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Hollow accolades

Hollow accolades

“Too often we honour swagger and bluster and wielders of force; too often we excuse those who are willing to build their own lives on the shattered dreams of others.” ― Robert F. Kennedy

In a Democracy, occasionally true heroes are knighted – recognised for their service, their fortitude and their courage. Edmund Hillary, Peter Blake, Russell Coutts, Dr Susan Bagshaw, Professor Phil Bagshaw (founder of the charity hospital in Christchurch, awarded an NZOM), and Sir Graeme Dingle, are a few examples that immediately spring to mind, but there are many New Zealanders whose stellar achievements were worthy of such an honour. Kiwis recognise such people – and their humility – and consider such awards well-deserved.

But in today’s world, those occupying some of the top roles in government – a government that increasingly looks like a cross between fascism and communism – award themselves with the highest honours. This can tarnish such awards for those who genuinely deserve them – to the point that if some of the most deserving received an invitation to accept such an accolade it may well be declined. Post Haste.

Are such ceremonies now used to increasingly anoint political servants, obedient to off-shore cabals? The ceremony is performed, they are dutifully dubbed — a light touch by sword on either side of the shoulder — congratulations are bestowed, photos are taken, speeches are made before a small circle of approved attendees, followed by murmurs of praise, and then they may retire to enjoy dinner with a select few. Job done.

Do such awards have an increasingly hollow ring?

And, most recently, in the quiet of the night, do some of the politically so-honoured, hear the cry of the New Zealanders they have betrayed through the violation of their human rights? Those many thousands who have been ruined with a lifetime of ill-health for believing the lies of “safe and effective”? That vast number of Kiwis also refused exemptions without a cursory glance, and who are now suffering from a range of serious side effects, such as coronary disease; auto-immune illnesses; neurological impairment; depression; a paralysed body; blinded; maimed; a stroke; haemorrhage, and more. And so many thousands who have subsequently lost their homes, and can no longer support their families as a result?

Do they hear the cry of these wonderful, previously productive and loving Kiwis, as they desperately try to piece together the shattered fragments of their lives, while also being denied compensation or assistance through ACC, and while attending doctors are apparently ordered to deny it is anything to do with an experimental injection, and to falsely tell them instead, it is “all in their heads”?

Are they haunted by their cries?

And what of those who have died? Do they remember the children who died? Did they offer deeply traumatised and grieving parents money to keep quiet? Do they hear the cries of bereaved husbands, wives, parents, sisters, brothers, friends, lovers? And what of those who died alone and who could not say goodbye to their loved-ones because of the suppressive orders? There are many hundreds of bereaved in New Zealand now. You know this.

How do those baubles of office feel to you in the early hours of the morning, when the band has stopped playing? In the quiet of the night as the darkness gathers ever closer, do the medals and the accolades weigh heavily?


Hollow accolades

“Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their peers, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change.” ― Robert F. Kennedy

The real heroes over the last three years stand tall in their light as they courageously speak out to warn all New Zealanders. They continue to speak out despite the baying derision of paid-off media, who seek to serve their masters in “government”. A “government” that takes money from those they purport to represent while deserting them and instead appears to swear allegiance to corrupt off-shore cabals, while seeking to actively kill the last vestiges of freedom through the cancellation of genuine voices of dissent.

The heroes though — they continue to stand, unflinching, despite being clothed in nothing but the shining light of truth. And as the storm clouds darken and gather in ever-more threatening menace, as well-earned qualifications are ripped from many of them and their jobs and businesses are lost, along with their savings, their homes and their relationships — they still stand. Ever more tall. The thunder and lightning cannot touch the circle of steady light around them — or even come close — for it is the light of truth that dispels the lies, the deception and the corruption, and reaches into every corner of our soul . . .

These are the heroes among us this day.

I salute each one.

Hollow accolades

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centres of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” ― Robert F. Kennedy

All images © Mary Hobbs

All my words and definitions are of the hand that wrote this.

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  1. Hello Mary,

    It’s always pleasure to have my own thoughts expressed so eloquently despite the nature of this message of truth in times of such nonchalance to the mass betrayal of our precious human rights.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback Soren. So true, such a mass betrayal that it is hard for people to grasp. I think they prefer not to, but that is not the way out of this, as we know. Billions of us joining together to peacefully not consent would be unstoppable …

  2. On behalf of those who are to scare, tired, emotional or unable to speek for themselves thank you deeply from my heart to yours for having the courage and resilience to write the truth.. I hope your words are not only preserved in history but that they ripple far and wide to bring awareness throughout our nation.. its a revolting disgrace that these heartless pawns are awarded such notoriety.. however – with no disrespect intended towards those that walked before them – its a clear indication of the depth of the corruption and the extent of the pantomime of lies that is government is capable of.. there are many of us that can see through the veil and many more to come.. together we rise!!

    • Thank you anon for your beautiful message. It is indeed a clear indication of the depth of corruption and the extent of the pantomime of lies… and yes, together we rise! Your wonderful message made my day.

  3. Great job Mary, everything is slowly being exposed as we re-gather our consciousness after the last 100 or so years. Your skill as a writer and truth teller is greatly needed this time round. Thankyou for your time you put into this.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback Jeremy. It is great to hear that my work is of value and inspires me to keep going. Thank you again.

  4. So true. When will the world understand the gravity of the situation? This cannot be allowed to continue another day. Thank you for your great words Mary.

    • I agree JS. They’re taking a while to get the message! Many more awaken each day I feel but their voices tend to be blocked unless on a free press site like this one. Thanks for your lovely comment. It is encouraging indeed.

  5. Good on you Mary, it had to be said. It’s articles like this that need to be read.
    The propaganda that hides the real truth of what is happening to us is highly concentrated nowadays. It surprises me when I hear people do not know what the World Economic Forum is. The population show distrust with the Government, yet they don’t ask searching questions.
    You mention Communism, you are 100% correct, I held up a sign that mentioned communism back in the summer 2020 , the reaction was strong to that. People can not see it, but its here, the policies are being forced onto us every day.
    Well done Mary and thank you, that needed to be said.

  6. Thank you Mary for such a succinct and honest appraisal of the state of our Nation i.e the place we call New Zealand New Zealand.
    We the people have all the power – each and every one of us must realise this and use this innate power that we were born with – now is the time. We do not have many more tomorrows where life in New Zealand will be what it is now AND what it is now is so very compromised. New Zealand wake up for now is the hour for each and every one of us to stand up for our sovereignty and freedom, for us, for our children, for their children and the children of generations to come.

  7. Thank you Patsy. So well said. A valuable message and more need to hear your words. Many more. It’s like watching a giant being tied down by spider webs isn’t it, not thinking he/she can move. What a web of deceit. And you’re so right, the power is with us. Thank you again.

  8. I guess they have to bestow the honor upon themselves, because come hell or high water they aren’t going to get the honor bestowed upon them by the millions of people they’ve betrayed, maimed, killed, censured, demonized, and destroyed.

    Another extremely eloquent piece that clearly shows the hypocrisy of today’s honors list.

  9. Thank you so much Mary for putting your pen to paper and standing tall, your post is spot on, It also sends a warning i feel, that many people are still telling many many lies and they just believe that if they continue to tell “their” lies they might never be held accountable. Hence the reason they award themselves such bling. But you made a point, that seems fact, which is that the value of such bling is lessened in many people’s minds because of who is being awarded it. Certain bling now belongs to a certain class, and we all know Jainda agrees that there are two classes now. We will be attacked more and more over the next few years as we sail headfirst into this ocean of tyranny and depopulation programs they have installed for us.
    Thanks again Mary especially for your corage to stand tall and say things as they are.

    • Thanks Dave for your astute analysis. What you say makes it even more vital that we stand up peacefully in increasing numbers and say, ‘No, we do not consent’, and turn from these despots who really have no legitimate power over us other than what we allow. So we must not grant them that illegitimate power, and instead, remind them they serve us and what the people want, not what they fraudulently dictate….


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