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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: Are we going backwards or rushing ahead?

Therapeutic Products Bill news

On Tuesday, along with Winston Peters, Gary Moller, and others, I spoke at the Wellington conference opposing the Therapeutic Products Bill (TPB).

I was gratified to hear Winston, our former foreign minister and deputy prime minister, reiterating his long term opposition to draconian regulation of natural health products. 65% of Kiwis use them. They’re safe. Winston described the TPB as an overreach out of touch with the people which should be abandoned.

Someone asked me if we should organise public protests against the TPB. I replied that we need to share more information and knowledge. So is this strategy working?

It seems everyday brings more news of extreme efforts to promote biotech vaccines and cancel those asking questions:

Dr. Mark Tykocinski an immunologist with a spotless academic record who is president of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia may be about to lose his job. His sole mistake appears to be liking tweets by former NY Times journalist Alex Berenson who questions vaccine safety.

UK MP Andrew Bridgen has been expelled from the conservative party. According to Bridgen, a senior UK politician has privately admitted to him that he might well be right about Covid vaccine harms, but said the government is expecting to suppress public information about Covid vaccine adverse effects for the next 20 years. Citing ‘lack of political appetite’ for a public disclosure.

Statistician Prof. Norman Fenton was locked out of his Twitter account following a complaint that he had broken German Law by claiming Covid data manipulation was creating the appearance of vaccine efficacy, when in fact there was none. The German Government is the main sponsor of BioNTech, the co-creator of the Pfizer mRNA Covid vaccine. Fortunately the complaint was not upheld and Fenton was reinstated.

Te Whatu Ora has announced that from 1st May, pregnant people (???) aged 16 to 29 years can now get an additional COVID-19 booster. They don’t seem to have noticed that stillbirths and miscarriages rose following the Covid vaccine rollout. Is it possibly the case that the government has a lot of boosters left over after a poor response to their latest bivalent vaccine campaign and are now trying to offload them via deceptive advertising to mothers who naturally want to do the best for their child?

Highly vaccinated Portugal has seen a 73% rise in emergency callouts for heart attacks. This mirrors the 83% rise in heart attack hospitalisation in Wellington, NZ.

So are things getting worse or are they getting better, and should we protest more loudly? For a start, the continuing attacks from the media and vaccine advocates mean that some people must be seriously worried that the scientific data about vaccine harms is beginning to resonate with a wider audience. We are winning the argument.

In fact, we are being so rational, that our detractors have become even more irrational themselves. The aptly named Disinformation Project (funded by the Prime Minister’s office) released a report today claiming that anti vaxxers have morphed into an even more extreme and dangerous group who are claiming that gender is determined by genetics rather than what you pretend you are when you want to be a decorated athlete or are about to be sent to a men’s prison. 

According to Kate Hannah, some Kiwis are very angry about irreversible and risky gender reassignment of children through prescribing of puberty blockers, followed by inherently ineffective gender reassignment carried out by highly paid surgeons. Ze Kate is beyond alarmed. Ze informs us that Kiwis across the political spectrum have united in opposition and feels this is “really concerning” amounting to “terrible, terrible ideas” invading our shores.

Despite genuine sympathy for those whose feelings and responses are transgender in nature, remember that physical gender is determined by our genes, no regime of drugs or surgery can change that nor any amount of raving from the Disinformation Project. Gender reassignment leads to a physiological conflict between genetic systems and physiological systems that in turn requires, at the very least, a lifetime of drug dependency. Not a decision that should be based on the concerns of minors or their parents subjected to TikTok fantasies or assertive transgender activists.

Despite this, in addition to allowing medical professionals free range to inject us with experimental concoctions, we are now, according to the Prime Minister’s thought police, expected to condone the surgery of minors who may very well regret everything as an adult, but have no path back to sexual functioning in adulthood. We are supposed to identify violent offenders and beefy athletes with beards and penises as women. Good luck with that as a political strategy. We are Kiwis, not Dodos.

So why would extreme ideas, like Kate Hannah’s latest fantasy, garner so much media mileage and even government approval and funding? Ideas that ten years ago would have been laughed out of court and denied the oxygen of publicity.

You have probably noticed there has been an alarming rise in articles and information promoted and even generated by so-called intelligent networks. Newspapers routinely print articles that arrive via their ‘trusted’ partners. Their trusted partners often in turn sourced these from elsewhere. ‘Sourced’ is actually the wrong term. There are networks promoting commercial content and using AI to ensure that articles are widely distributed. The curious deficiency of AI networks is that machines have genuine difficulty sorting truth from falsehood, and apparently biological men from women.

This article in the Guardian reports the discovery of Chatbots pretending to be journalists running 49 AI-generated ‘content farms’. The Chatbots churn out content relating to politics, health, environment, finance and technology at a “high volume”, researchers at Newsguard found, providing rapid turnover of material saturated with adverts for profit and promotion of paid content.

“Some publish hundreds of articles a day,” Newsguard’s McKenzie Sadeghi and Lorenzo Arvanitis said. “Some of the content advances false narratives. Nearly all of the content features bland language and repetitive phrases, hallmarks of artificial intelligence.”

It sounds very familiar doesn’t it? Last week we reported correspondence from our Minister of Statistics Dr. Deborah Russell MP in which she downplayed the significance of rising excess deaths in New Zealand. This appeared to be the result of misinformed policy rather than real statistics. Does the New Zealand government, in line with the UK, wish to hide Covid vaccine adverse effect statistics from the public until it becomes a matter of distant history? You tell me.

Behind the avalanche of publicity and manipulation, is something that really is very concerning and at the same time is hard to identify and pin down. If you study history, new elites emerge from time to time who seize power and influence based on faulty concepts, like for example the notion of Aryan supremacy. 

There is now an emerging global lobby controlled by the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical professions who have decided that beneficiencies of their exotic procedures and drugs are an elite who alone deserve higher status and protections in society. This is a really dangerous idea creeping up on us. Complacency on our part will only allow it to grow unchecked. 

Rightly, people feel strongly, but returning to the original question, should we be protesting on the streets? 

In fact both the vaccinated and unvaccinated have been injured by government policy and experimental biotechnology. Even the pro-vaccine, pro-zoonotic origin NY Times has conceded that evidence is mounting that Covid came from a lab leak. We have a common cause. 

It would certainly suit those who wish the pandemic gravy train and the biotech boom to continue, if the population were to remain polarised and the adverse effects hidden. At this time, it is my belief that launching ad hominem attacks, participating in lawful protests or expressing violent sentiments (never a good idea) will simply play into the hands of those from the media, corporates, medical professions and governments who are hoping that public concern can continue to be managed, marginalised and cancelled.

But this doesn’t mean remaining silent, we should be raising our voices and using our pens. I do believe we should always talk rationally and factually about issues that matter. This is an election year, where there is a higher chance of being heard. We can talk to candidates and demand answers, or even become candidates. In an election year, politicians know that all votes will matter. We can raise a voice of reasoned intelligence, express ourselves calmly, cite research, and send letters to our politicians. Politicians cannot find papers to back their views, published research is now firmly on our side of the debate. Our points are not dismissible.

Now more than ever please join me in writing and speaking. A big thank you to those thousands who are already doing so. Again and again I come back to ‘knowledge matters’. It might still be possible to nip dictatorial control in the bud before it gains more traction.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email.

He is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

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  1. Thank you for speaking up and opposing the Therapeutic Products Bill. Upon trying to read this convoluted, incomprehensible piece of proposed legislation which reads as if written by a chatbot on LSD, it became obvious that the bill is about promoting trans-humanism. Certain machine parts, such as an accelerometer, are promoted as necessary and functional by the wording of the proposed bill. But, hang on, we are not machines. Artificial intelligences may indeed interpret information programmed to them as though we are machines which can be stripped down, re-calibrated and then re-assembled, which is (as I read it) the basic premise of this bill. Interchangeable human parts, including interchangeable human psyches (giving psychiatrists and psychologists ammunition to justify their tenures) is a concept reared by Ray Kurtzweil who penned the term ‘the Singularity). Kurtzweil yearned for the ‘singularity’ moment when man/woman and machinery became one. The global military complex fell in love with the concept and hence the prosthetics, robotics and augmented realities we now see being promoted but where is this all taking us? At the end of the day, do we want our taxes to pay for surgical enhancements and bodily augmentations (risky at best) while common herbs and spices are to be regulated out of existence? Do we really want to meld with the machine and take instruction of our very thoughts from a search engine or an advertising company? I very much doubt it,


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