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Steve 'Snoopman' Edwards
Steve 'Snoopman' Edwardshttps://snoopman.net.nz/
Former editor at Māori Television, who forged his ‘Thunk Evil Without Being Evil’ super-power while writing a ground-breaking thesis on the Global Financial Crisis. Now a dissident journalist, he publishes on Snoopman News.

De-Carbonization Transition Therapy — World’s Premiere Test Lab, New Zealand, Pitched to Pilot ‘Net Zero Carbon Economy’ —Amid Resource Wars for $270T Global Refit

BlackRock in NZ opinion
Larry Fink, BlackRock founder and CEO.

Blackrock Funds South Pacific Nation’s Transition to ‘Net Zero Carbon Economy’.

The stealthy signing of a partnership deal between BlackRock and New Zealand’s Government sets the South Pacific nation on a course to test out how a small, English-speaking, developed Western country copes with full immersion into a net-zero carbon energy economy. The hype to reach the target of 100% renewable electricity generation by 2030, was presented like a telethon fundraising goal for de-carbonization transition therapy.

Amid the controversy, Kiwis are baited to argue with ‘left-right’ lines, despite the moated South Pacific archipelago’s long casting as the world’s premiere test facility for political strategies, social engineering, and new technologies. BlackRock’s involvement has been pitched as a first for the largest single country deal to broker finance to fund a climate infrastructure fund.

Former Auckland Star paperboy, Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards, locates the $2 billion climate infrastructure fund to initialize financing New Zealand’s transition therapy to 100 percent renewable electricity, as a stepping stone to a ‘yellow-brick-big-data-road’. BlackRock Asia-Pacific co-head of climate infrastructure Charlie Reid bragged to NZ’s milk and toast media missionaries, it would cost the world $200 trillion to achieve ‘net-zero’ — by 2050.

Thus, this BlackRock chess move occurs amid a broader plan to remake the world by 2050 with SMART cities, 15 minute cities and satellite towns for a price tag of $200 trillion to $270 trillion — and all under the rubric of ‘sustainable development’.

Ironically, in the documentary Take Back Your Power, Josh de Sol shows that through smart meters, power companies and their ‘partners’ gain the power to snoop into peoples’ lives via wi-fi radio signals harvesting data from digital communications devices, next generation chipped-appliances, RFID-tagged consumer products. Despite the slick brands, ‘clean-green electricity’ firms become corporate surveillance ‘partners’ stealthily pimping out personal information by scraping the patterns of Kiwis’ lives, to big data harvesters, marketers and the national security apparatus.

This proposed build-out of a SMART-chipped green global economy also implies epic-scale plunder, mass dislocation and resource wars. This ruse is about sustainable management of poverty, continuous behaviour modification and permanent enslavement. By 2050, the planet’s overlords expect to have their blueprint completed and locked in place.

In this shiny green way, the casting of New Zealand as a experimental test case for renewable energy transition therapy — with new climate infrastructure privately financed — represents a technocratic public private partnership co-governance model. New Zealand’s very own Snoopman not only sketches this future of doom, complete with green sustainable development rhetoric for investment in infrastructure, hi-tech systems, and governance structures — to achieve permanent social control.

This dispatch is also a big picture view on how de-carbonization fits into a techno-feudalist paradigm, amid the ongoing Third Hundred Years’ War that was initially fought to forge a universal empire to capture territories, treasures and technologies to control oil. But, this epic conflict — which began with the Boer War in 1899 to gain a treasure chest in preparation for World War I — is now a struggle over the new instrument of empire expansion: the computing chip.

The grand chessboard game involves inflicting ‘managed conflict’ with the application of a ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ social engineering to cause clashes between two opposing ideologically-driven forces, so that a ‘synthesis’, or a desired final solution, is created. The idea is to use the crises to forge a fusion of capitalism and communism to control populations. This hybrid totalitarian system is techno-feudalism.

Link to full article is here.

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  1. The plot is simple. Over-price all solar and other green resources provided to kiwis and make huge profits. The vassal agents will provide subsidy but the true cost, after inlatng by 200 to 300%, will still be expensive to the country. All small service providers will be eliminated in the process.


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