer the media. It is a PR machine for their own politics. They run a 24/7 support or smear service.

    These are the people smearing their own shit all over the “news” but only to support their political views. Their pointless existence being justified by the slow clapping of their mentally deficient followers who are unable to think for themselves.

    Malcolm, you have provided a ray of light to illuminate what the world once embraced – alternative views. The moronic “group think” we observe today is simply an indication of the lack of intelligence or intellectually apathy that drives a woke society – they dont think, they just follow. You have not only provided an alternative you have shown yourself to be a well measured person. Let common sense prevail.

    Sadly farrier thinks he is intelligent having a one sided smack down against an email. So pathetic he needs to select the pieces he will smack down, like a 3 year old picking out cherries from a fruit salad. And, rather than critique by fact he stoops to childish name calling and creating false narratives. The poor email didnt stand a chance David, you created a situation where you could twist it any way you wanted. Malcolms reply buries you even deeper in hypocrisy.

    These tactics are clearly because the use of statistical facts and data is beyond his capabilities. Anyone capable of proving someone wrong using mathematics would never use personal attacks as a replacement because the data kills the argument instantly. Statistics & data – ever heard of them david?? Davids IQ clearly languishes in the lower quartile but his EQ is clearly at psychopath level.

    People with no understanding of numbers always resort to playground tactics because that is their only option. An intelligent person destroys the numbers being given using those same numbers by correct analysis and the correction of misrepresentations. If you prove something is untrue mathematically it ceases to be a valid point, instantly. David did not disprove a single point in any article on DailyTelegraph.co.nz but if he could of he surely would have.

    So why did he take this position? Is either because he didnt even attempt to disprove the data [assumed conspiracy theory], didnt know how to examine the data [not intelligent enough] or because he simply supports anything that a left wing government does [political zellot].

    Unless someone can provide additional possibilities.

  9. This is a typical article that we are seeing more and more of, especially from the likes of Stuff & NZ Herald. Very poorly written, one sided with a definite agenda – to discredit whoever they are writing about. Don’t worry, people see it for what it is. Good to hear your website is doing well! and all the best for your father.

  10. Farrier’s problem is that he he is both a psychopath and a weasel. He has severe anger and intelligence issues and believes the best way to bring you down (because he is threatened by your very existence) is to “name shame” you. This obviously led to his shocking attempt to racially profile you.

    When I reread his article (after reading your response), I can’t believe how badly he got it wrong. He absolutely called you a stupid white trumper. The fact you are Polynesian and a lifetime Labour supporter makes a fool of that twit. I hope you report him to the Race Relations Commissioner.

    People like Farrier believe they have a God given write to bully, shame and bring down good honest Kiwi’s. You are doing a great job and long may it continue. I hope your father is recovering well.

    • I got a friend 3/4 Korean, looks 100% Korean but has a full European name. Because of that I never judge anyone’s ethnic background until I’ve actually met them. Keep up the great work

    • Email address monotapu is a domain name only. A limited liability company of that name Farrier alleged does not exist. A BIG difference. Silly mistake by Farrier, which would have been picked up by a lawyer, and which threw him down the wrong path from the get go.

  11. Missouri USA, “Dr. Norman Fenton, a professor of risk information management at Queen Mary University in London and lead author of the study, explained in a recent interview more details about his team’s findings.
    A huge problem involves the way government authorities purposely misclassify the definition of an “unvaccinated” person. Only after 14 days is someone who got injected considered “vaccinated,” which means if he or she dies on day 13, then it is counted as an “unvaccinated” death.” (Most deaths occur within first 3 days after vaccination, NOT counted as vaccine deaths).

  12. Yes, I’m a Polynesian with a European name too. So I hear you big time. My mother is also terminally ill. I would be furious if anyone’s dared this. Where is the aroha and kindness people?

  13. Farrier has a shelf life that’s soon to expire. His work is categorically shite. At the moment he’s a useful idiot for some media types, probably a shill as you say. He’ll just end up being an idiot, with no use at all. Daily Telegraph will be around long after that idiot has gone

  14. No comments deleted? All comments so far denigrate Farrier as a hack. Let’s see if this gets through eh. [Spam]
    He has hit back at David Farrier denying he’s the same ‘Malcolm Dreaneen’ but it doesn’t take much of a search to clear that up. He claims in response to Farrier that he’s not an ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ but look at the Daily Telegraph you’ll find 5x Pages (FIVE Pages) of headlines ALL espousing anti-vaxx views under the link ‘Covid-19’. In fact you won’t find a single article that is NOT disinformation or a straight ‘Conspiracy’ anywhere on the site.
    He tried to head off David farrier from publishing by claiming his father was dying in hospital and that it would be inappropriate to publish a ‘Hit’ article in these circumstances.
    Yeah-Right, here’s an excerpt from his ‘Novel’ : Check for yourself where he’s from; PAGE 22 (His father is probably dead and he hasn’t seen him since childhood)

    • Tony, we don’t delete comments unless they contain hate speech. Your comment automatically went to spam because it had 2 or more links.

      You have got your facts completely twisted, and obviously didn’t read this article carefully. There is no one I know named ‘Malcolm Joseph Dreaneen’ as Farrier claimed in his article. Farrier’s original tweet and article referred to my father Michael Dreaneen by mistake, who has nothing to do with DTNZ.

      You are quoting from a novel – it’s a work of fiction Tony, you know, a story with characters and a plot? Can you tell the difference between a novel and reality? Do you think Harry Potter is real too?

      Hundreds of people know my father, and the fact he was in hospital at that time. I even gave Farrier his name and hospital so he could confirm that himself He is out now on chemotherapy, recovering well, but at that time he was extremely unwell, and we all thought, on his deathbed.

      I suggest you put your skills to things other than stalking people online. Send your address and contact telephone number to editor@dailytelegraph.co.nz and let’s set up a face-to-face meeting for a chat.

  15. Methinks it’s time to lawyer up, Malcolm. This is libellous.

    Time too for the Human Rights Commissioner and Race Relations Commissioner to be informed. Certain NZ Herald, Stuff and other MSM journalists are a direct and significant cause of fomenting division and hurtful bullying damage, now including racism, to many innocent New Zealanders. These MSM and their journalists need to be charged accordingly.

    We’re utterly tired of and disgusted by people like Farrier and Lynch, also for being paid with our taxes to write worthless, sloppy and mean pieces about decent New Zealanders doing the very best they can to help fellow New Zealanders.

    It speaks volumes about Farrier he would hit you like this when you and your father are vulnerable, Malcolm. And that Farrier’s editor/s would even allow publication of his article, without at least some fact-checking – or was this mere fat-chequeing of sewer journalism. Unfortunately, their toxic shit sticks to them the more they spew it, and that stink remains for a long time afterwards.

    “The discipline of the written word punishes both stupidity and dishonesty.” John Steinbeck

    When this government is out of power, where will their ‘preferred’ and paid-for media be when they need to continue their careers, and the pieces they’ve written follow them and their consciences, and in public memory.

    I lived for a while in a country where that press was controlled by a then single-party dictatorship. When that government went down, their media lackeys and co-conspirators in power became pariahs almost everyone hated and scorned. Most slunk off into the shadows of shameful history. While those they’d attacked and badly smeared for standing up for freedom and human rights, became trusted national heroes.


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