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It is time for Kiwis to peacefully stand up and for the current members of parliament to peacefully stand down

Stand up
© Mary Hobbs.

“You may be 38 years old, as I happen to be. And one day, some great opportunity stands before you and calls you to stand up for some great principle, some great issue, some great cause. And you refuse to do it because you are afraid. . . You refuse to do it because you want to live longer . . . You’re afraid that you will lose your job, or you are afraid that you will be criticised or that you will lose your popularity, or you’re afraid that somebody will stab you, or shoot at you or bomb your house; so you refuse to take the stand. Well, you may go on and live until you are 90, but you’re just as dead at 38 as you would be at 90. And the cessation of breathing in your life is but the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.”
– Martin Luther King

Today is that day. All New Zealanders are called to peacefully stand up. For a great principle, for our people, our land, our souls, and our democracy.

And for those who currently believe themselves to be members of parliament “representing the people”, while passing laws that attack our democracy and the inalienable, God-given freedoms of every living being — or remaining silent while they are attacked — you are called to peacefully stand down.

To some, this may sound rather dramatic, or “over-the-top” but in the view of a great many Kiwis it is not. Not after several years of constant attacks (or acquiescence through silence) on our inalienable right to make our own decisions about our health, and demonising those who stood by their decision; not after the attempted annihilation of small and medium businesses; not after putting laws in place that dismantle or neglect vital public infrastructure and services, while accepting taxpayer money to keep it functioning well, and in good repair; and not after consistent attempts to divide — through our personal medical choices, our ethnicity, our culture, our sex, and our inalienable right to freedom of speech.

Not after reckless national actions taken that genuinely threaten our national security, such as the closing of the Marsden Point Oil Refinery and concreting up the pipes, which has made our country completely reliant on the importing of lower-grade oil; not after attempting to put our right to move freely on a knife-edge of uncertainty; not after threatening courageous medical staff with de-registration if they dared to adhere to their Hippocratic Oath and warn the public of the dangers of an experimental gene-based therapy injection with side effects unknown, while falsely touting it as “safe and effective”, and not after alleging it would “stop transmission” which it did not, according to a Pfizer spokesperson in Europe last month who admitted to European parliament they had never tested it for that — which made the advertised “need” for jab passports, lockdowns and the catastrophic damage they caused, unnecessary. And not after neglecting to ensure this information was clearly reported on mainstream media in NZ, while aware that it was being widely reported on mainstream media throughout the world.

Not after hog-tying councils in repeated attempts to order them to serve “government” rather than the ratepayers and residents, with an attempt to steal the water infrastructure from ratepayers without consent, while suggesting councils still “own” it, but stating councils will have no influence on decisions made about it. Not after new “government laws” that would force a toxic poison into most water supplies in the country, that is factually known to cause neurological damage and lower IQ. Nor after distributing taxpayer money with little thought to the responsibility of national solvency, or first attending to the needs of our people. (One of many recent examples is Tonga, a country that was recently the recipient of $8,000,000 of NZ taxpayer funding for “climate change”, or in 2020, giving about $8,000,000 to a group in Rotorua to explore a spa opportunity, while in 2022, residents in the Nelson area received a paltry $200,000 to assist in repairs after substantial floods inundated their area, causing substantial damage to roads and infrastructure).

Nor after needlessly crushing small and medium businesses throughout the country with unnecessary lock-downs and targeting some of the most successful businesses first: tourism and hospitality. This was followed by another attack on the equally-successful farming industry where Kiwi farmers, statistically with the lowest emissions in the world, are about to be taxed further until their emissions are zero, with the result that it will destroy much of our farming industry and all who service it, our farming communities, increase unemployment, decrease the food supply to our people, and allow offshore farmers with higher emissions to fill the gap, while contributing nothing to the environment and further decimating our economy, in what seems a systematic approach to pull out the crucial lynch-pins from all successful small and medium-sized businesses Kiwis have built up over generations, through sheer grit and determination, while taxing them into poverty at every turn.

Not after ignoring the extreme hardship and suffering of those Kiwis left behind after loved-ones died as the result of taking the experimental gene-based injection, or who suffered life-changing side-effects from which they were unlikely to recover, that “the government” incorrectly assured them, about every 30 minutes in mainstream media, was “safe and effective” and would prevent transmission. Not after deserting these terribly injured Kiwis, while denying that their injuries were anything to do with the experimental injection and suggesting it must be “all in their head” while leaving them unable to work, suffering, penniless, and not even having the heart to provide compensation for them through ACC. [The link here is a Ministry of Health webinar that, at the 4.14 mark, raises the point that there was no funding available for those injured from the jab. This meeting was in May 2021, when thousands of New Zealanders had already been injected.]

Not after loved-ones died alone, kept from their families as they took their last breath. And not after contemplating a law that would mean that a death of “unknown cause” in New Zealand would no longer require investigation by a coroner, and suicides would become known as “accidental death”. Nor after allowing new-born babies to die with no support, by erroneously calling the unwanted full-term, newborn babies “an abortion”.

Nor after our people exercised their right to protest in Wellington and asked to meet with the politicians about the unjust mandates, and were treated despicably and subsequently set-upon by what seemed like a police department obeying the dictates of what appears to be a fraudulent corporation (as they are not representing the people) set up as government, along with an opposition that also appears to have forgotten that they are meant to be there to represent and serve the people, rather than dictate to them. Not one member of parliament went to meet and listen to the protestors, preferring instead to remain in the lofty perches of a taxpayer-funded building, while receiving taxpayer-funded wages from many of those they looked down upon. Not one of them came down to speak to the people. Not one.

And now the “government” sights appear to be set upon one of the key pillars of democracy: Free Speech.

Free speech is sacrosanct in a democracy. Each of us has an inalienable right to free speech.

No politician has any right to even tip-toe on that, nor any of the other basic God-given human rights with which we were born.

These are some of the main reasons that all in parliament should stand down, as their actions (or inactions) have shown that they either don’t know who they are there to serve, or they do know but have elected to remain in a Party that serves off-shore interests who do not have the best interests of our people, or our country, at heart. But even now, after all the country has been put through, it is not too late to speak out and seek forgiveness from the people.

Kiwis Stand Up
© Mary Hobbs.

‘I may not agree with what you say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.’
— Voltaire

This is not a call to fight but to turn to peace and to simply create among us a better way together, without the machinations of a compromised “government” who are meant to be there to represent the people but have lost their way. There is no use for a system with representatives on all sides of the House who allege that they stand for the people, while their actions demonstrate the opposite. Most Kiwis just want them to get out of the way so they can live their lives without microscopic interference at every turn.

Who would want to elect and pay “representatives” who seem set on destroying our democracy, our livelihoods, our health and our private property rights and who tax to the point where little or no profit can be made in business and who try to install continual fear in a nation? No New Zealander that I know.

Together, as individual sovereign beings, we have every right to turn away from any deceitful system that seeks to enslave. We can peacefully move forward together, where the best attributes of the human soul can lead the way, with open communication, love, compassion and harmony.

Some may consider life is not so bad now, but perhaps they have forgotten that many of our ancestors suffered life-long injuries, or lost their lives, to protect our democracy and now it is our turn to honour them by peacefully protecting those hard-won freedoms.

An increasing number of Kiwis are awake, but sadly some don’t seem to be reading the map that shows where our country was, where it is now and where the intended destination of “government” appears to be, for they are steering towards the much-touted “Great Reset” that the head of the World Economic Forum (WEF) describes as a world where “you will own nothing and you will be happy”. To achieve that dystopian nightmare, our democracy and freewill apparently need to be destroyed along with our inalienable right to maintain our health according to our own decisions, rather than those of an unelected international group that seem hell-bent on violating the Nuremberg Code and all human rights. Our inalienable rights to be able to live our lives without obstruction or interference, our ability to own and run our businesses, procure food and retain our private property, as well as our basic human rights, are under attack.

Klaus Schwab and the WEF have made it clear they wish to substantially reduce the population, and assure the world that they will be able to hack into our minds and turn us into a strange hybrid of human without a soul, that can be controlled. It appears that the world leaders are following this unelected group of authoritarians through current “governments” and the “opposition”. The WEF has said as much. This is not a conspiracy theory as the WEF are not particularly hiding their plans. Schwab’s top advisor Harari is clear about their intentions, while Schwab spells it out in his book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

New Zealand currently has a prime minister who is hailed as an “alumini” of the WEF and seems uncomfortably close to that group. All members of parliament involved with it are surely duty-bound to publicly disclose any association to the WEF. This has not been done, but it should be. New Zealanders have a right to know if the government that purports to represent them is adhering to an entirely different agenda, that doesn’t have the agreement of the people and wasn’t mentioned before the last election. Alarmingly, the leader of the “opposition” also appears lack-lustre in voicing any genuine opposition to New Zealand’s rapid deterioration towards that of a totalitarian state.

Many choose not to look further afield than what is being drip-fed on the 6pm government-sponsored propaganda station of their choice. But if one were to review how the events have unfolded, alongside the incremental actions taken by almost all countries in “lockstep”, the intended direction of the global tyrants appears to be to exert a stranglehold of authoritarian control on each of us, eradicate our freedoms and track all that we do, and wherever we go, through the aid of Artificial Intelligence. Fox News and senator Dr Rand Paul, give a brief outline.

It is of great concern to find that New Zealand has been signed up as a pilot for the WEF’s A.I. project — a horror show of ultimate control. How many Kiwis are aware of this and why wasn’t everyone in New Zealand consulted? The “government” knows. The Prime Minister signed New Zealand up to it. The WEF have this information on their website. It seems the only people who don’t know about it are the New Zealanders.

Yesterday it was all about covid and the experimental injections. Today it is about A.I., “climate change” and curbing free speech. With that comes an attempt to mould public opinion through carefully crafted propaganda that seeks to silence those who object and who politely decline to be involved with the direction in which the “government” is headed.

The government appears to outrageously suggest these individual free-thinkers may be “radicalised” and could become “terror threats” and people need to come together to fight this “new foe” and report those they suspect to the security arm of government who have turned their attention inward and are apparently searching for such “threats” within the New Zealand population who employ them and where there is no record of terrorists. Yes, an Australian came over and committed a heinous terrorist act, but he wasn’t a New Zealander.

A “Department of Disinformation” has also popped up with a variety of talking heads speaking what appears to be a foreign language.

“There is no such thing as “disinformation” or “misinformation”. There is only information you accept and information you do not accept. You were not born with a requirement to believe everything you are told; rather, you were born with a brain that allows you to process the information you receive and make independent decisions. “
— Naomi Wolf

Apparently “warning signs” of those who could “become radicalised” include those who are white, Christian, Celtic, blonde, red-haired, have an interest in knitting, handicrafts, yoga, making wholesome lunches for their children, and even braiding the hair of their daughters.

Evidently, alarm bells should also ring if one comes into contact with anyone who has recently become interested in politics, or has a view “outside the more broadly accepted views and beliefs of most people”. But isn’t that individual thought and freedom of speech? Does that mean it is now a crime to be interested in politics — a subject that affects the lives of each and every one of us? Surely it would be odd if we weren’t interested in politics, especially if we were watching the rapid erosion of our democracy? Isn’t it our civic duty as responsible citizens to speak up if we see attacks on our democracy?

Additionally, if there is “something sounding a bit off”, this can also be an issue that could be reported. Note the generalities — isn’t that a hallmark of a suppressive regime?

And people employed to “watch” Kiwis like this for “security”? Security of whom? Of those trying to force in a totalitarian state? Does this mean individual thought is now outlawed and it can be extrapolated that if any of us has a different opinion, then this is a serious sign of “extremism” and we may subsequently seek to, “radically change the nature of government, religion, or society, or to create a community based on their ideology?” Does this also mean that those who choose to peacefully turn away from a “government” no longer representing the people and to find a better way, that this is “extremism”? That concept is surely what seems extreme isn’t it?

Individual thought, innovation, new ideas expressed, better ways of doing things, is welcomed in a democracy. (We used to call it #8 wire. It was a Kiwi attribute.) Not so much in other ideologies that spring to mind.

A recent pamphlet also warns of those who seek violent resolution and commit terrorist acts. Fair enough, no one could argue with that, but trying to link that to those who have different views on politics from “broadly accepted views” and those who “disagree with the covid measures taken by government”, those who disagree with the government, and those who some consider have “a variety of beliefs and ideologies fuelled by conspiracy theories”, is beyond the pale, particularly when many so-called “conspiracy theories” have since been confirmed as fact.

This is like redefining free thought and speech as a terrorist act or a sign of radicalisation. It seems more like East Germany before the wall came down. And dobbing in family and friends for different opinions, an interest in politics, or running knitting, yoga and handcraft groups, is now being asked of Kiwis? That is the antithesis of the Kiwi way. Goebbels would be proud.

With rules like that, how would opposition parties be able to operate? Parliamentary privilege? Really? And the rest of us? Burned at the stake for heresy? Karl du Fresne summed it up fairly well in 2021 and that was before the most recent moves by those in power to silence critics.

The reality is that the power is not with the politicians or the bureaucrats.

It is with the people, peacefully standing up and speaking out with the factual information, and speaking out in favour of democracy and our inalienable human rights, while politely saying no to any infringements on them.

If the power was genuinely with the politicians then why would they be so worried about any of us learning the truth?

Why would they need to promote censorship and propaganda, make “hate speech laws” and create “disinformation” departments and print brochures telling people to “be wary “of those who may have a different opinion from that of others, or who may disagree with the government, or warn of groups that advocate knitting, handcrafts, and healthy school lunches as they could be becoming “radicalised”?

Because they are scared we may all wake up. That’s why. Because the people have the power.

‘The unity of freedom has never relied on uniformity of opinion.’
– President John F Kennedy

As we come to the end of this monumental year where all can be seen for who they really are, with metaphorical masks off, let us turn to focus on the greatest qualities and the magic of the human spirit — refusing to allow ourselves to be divided or treated differently according to our ethnicity or culture, or health decisions; peacefully standing together as New Zealanders for our true values and freedom; treating those amongst us who are hurt or injured or have fallen on hard times with kindness and compassion; being there for each other, listening to a wide variety of views with interest; learning from each other; retaining our freedom of speech and thought; maintaining good humour, and ensuring that we also honour the sacrifice of our ancestors by peacefully safeguarding and protecting our hard-won democracy, and safeguarding our food and energy sources and each other — together.

Ultimately, love, and the indomitable qualities of the miraculous human spirit will triumph.

They always do.

Stand Up Kiwis
© Mary Hobbs.

‘Each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes
out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from
a million different centres of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can
sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.’
– Robert F. Kennedy


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  1. NZ is just a vassal state of US, which is nothing but an Oligarchy or Corporatacracy and noit a democracy. The governments do not work for their citizens but for the golbalist rich. NZ is about 10 years behind US. We will be witnessing more homeless, further concentration of wealth, moral decay, poor health outcomes, lack of infrastructure spending etc in NZ catching up with the US. Voting is not going to change much because we just choose between Coke and Pepsi when the real need is for a nutritive food. Unless NZ beomes a real independent country, nothing will chnage for good. Starting from NZD withdrawl from free-floating currency, banning overseas ownership of assets, so many nationalistic measures are to be done to gain the freedom from the deep state. This can be done only after a “revolution” which will only happen after an economic collapse. No point in voting when there is just a puppetry show going on.

    • NZ may become a real independant country sooner than most people can think it possible. When the true reasons and for closing the Marsden Point refinery becomes more clearly known and the fallout thats about to follow eventuates there will be a revolution. Word has it a lot of servies run out of petrol over the weekend and most only have 2 days supply left in their underground tanks. Cutting fuel supplies for some flawed NWO green dream idealogy may have the desired effect in some other countries but I dont think it is going to work in NZ where it relies on its export wealth thats gained from primary producers.

    • Thanks for your input Anon. I agree that the Marsden Point refinery is incredibly important to New Zealand’s security and is of the utmost concern that it has closed. And definitely Kiwis need to know that we truly have a valid parliament where MPs are genuinely representing the people. Peaceful change is needed.

  2. An excellent piece as usual, Mary. And the big question, is it time? Truth be told it is long overdue. The issue at hand is education, not of the readers here, but of the many New Zealanders with their heads buried in the sand, and for many and various reasons. How do you reach them in a country where traditional trust in mainstream media still exists, albeit in a reduced capacity. But it remains all the same.

    I believe, while right thinking people have been reading and researching discovering the truth, the majority of Kiwis are still of the opinion the Government has our best interests at heart. Jacinda, while slipping in the polls, still holds considerable sway with a sizable cross section of the population. But there is no getting away from the fact that the mood of the country is undergoing a change, evident in local body election results.

    But, yes, it is now time for the people of this wonderful country to take back what is theirs by right. Things stolen by fear and coercion. We do this by saying, No. We do this by talking to someone new every day. We do this by wearing slogans and messages stating that we are not the error but the solution. And we do this by believing in the better way that serves us all to the better end.

    Yes, it’s time to stand up, not just for ourselves, but for us all..

  3. Never forget: ALL parties in parliament have colluded on the covid emergency laws. ALL OF THEM!
    Hell hath no fury but mothers scorned!

    • Thank you Anon. I do hope that they will soon acknowledge the devastating results of either supporting it or agreeing through their silence and actively help New Zealanders to heal.

  4. Great article Mary.
    I agree entirely , we have the opportunity here to expose the corporation.
    Show the public their unalienable rights, the Govt fears this. Just recently dealing with a Govt department, I was able to use Natural Law, to stop them in their tracks, just with 3 questions. No arguing just 3 questions.
    We can expose them, we can bring them to justice, we just have to use the legislation they created to control us, but we turn that legislation on them.
    Don’t be afraid to start a conversation, and drop a few good questions.
    People are waking up, people are moving over to the likes of telegram. People are no longer listening to MSM.
    Have faith each day we are getting stronger and wiser.

  5. The problem I see is that the commentor above is right. We are just swapping Coke for Pepsi or voting for labour in a blue skirt. Interesting that even though Biden’s poll number were down the red wave never eventuated particularly in the senate. Who is to say Jabcinda wont get re-elected. Even if she fails, will the wer bus ticket of Luxon and his mob undo all the wrongs? Hardly likely. They need to cancel:
    Three waters
    Ministry of Health
    Ministry of Education – have you seen the sh*t that is being taught to primary children
    the dis information mob at Otago Uni
    Michael baker
    Susiw W**** (whats her name)
    Main stream media
    and more
    They wont dare because Luxon is part of WEF

    • Thanks MNZGA. The voting system, nationally and internationally, is of huge concern. One look at the US results with reports of substantial errors at the voting booths result in almost zero confidence in it. At this stage it appears all parties in parliament are complicit. You list major areas of valid concern here in NZ, but I strongly feel the truth will ultimately prevail and as Michael says (above), people are rapidly becoming more aware and increasingly stand up and peacefully say no, they do not consent.

  6. I want us to do something big…Go in and Take our Parliment and our beautiful Country back..We have to do the right thing, no matter the consequence.

  7. Put these at the heart of any movement
    humanity must come together to overcome those who enslave us.

    Five Rules for humanity

    1 Everybody has a land and that is where their home is

    2 Every child born is of equal value

    3 No child can be born in debt.

    4The only crime is theft.

    5 We can only learn from the past not change it or recreate it

    • Thanks Anon. Thought-provoking. I agree with all of your points, although I see more in #4? I can see what your’e getting at though, as every crime is a theft of something…Is that what is meant? Thanks for your input.

  8. On point once again thanks Mary, these articles do create a ripple effect, we all need to keep throwing out those stones. Thankyou for your time you put into this.

  9. What a brilliant article ????. It must of taken so much time to research such a huge piece. ????. Thank You for pulling so much information together and allow us to reflect on how far we come and the complex times we in. I sent it to about 30 people…who are enjoying a deep sleep during these times. Thank You again Mary. ????X

    • Thanks so much for that Anon. It did take a while! But it’s worth it when seeing already how far it has travelled. Hopefully it will help Kiwis become more aware of what is happening so they come together to say no, they do not consent and to then create a more peaceful world together, where this can never happen again.

  10. Good luck with this country. Many people are leaving. It will sink into the mire and never be the same again, unless, unless, the sheeple wake up. Again I have only seen the worst of all the sheeple still…And I fear we are just preaching all this truth to the already freed of mind. Those closed off will probably stay that way. Not enough sheeple taking off their rose tinted glasses. Well really their blindfolds. We are currently getting the place ready to sell if this insanity doesn’t stop soon. And I would rather live in the US than here because at least there, you have some in places of so called power trying to speak out and stop the insanity. Rand Paul, Ron DeSantis, Kirsty Noem, RFK jr., Kari Lake if she gets in, and others and yes the elections are rigged but here we don’t even have a group trying to ring any alarm bells. It’s going to take this move to demand they step down. But what happened when they would not defy their gag orders to come out and speak to the brave souls at Wellington that day? The militarised police force was called in to attack peaceful protestors and plant insurrectionists inside to start trouble to allow the attack by police to happen. Caught up in traffic the other day, I had a police car behind me. Now normally that would not trigger my stomach to churn, but it did the other day. I have seen enough here to be afraid of the police force. Not good…. not good….. not good…..

  11. Thanks Anon. We are working on enlightening many. It is great to see politicians speaking out in the US. Matt King and other smaller parties are doing it here too but they are heavily censored by the paid-off media. It makes places like the Daily Telegraph vital. Keep positive Anon and keep enlightening people. I wish you well.


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