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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Ex PM Jacinda Ardern appointed to an international role to promote government and media censorship

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The Australian bucked the Covid publishing trend three days ago with an article “Media to blame for Covid vaccines’ wall of infallibility”.

The Australian has a paywall but you can read the article reprinted in full here. 

Was I wrong to suggest in yesterday’s GLOBE article Cells, Consciousness, Biotechnology, and Intelligence that I don’t see any indication that the authorities will change their ‘safe and effective’ Covid vaccine narrative? Probably not.

It remains to be seen if the article in The Australian, and similar questions that have been raised by Sky News Australia for some time, will eventually have any effect on the Covid vaccine policies of Australian states and the federal government, but here in New Zealand we remain under a cloak of media silence funded by our government which precludes honest reporting around Covid vaccines.

We woke up this morning to find that, as well as being appointed to the board of Prince Williams’ Earthshot Prize, our former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been appointed by current PM Chris Hipkins as a special international envoy for the Christchurch Call, an organisation she initiated in the wake of the despicable and vile Christchurch Mosque shooting with high hopes for a brighter future. 

The Christchurch Call is ostensibly aimed at preventing terrorist acts, but inexplicably Ardern now envisages a much wider role for the organisation including “calling on signatory nations to adopt and enforce laws that ban objectionable material”. When explaining what is particularly objectionable, Ardern can’t seem to refrain from citing Covid vaccine hesitancy.

New PM Chris Hipkins added his support: “Jacinda Ardern’s commitment to stopping violent extremist content like we saw that day is key to why she should carry on this work. Her relationships with leaders and technology companies and her drive for change will help increase the pace and ambition of the work we are doing.”

An article in the Guardian this morning agrees that Ardern includes ‘questions about vaccination’ under the heading ‘extremist and far right content’ that needs to be controlled by governments. 

The kind of real questions that need answers from governments are illustrated by this paper from Japan published March 20 2023. The paper reports an autopsy on a 14 year old girl who died immediately after her third booster which found: 

“congestive edema of the lungs, T-cell lymphocytic and macrophage infiltration in the lungs, pericardium, and myocardium of the left atria and left ventricle, liver, kidneys, stomach, duodenum, bladder, and diaphragm.”

The authors conclude that:

“In sudden post-vaccination deaths, aggressive autopsy systemic search and histological examination involving extensive sectioning of the heart, including the atrium, are indispensable.”

In another report, a New England Journal of Medicine article examines French data showing hundreds of citizens suffering cardiac events after bivalent boosters (summarised here). 

But we are not getting autopsies are we and concerning data is not being publicised. Instead we have msm and the Ministry of Health denying any relationship between sudden death and Covid vaccination, and then we get Ardern touring the world to laud Covid vaccines and encourage media censorship of science. 

From the almost universal lack of MSM content anywhere in the world questioning Covid vaccine safety, one gets the impression that Ardern will be welcomed everywhere with open arms.

Ardern masterminded the censorship of web and social media content in NZ. Behind her innocuous-sounding anti-terrorism rhetoric lies a very determined and controlling attitude to press freedom. Under Ardern, our so-called free press was funded to reproduce glowing reports of government Covid policy. 

Academia also received generous government funding directly from the Prime Minister’s office to attack counter narratives which were labelled as conspiracy theories (they seem to still receive this type of witch hunt funding). Scientific theories publicly rejected as conspiracies during the 2021 vaccine rollout included:

  • Herd immunity
  • Dying with Covid rather than because of it
  • Asymptomatic Covid infection
  • Over estimation of Covid fatality rates
  • Adverse effects of Covid vaccination
  • Integration of vaccine gene sequences into the recipient’s DNA
  • High rate of vulnerability among the elderly
  • Lab origin of Covid

It appears that the government is now in grave danger of running out of conspiracy theories, since all of the above have since been supported by research (and were in fact at the time). Yet this has not changed their course and the public have never been offered an explanation or apology.

How can anybody with any sense of decency conflate scientific papers with hate speech or terrorist acts? Such opinions are completely at odds with rational thought. They amount to forcing risky medical procedures on whole populations not just without informed consent, but while actually hiding the true extent of adverse effects. 

What are the goals here? The media and social media are already very heavily controlled and people silenced, so what more do they want and why?

The government control of the media narrative has meant that most of the tens of thousands of people severely adversely affected by Covid vaccines have been unable to receive compensation from ACC (the NZ universal accident insurance scheme) or in many cases sufficient medical help. 

Worse that this, most people seriously affected by medical conditions known to be related to Covid vaccination such as kidney injury and cardiac conditions (or those now suspected to be so including liver injury, neurological conditions, cancer and stroke), have no idea of new research strengthening the probable causal connection to Covid vaccination and are now being encouraged by governments to receive more vaccinations.

The fact that our government has appointed Jacinda Ardern to a role aimed at further controlling the global media and governmental policy, speaks volumes of their real intentions and mindset. PM Chris Hipkins was formerly Minister for Covid Response and he apparently has no desire to change that trajectory any time soon to take account of up to date Covid data and science publishing.

In fact, as we noted above, Hipkins is aiming to “increase the pace and ambition of the work we are doing”. Apparently NZ political figures have global ambitions. You can’t help invoking the Charge of the Light Brigade—a dash to certain death.

But it is in fact more dangerous. The government’s Covid vaccine response is being framed by the NZ media and by key architects of the policy, such as Professor Michael Baker and Sir Ashley Bloomfield, as heroic, world-beating, and supremely successful. They are doing so despite our current record breaking rates of excess all cause mortality. In other words, they are asking us to believe that unprecedented widespread and pointless Covid vaccine death and injury can be labelled a triumph. Soon Ardern might be selling the same fake stories to wannabe government and IT censors around the world.

If you consider scientific studies to be misinformation what else will be silenced? It is not very hard to recognise the workings of propaganda and the rewriting of history in this doublespeak. Our leaders want to make sure that we never even have the opportunity to question the consequences of their misinformed Covid policy or indeed any policy.

You don’t have to delve very far into history to find parallels. In October 1943, Germany was losing the war on all fronts and it became apparent that their role in mass exterminations would inevitably be exposed. Himmler doubled down and told his guilty troops:

“Most of you will know what it is like to see 100 corpses lying side by side or 500, or 1000 of them. To have coped with this and – except for cases of human weakness – to have remained decent, that has made us tough…it is a glorious page in our history.”

There can hardly be anything more chilling in the annals of twisted morality.

As Shakespeare said “the truth will out”, but here in isolated New Zealand we still don’t know if it will do so in time to rescue our health, happiness, and our trampled Bill of Rights.

The thought that Jacinda Ardern, who can be a persuasive speaker (see here), will be wandering around the world funded to promote her extreme views on government and media control under the imprimatur of Prince William, the Christchurch Call, and the NZ government should send shivers down the spines of freedom loving people everywhere.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email.

He is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

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  1. One of the most despicable parasitic globalist commies is being recycled by her handlers to another host, this time seemingly being instituted into a new role.
    They can run, but will they be ale to hide from the Public Court? They certainly cannot walk freely down the road anymore.

  2. In this country you are more likely to get rewards or awards if you ar a sexual deviant, a corrupt dishonest bureaucrat, a failed dishonest politician or a raving psycopath. In fact it could put you in line for a knighthood/damehood or even a diplomatic posting.. If however you are inclined to point out discrepancies in reporting of facts or maybe become a whistleblower you are more likely to be cancelled, ignored, or deregistered.

    • Spot on Terry…….btw the ChCh mosque shootings was a false flag as was the so called terrorist event in Auckland couple of years ago.

  3. Blackmail is standard operating procedure worldwide. It can be simple as smoking drugs through a glass pipe, to something more heinous. These people must follow the narrative or be exposed.

  4. Cannot wait to see jabby wearing a hemp necklace,jabby ,bloomfield hipkins swinging in the breeze on the steps of parliment as a monument to show others what happens when you plot and execute genecide on your own people

    • It’s totally not weird that they banned the clip from every platform and made it a crime to even possess a copy. Totally normal behaviour 👍

  5. The ‘Christchurch Call’ goes hand in hand with U.S. Senate Bill / House Resolution #646, ‘The Restrict Act’ which seeks to ban free speech which is critical of government / globalist policies and enacted laws and mandates.
    Everything the Zio-Communistic Globalists do happens virtually simultaneously in all nations, but presented a little bit differently depending on the locale. However, the end result is the same; loss of freedom UNTIL WE ALL ACT ON A GLOBAL SCALE TO ARM OURSELVES AND NOT TOLERATE THIS CRAP ANYMORE!!!
    Make it a point of being able to access weapons in the event of a national emergency, either due to invasion, or a government that begins oppressing the populace and committing mass murder / genocide!
    That’s what happens when the firearms are removed from the population.


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