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Gardening with Wally Richards: Insect pests

Having a neat summer for a change has brought a problem for many gardeners and that is the number of insect pests such as leaf hoppers, whitefly and vegetable beetles that are ravaging our gardens.

When one finds hundreds of these types of pests attaching our plants; the plants will be suffering and in some cases will succumb and die.

Insect pests

A common problem is that we may repeat spray our plants for control but never seem to get on top of the problem.

I had an example of this recently with leaf hoppers and discovered why when I decided to pull out an area of bracken ferns nearby.

The ferns were covered in leaf hoppers, young fluffy bums and adults. By getting rid of this source or breeding plant I then was able to get control over my preferred plants.

If the breeding ground happens to be over the fence you either need to get permission to control there or just hang in with lots of repeat sprays till winter knocks them back.

I had a lady call me the other day to say that everything was ok in her garden till the owner of the section next door decided to clear the vegetation to build.

Within days all those pests that were living on the weeds and plants next door, invaded her gardens.

The safe way to maintain some sort of control is to place Neem Tree Powder on the soil in the root zone of plants and then to do repeat sprays, late in the day using Wallys Super Neem Tree Oil and Wallys Super Pyrethrum. Only spray just before dusk when the pests are settled for the night and the sun is down so foliage is not damaged by the oil.

Repeat sprays would be between every 3 to 7 days till the situation is under control or till the weather turns cold and nature knocks back the breeding cycles.

Just one of the things we gardeners have to face on a good summer.

Glyphosate and kidney failure

Using the herbicides containing glyphosate such as Zero, Roundup etc are a cheap convenient way of killing weeds and unwanted plants but there can be a price to pay that you are not aware of.

Generally speaking if you wear protective clothing, rubber gum boots, a chemical protection mask and eye shield, rubber or vinyl gloves; you are reasonably protected.

If you are using a back pack sprayer you should have on a raincoat so any leakage does not run out and down your back/spinal cord.

The eye shield is important as minute droplets can enter through your eyes.

Do you remember this statement by our esteemed Prof. Michael Baker (whom appears on TV frequently) on the 29th February 2020?

He said ‘The virus can also infect you via your eyes. It basically likes to land on mucus membranes, and then, from your eyes, go down to your nose anyway. So I think people should not bother with face masks.’

Thank you professor and also harmful chemicals can enter through both exposed skin and eyes. Best to have a shower straight after using any chemicals to reduce and dilute.

Clothing worn should be washed separately and not with other clothes.

Then the main problem is the amount of glyphosate in our food chain and from overseas studies there is a lot in cereal crops, plant based oils such as soya. Glyphosate from

Roundup Ready GE crops (not grown in NZ but in processed food stuffs imported.

Hence why I am publishing this article I received this week.

Ways to Remove Glyphosates from the gut

While watching a mitochondrial summit video, Don Huber PhD, who has been studying glyphosates and their effects on the human body and the earth for many years, said that there are some ways to remove Glyphosate from the body, and especially the gut.

The bacteria that are in raw apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut and other ferments will degrade Glyphosate in the gut all the way down to carbon dioxide, water and phosphorus.

And for those that don’t consume much ferments, he said that humic fulvic acids are good too, and move glyphosate through the faeces rather than the kidneys which is really good.

He said in Brazil 1/4 of the people working in the sugar cane field die of glyphosate toxicity, which some would call end stage kidney failure.

Other crops were mentioned like rice and wheat, and not just in South America. When glyphosate chelate with the minerals in crops like these it is too big for the kidneys to filter, so it plugs them up.

There are many other problems with Glyphosate that he discusses too.

He explains and shows how many diseases have increased since glyphosate have been used. I would suspect it’s not just the glyphosate.

You cannot escape glyphosate completely, even if you eat all organic. It really is important to learn safe ways to detox in today’s world.

One simple way is to eat sauerkraut and other ferments with each meal, and drink ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) with water before meals, and even after meals. Make sure it’s raw, organic apple cider vinegar with the mother.

I think Bragg’s is the best brand. (UPDATE: I now prefer Fillsingers, tastes more like apples).

It will also increase your stomach acid therefore help in digestion. ACV is likely the best thing for acid re-flux as well. While Fulvic humic acid may be a great thing, it is not cheap. (MBL is)

It is far more affordable to learn to make things like sauerkraut and other ferments if you don’t already. It is not very hard to put water, salt and cabbage in a jar!

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I would like to thank the many readers that have complimented me on the links I provide which relate to matters of concern.

For the few that unsubscribed its a pity as knowledge is power and we are always learning.

Some times we learn about things we do not like to know about, thats life.

This first link is a real eye opener about what NZ scientists have discovered in jabs that is nothing to do with their supposed purpose?

ACC is overwhelmed with claims of adverse reactions:

Canada Truckers are protesting in a big way with 100,000 Trucks registered to take part along with untold other vehicles and even horse and buggies. IO had hope to see this on our TV News but obviously not allowed.

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