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Des Gorman’s bizzare plan to eliminate potential civil disobedience by creating actual civil disobedience

Welcome to the COVID circus. Roll up, roll up

OPINION: In a statement made to legacy mainstream media today, University of Auckland emeritus professor of medicine Des Gorman believes that Auckland is on the brink of civil disorder following weeks of lockdown.

‘If you leave Auckland where it is, I think you’re going to have an outbreak of civil disobedience,’ he said.

Des Gorman response

Gorman’s solution? Enforce vax mandates, create a two level society, giving the jabbed more rights and freedoms, and the unjabbed less of both.

Despite rising case numbers, Gorman believes it is still safe to ease the lockdown, as long as you ‘distinguish between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Very clearly vaccinated people are a much lower risk to the health system and so they should have greater freedoms.’

As I write, there is a wave of public protest and, in some cases, disorder, sweeping through Europe and North America. You may not be aware of this, because our corrupt legacy MSM are making sure you don’t know about it. Tens of thousands of people are taking to the streets, from Switzerland, to Italy, France, Romania, New York, Melbourne, and many, many other places, from small towns, to provincial and large cities, citizens who believe in freedom are turning out in force.

The tipping point that created these protests, and which is fuelling their continuation was not the lockdowns. It was the introduction of vax mandates and vax passports, the very things Gorman is advocating more of. We saw clearly in Melbourne things turned nasty when totalitarian wannabe Dan Andrews mandated vax passports on construction sites.

If you increase the pressure to vaccinate on those who choose not to have it, the pushback will be greater, and this will manifest itself in protest and civil disorder, as we have seen in other parts of the world.

Another of Gorman’s claims requires closer scrutiny, the claim that ‘very clearly vaccinated people are a much lower risk to the health system’.

Well, it’s not very clear at all. An Imperial College of London study published in the prestigious Lancet Journal only last week concluded that ‘vaccination alone is not enough to prevent people from being infected with the Delta variant and spreading it in household settings.’ The study found that Delta spread in 25% of households that were fully vaccinated, a figure not too dissimlar to the 38% in unjabbed households.

So, imagine this scenario, a cafe in Parnell in which only vaccinated people were allowed in. 25% of those patrons could conceivably already have Delta, despite being fully jabbed, blissfully unaware they’ve been injected with a product not fit for purpose. Another 25% of patrons could leave with the virus. Those are the extreme numbers, but you get the picture – there is still going to be a level of transmission in venues which enforce the vax passport and only allow double-jabbed people in.

Does Gorman propose we punish 25% of the jabbed for spreading Delta? If you are going to deny freedoms to the un-jabbed based on a propensity to spread, then logic and basic principles of fairness and equity mean you have to punish the jabbed as well, because they too are partly responsible for any spread.

And how does Gorman think we are going to identify and punish that 25% of jabbed spreaders? Maybe we could have a ‘Super Saturday Jabbed Draw’ (the government are quite good at organising tacky mass medicinal stupidity), like a televised lotto where family names are picked out of a hat. Offer free KFC to islanders to help bring up the numbers in South Auckland. Because that’s what it is, an unscientific, farcical lottery. The science says you cannot determine who is actually spreading this variant.

And what of other diseases which create a ‘risk to the health system’? Below is a graphic of New Zealand’s morbidity numbers per condition. How many of those are related to personal lifestyle choices? If Gorman’s argument is based on ‘risk to the health system’, then KFC should be banned, not unvaxxed people. Instead, Jacinda is giving out Double Down burgers and chips for free, in South Auckland no less, where there is an ‘epidemic’ of diabetes. No wonder the world is going mad.

NZ morbitity figures

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of dailytelegraph.co.nz.

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