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Gardening with Wally Richards: Gardening for high health nutrition

Healthy vegetables

Anyone can grow some food crops for their health without having to be a active gardener, in fact anyone can grow a range of vegetables as long as they spend a little time looking after what you are growing by using natural fertilisers and mineral rich products.

To start off with; I firmly believe there is a extremely important link between your gardening and your health.

The reasons for this are very obvious if you do a little research into what our current food chain contains and does not contain.

Conventionally grown food which uses chemical fertilisers; grows plants that sadly lack the needed nutritional values; according to scientists only 20% of goodness now when compared to the same crops 60 odd years ago.

This means we have lost 80% of the vital minerals, elements etc that our bodies need to maintain good health.

Because the conventional chemical crops are grown UN-naturally, they are forced by applications of nitrogen which makes them weak and sickly, making them attractive to diseases and insect pests (the cleaners of Nature).

To keep the produce looking good for sale in the supermarket a number of chemical sprays are used which include fungicides and insecticides, these sprays are poisons in most instances (that is why they have withholding periods).

When the plants are harvested they may contain residues of up to 30 different chemicals with a likely average of 10 to 15 chemicals that your body does not need.

When you buy your vegetables at the local supermarket you are purchasing something that is low in goodness and containing a cocktail of chemicals.

Not only that, they lack flavour to boot when compared to your own naturally home grown vegetables.

I have a formula (flavour = Goodness, the greater it tastes the more nutritional goodness there is).

Buying organically grown produce is better than conventionally grown but in my opinion you can grow better yourself and save yourself money in your food bills and health bills.

Many years ago I heard about wheat grass juice and at that time I thought it was some new health fad and dismissed it for that reason.

It was a few years later that while I was researching minerals and elements I learnt that wheat and barley were two plants that will take up every mineral and element (114 known to man) if they are made available to them in the growing medium (Tomato plants for instance wants 56 elements out of the 114).

The logic of this would be that if you place all the 114 minerals and elements into the growing medium of either wheat or barley, then the foliage would contain those elements and then when consumed, your body would receive all the benefits.

I realised that growing wheat grass with mineral rich products namely Ocean Solids (all the minerals from the blue waters of the ocean) Wallys Unlocking your Soil (minerals from ground up rocks) and Magic Botanic Liquid (MBL, minerals from prehistoric times) could make a difference to my health.

I was in my 50’s at that time, I was feeling my age plus a heavy smoker as I had been since an early age.

Even though I tended to look after my health to a point; it was more to balance out what I was doing that was not so good.

I purchased a manual juicer as I knew that the common electric juicers would reduce the goodness of the wheat grass by 40%.

I could have grown the wheat in a raised garden or normal garden but I wanted better control over it so I obtained a few polystyrene boxes from a local wholesale fish supplier to grow the grass in.

The trays have a good depth of about 18cm and this is important for good root development as you are sowing the wheat seed very thickly.

A few holes in the sides of the tray for drainage and filled two thirds full with Daltons or Oderings Compost (no possible green waste herbicides which are just more poisons).

Then a sprinkling of Ocean solids and Unlocking your Soil over the compost followed by another 20-30mm of compost.

Next the wheat grass seeds sprinkled so they are about touching each other but not so thick that they are sitting on top of each other.

Then a good spraying drench of MBL at 20ml at per litre to soak the seeds and compost.

Next the seeds are covered either with more compost or sand then lightly watered with non chlorinated water.

A sheet of glass over the tray will keep birds and mice from eating the seeds as well as keeping moisture in (leave the glass with a little gap to allow excess moisture to get out).

Place the tray in a good light situation but not in direct sunlight unless its winter time.

Lift glass off daily and give the contents a good watering with non-chlorinated water.

It is a bit hard having good drainage, to over water but be sensible.

You will find that the seeds around the edges of the tray will germinate in a good number but less in centre of the tray because the water sheds off to the sides (they catch up later).

When the early grass reaches the glass, remove it and then place some curtain netting over the tray to keep birds off.

This is the right time to start off a second tray also.

You can water with non chlorinated water daily to keep moist.

Once you have a good show of grass, remove the curtain cover and allow the grass to have either morning sun or late afternoon sun in summer or full sun in winter.

When the grass gets up to about 12 to 16 cm tall you can start harvesting.

With sharp scissors cut the grass just above the growing medium, the amount you cut will depend on how many people you are going to juice for.

One person about a couple of handfuls.

Squeeze the juice out through your manual juicer to obtain about 30mils.

Drink straight away on an empty stomach, best time is first thing in the morning.

If you have serious health issues or on chemo then 3 or more shots a day leaving 20 minuets before having food or other drinks but if taking MSM then that can be taken at the same time.

The green juice should be very sweet which indicates its high in goodness.

Wheat grass that you sometimes can buy from a Juice bar is often bitter as it is not mineral rich.

Dried wheat grass which is sometimes sold is also a poor substitute for the real thing.

The alternative to juicing is to use a very high speed blender (40,000 rpm) along with other green plant material to make a green smoothie.

The wheat grass can be cut fresh and added to salads also.

Once I started having my wheat grass shot every morning my health took a good change for the better, I felt like a new person even though I was still smoking.

It was some years later that I finally kicked the smoking habit and now have been smoke free for about 15 years.

I have over the years promoted a number of people to grow and juice wheat grass and the reports back from them with health improvements are very notable.

Even very fit people have far greater stamina.

Some kidney dialyses people have increased the period of time between treatments.

Some have reported new vigor in their lives in and out of bed.

The key is regular (daily) shots of juice to reclaim your bodies health by providing the minerals and elements it needs to be healthy.

Growing mineral rich wheat grass could be the most important gardening you do health wise.

Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food.

Products mentioned including wheat grass juicing kits are at www.0800466464.co.nz – link is Wheat & Barley Grass products.

Use the same high mineral and elements products when growing your food crops to obtain maxim health benefits.

Image credit: NRD

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