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Nadine Connock
Nadine Connock
Nadine Connock holds a BA (Hons) in International Relations and Politics and International Development from the University of East London (UK) and a MA in Indigenous Studies from The University of Otago, New Zealand.

PFIZERLEAK: Exposing New Zealand’s Manufacturing of Mandated Compliance

Global Regulatory Capture and Controlled Bureaucratic Incompetence.

Nadine Connock investigates global regulatory capture and controlled bureaucratic incompetence.

In the throes of an emerging global pandemic, I vividly remember experiencing my first red flag.

Governments are paying people to stay at home?

In a move that saw Workers Unions and Human Rights groups heads spin after decades of lobbying and campaigning for improvements in fairer and equitable working conditions, the majority of the population did not raise an eyebrow. Our Governments were doing the ‘right’ thing.

Pfizerleak by Nadine Connock

Two years on, and society’s global fabric has eroded into all manner of battlefields over vaccine equity, medical apartheid, and the politicization of science. The buzz word ‘unprecedented’ became standard sedative rhetoric.

Yet what was not mainstream news was the unprecedented pressure to push through vaccine trials to achieve authorisation; financial incentives in untested technology; and censorship of scientific research.

Warp speed parliamentary legislation changes were rushed through without public mandate. All in order to accommodate preferential bilateral trade agreements due to vaccine negotiations and acquisition.

The New Zealand Labour Government Vaccine Taskforce citing “timeliness” (not due diligence) as utmost priority.

But one aspect remains unchanged: BigPharmaTech is pocketing big bucks through fraudulent manufacturing and supply contracts secured under regulatory capture and indemnification overreach.

“Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna making $1000 profit every second”

The Pharmaceutical Industry has been dubbed the most corrupt industry on Earth ever since the revelation that curing patients was not a sustainable business model. Covid-19 has entered Brand Wars into a new domain of biomedical warfare. Teaming up with BigTech, in the worst merger yet, to irrevocably alter the global social contract to a dystopian social license where human beings as patentable intellectual property, are the new tradable commodity. Silicon Surveillance Capitalism heads towards the final frontier and New Zealand is the pilot project.

According to Oxfam Aotearoa, new figures in 2021 from the Peoples Vaccine Alliance reveal that the monopoly over profitable contracts these companies hold, have produced five new billionaires during the pandemic.

With a combined net wealth of USD $35.1 billion, which works out at over USD $1000 a second, USD $65,000 per minute or USD $93.5 million per day.

Attempts to expose the measures pharmaceutical companies have taken to accelerate global supply, maintain monopoly control, and protect their profits are beginning to surface via a number of whistleblowers.

So much so, that Pfizer and other known pharmaceutical corporations: Amgen, AstraZeneca, Merck and Genentech are now trying to block False Claims Act legislation enabling whistleblowers to make it easier to expose corporate fraud.

Rewind to 2009, and it is easy to see why. After a six-year investigation into unethical corporate conduct initiated by whistleblower John Kopchinski, Pfizer, the world’s then largest drugs company, settled under a record setting out-of-court deal.

As a result of this criminal fine, Pfizer now holds the record for paying the largest healthcare fraud settlement in US history of US $2.3 Billion for false claims, off-label promotion, and negotiated bribery in the form of medical kickbacks/commission to compliant doctors.

Kopchinski contended patients were at risk of heart attacks, strokes and blood clots.

The criminal histories of these vaccine manufacturers are not for bed-time reading. Particularly, if you are still under the impression that these vaccines are effectively and adequately tested and safe because of the trusted science. Even more so, if you believe adverse reactions are only ‘rare’.

As a result of whistleblower Kopchinski in 2009, US Federal Authorities were assigned as a form of an ‘independent integrity watchdog’ to monitor Pfizer’s promotional and compliance practices after their criminal activity. Fast forward to 2021 and these same watchdogs and regulators such as the EPA and FDA are colluding over secret deals and contract clauses as the cycle of profits continue.

“Pfizer accused of abuse of power. Purchasers must protect and defend Pfizer. Pfizer becomes the legislator and judge that controls the contract”

On the 26th of July 2021, whistleblower Cybersecurity IT Researcher Ehden Biber leaked a series of findings on Twitter relating to discovered Pfizer contracts. A synopsis of his findings are:

  • Pfizer uses standardised formats for contracts with a slight variation for each country
  • Advance Purchase Agreements (APA) opt out clause of only 5 days
  • Non-Disclosure clause of ten years, Israel signed to 30 years
  • Contracts are above any local law of the purchasing country or receiving State
  • Even if another drug treatment for Covid-19 is found, the contract cannot be voided
  • Vaccine Ingredients are redacted
  • Contracts prohibit the testing, identification and serialization of vaccine batches
  • Intellectual Property theft and Patent waivers
  • State Assets as ‘future’ collateral and compensation and preventative seizure
  • Out of Court private arbitration settlements are governed by the International Chamber of Commerce
  • Pfizer will not be held liable for ANY damages due to long-term effects
  • Efficacy of the vaccine is not currently known

Pfizerleak news

Non-disclosure clauses relate to advertisement, commercial sensitivity, donation, pricing, delivery delay, discussion of treatment, symptoms, reactions, technology, devices.

You name it, they’ve silenced it. Only Pfizer can instruct who receives doses in the receiving countries, and countries must agree to all Pfizer instructions.

Contract disputes shall be governed by the Laws of the State of New York, USA and attempted assignment of rights or delegation or subcontracting of duties without the required prior written consent of the other Parties shall be void and ineffective.

Biber’s revelations were then published in an investigative piece titled Revealed: How Pfizer blackmails countries for shots. In a bold and damning move, the reporter accused Pfizer’s silencing of Governments in order to maximise profits as vaccine terrorism.

For anyone still wringing their hands that this is just ‘standard’ contract indemnification and liability protection is ‘warranted’, one can only hope you are living in a country that has either very little to offer in terms of assets, or big Super Power States like China or Russia that will intervene in their geostrategic interests of part-owned foreign assets shareholder base. As State-Owned Sovereign Assets negotiated as collateral and compensation comprise of:

  • Federal Bank Reserves
  • Embassies
  • Military bases
  • Airlines
  • Offshore Accounts and Holdings
  • Water, Oil, Gas

How long before BigPharmaTech twist the definitions of Intellectual Property and argue they are secured indirectly regardless, through these contract acceptances.

#PfizerMandate: Pfizer Interfering in New Zealand Politics

Pfizerleak news

When the New Zealand Government started rolling out a nationwide campaign of financial rewards and incentives to solely promote the Pfizer vaccine, whilst simultaneously staying silent on promoting natural immunity support and treatments, this was so counter-intuitive, I experienced my second red flag.

New Zealand remains tightly aligned with all US agency decisions and regulators for our own policy implementation such as the FDA, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Pharmac despite clear reports of Regulatory Capture.

A number of leaked Pfizer contracts reported multiple unreasonable terms and tense conflicts that led to several countries rejecting the contract negotiations. Accused of “bullying” in relation to precautionary State-Owned asset seizure and unprecedented indemnification conditions, Latin American Governments spoke of the costs associated with requiring specialist lawyers to navigate complex new legislation that would need to be passed.

In New Zealand, three pieces of complex new emergency legislation, formulated under executive orders arguably relating to Pfizer’s Covid-19 purchase contracts, have raised further red flags.

Without adequate public mandate, the New Zealand Government has enacted the Covid-19 Response Bill, Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Bill, and Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill. Pae Ora Healthy Futures Bill if passed, will disestablish District Health Boards and Health Promotion Agencies, transferring their assets into a singular, centralized amalgamation named ‘Health NZ’. A new Crown agent. Pharmac becomes a Crown Entity and the Board appointed by the Crown. Pharmac is given exemption from Part 2 of the Commerce Act 1986 meaning the following protections against corporate impunity will no longer apply:

  • Prohibition of activity that substantially lessens competition
  • Equates to contain a cartel provision (resale price maintenance)
  • Restrictive trade practices
  • Taking advantage of market power

This is not the first time that New Zealand has fallen victim to the dirty trade politics of Pfizer.

This is one of the diplomatic cables about New Zealand held by Wikileaks.

In 1990, Pfizer “lobbied against New Zealand getting a free trade agreement with the United States because it objected to New Zealand’s restrictive drug buying rules and tried to get rid of New Zealand’s former Labour Government Health Minister, Helen Clark”. Pfizer would “oppose free-trade negotiations” until the New Zealand Government changed policy.

With these latest Warp speed legislative changes, it appears Big PharmaTech is on the way to cementing total State capture. New Zealand appears to have been bullied into legislative submission under duress of the pressure to retain bilateral agreements in order to secure vaccine acquisition through a complex performance of invested- interests-business as usual and controlled bureaucratic incompetence. Here we hear the sedative rhetoric again as the need to move quickly to secure Advanced Purchase Agreements (APAs) due to unprecedented global demand.

Whilst some countries have a choice of as many as five drug treatments, New Zealand opted to sign into the Pfizer contract as the sole vaccine provider. As part of Pfizer’s manufacturing of fear around vaccine availability, countries were picked as potential candidates and played off against each other with a scramble for first wave delivery batches on a first come first served basis. Eligible participants were ‘chosen’.

New Zealand was told it would be restricted by EU contract negotiations over introductions of new export regulations for Covid-19 vaccines manufactured in European Union (EU). Vaccines could only be exported outside of the EU once they had met their contractual obligations to supply Covax Facility participants. Pfizer’s manufacturing sites were based in Belgium. New Zealand would not be among countries allocated access to the ‘very limited first wave distribution’ of Pfizer doses.

Pfizer sent a letter to Minister David Clark on the 30th of June 2020 requesting New Zealand’s vaccine taskforce to discuss vaccine acquisition. Covid-19 Vaccine Strategy Taskforce chair Dr. Peter Crabtree was also contacted by Pfizer. MBIE advised Minister of Finance Grant Robertson to grant Pfizer indemnity in October 2020 under the Public Finance Act 65ZD.

In an Official Information Act (OIA) document titled ‘201001 Pfizer indemnity business case’, Benefits to the Crown of the Indemnity of Pfizer/BioNTech came down to a matter of expedience.

Crucial takeaways from this document are:

50. This vaccine candidate has the advantage of being one of the group expected to have the earliest delivery date, and may be suitable for a wide range of adults. There is no information about the suitability for particular population groups or for those with health conditions.

It is worth noting that specifics of these ‘particular’ population groups are either redacted or never named explicitly in communications. In meeting minutes dated Wednesday 27th of January 2021 from the Covid-19 Vaccine Strategy Science and Technical Advisory Group (STAG), discussion points are raised in relation:

4. Medsafe Approvals
“Medsafe does not stipulate explicitly which groups the vaccine can be given to”.

7. Prof David Murdoch workshop December 02 2020 on ‘Surveillance, post-marketing and associated needs for NZ and Polynesia’
“commencing trial and associated research activity…is deemed critical, including respect of populations not well covered in offshore trials (e.g. Māori and Pacific peoples)”

51. This vaccine candidate is an RNA vaccine. Due to the relative newness of this platform, and truncated clinical trials (which means a reduced ability to identify rare or long-term side affects), we are unlikely to want to immunise the entire population using solely this vaccine

66. Bell Gully has advised that the scope of the indemnity is in practice very close to the scope of ACC and…some risk remains that the indemnity goes beyond what the ACC scheme will cover

A Covid-19 Vaccine Strategy Taskforce was set up with the lead agency as MBIE and consisted of Ministry of Health, MedSafe, Pharmac and MFAT. DOIA request 2122-0912 advised MBIE negotiations for the Pfizer vaccine contract were comprised in part, by advice from legal firm Bell Gully – legal advisors to Pharmac – and Medicines New Zealand, of which Pfizer is a member. DOIA request 2021-1518 advised no due diligence was taken to investigate Pfizer’s management team or its ethics as a company. The due diligence focused on assessing the performance and delivery of Pfizer’s vaccine. However, they were satisfied that Pfizer had not been reckless in the development of its vaccine, despite admitting ethical due diligence was not undertaken.

In February 2021, Pfizer applied to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decision-making committee to formally determine whether the Covid-19 vaccine would be considered a ‘new’ organism in New Zealand.

The EPA and Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) voted no and approved their decision under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act (HSNO) 1996. The MPI then cleared the vaccine under the Biosecurity Act 1993.

The committee’s determination was on the basis that the vaccine is unable to replicate itself, so it does not meet the definition of a new organism and is not subject to regulation as a GMO. However, human medicines are exempt from the hazardous substances part of the Act, so the EPA did not assess vaccine chemical properties. The EPA relies upon information provided by manufacturers and does not conduct a chemical analysis of the product. The determination also relied on the basis that no EPA approval was required for a ‘release’ into people’s arms as opposed to the environment.

‘Intellectual Property protection is the blood of the private sector’
CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla

The New Zealand public is currently held hostage by procedural democracy: that is, the run around antics of OIA and Ombudsmen treadmill. Being thrown through the revolving doors of MBIE, Ministry of Health, MPI, EPA, The Treasury and the DPMC in a blatant abuse of these process in order to evade scrutiny and accountability.

Only to then receive redactions and the following responses:

  • 6(b)(ii): information provided in confidence from an international organisation
  • 9(2)(a): to protect the privacy of natural persons, including that of deceased natural persons
  • 9(2)(ba)(i): to protect information which is subject to an obligation of confidence, where the making available of that information would be likely to prejudice the supply of this information, or information from the same source, and it is in the public interest that such information should be continued to be supplied
  • 9(2)(ba)(ii): to protect information which is subject to an obligation of confidence, where the making available of the information would be likely otherwise to damage public interest

When an OIA responds that “the DPMC does not hold any information related to the purchase and supply agreements between the Government and Manufacturers of Covid-19” this is WORD SALAD and is a blatant lie.

It is now clear Covid-19 vaccines aren’t as safe and effective as our Governments and the manufacturers claim, and this is why they need unprecedented levels of protection and indemnification.

What did New Zealand commit to when it did not opt-out of the Pfizer Agreement? This raises questions that citizens in a functioning whole-process democracy should be entitled to express.

What happened on the 26th of February 2021, that saw a drastic shift to revise the approach to managing the vaccine portfolio under orders that the “context of operation has shifted”?

How has a supposed democratic nation, enabled and accepted Pfizer’s contractual agreements to diminish the role of parliament and the judiciary and allow provision for execution of extreme executive powers under emergency public health orders?

Should New Zealand’s Attorney General David Parker, who is saying there are no Human Rights breaches or issues with downstream legislation be the same person who is also the Associate Minister of Finance, Minister for Environment, and introduced the Covid Response Bill and Digital Identity Bill, be in charge of these legislation changes?

And the rate at which New Zealand is seeing such unprecedented financial incentivisation and reward to promote and defend vaccines and their mandates as a global public good despite the dangers highlighted in the recently emerging FDA Pfizer approval documents, has raised more than just a few red flags.

These red flags indicate that New Zealand requires an instigation of a material breach of the contract by Pfizer, not so much to prevent bankruptcy, but use conventional methods to preserve the health of our people and the future viability of our DHBs. As the current Labour Government moves to disestablish all DHBs under a new centralized Crown Entity in order to hand over exclusive tender of Health NZ, to Pharmac, and exempting itself from protection of the Commerce Act.

The New Zealand Labour Government has failed us. They have lied to us. They are harming us.

And now the Ministry of ‘Stealth’ are trying to scramble and backtrack over vaccine associated myocarditis and pericarditis harms.

Be warned New Zealand. This country is predated upon as a small but optimal testing ground for a number of experiments. Pharmaceuticals are just the tip of the needle.

In 2011 a landmark Waitangi Tribunal Wai262 lodged in 1991, tried to warn New Zealand of appropriation and theft by the Crown of intellectual and cultural property. We did not heed this advice. And as usual, the arm of the State and their respective Crown agents have gone one step further in absolving personhood and sovereignty through structural legislation that is now dictating power, possession, possessiveness and patenting their citizens as privately owned data under medical and digital intellectual property contracts.

How much more do we need to read? To watch? To write?

Are we convinced yet?

End Mandates Now. We Do Not Consent.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of dailytelegraph.co.nz.

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  1. Well written, eye-opening and thoroughly researched, Nadine, thank you!
    Strength to you.
    I hope lots of New Zealanders read this.
    I’m sharing, that’s for sure.

    Here’s link exposing Pfizer’s falsified data and flawed medical trial process:

    Leaked evidence of Pfizer contracts with other countries :

    Here’s one with Dominican Republic :

    Proof of attempts by New Zealanders to request an OIA of Pfizer contract and government withholding it :

  2. An important article for all New Zealanders . Thank you to the author for their dedication in writing this piece and to DailyTelegraph for publishing it

  3. A very well thought out, well researched and well written article. Thank you for sharing. It’s articles like this that need to be in the MS headlines… but I doubt that will happen 🙁

  4. Well done, perfect opinion piece – keep it up, we could only get rid of these dark clouds by uncovering the truth no matter how bitter it might taste!

  5. Nadine, it is so good to see you channeling all your research and using your integrity and wisdom to expose the the truth. Proud of you.

  6. THEY HAD NO CHOICE! The presidents of Burundi, Swaziland/Eswatini, Tanzania, Ivory Coast and Haiti all opposed the main stream narrative on Covid and declined vaccines for their countries, they have all died/been killed.

    • yes, you are right , but the bigger story here is that by now none of what is happening
      is about your health or a non existent “virus”, this is all about the globalists crashing their
      bankrupt financial system and ushering in their digital currency and their one world
      government , read up on the UN agenda 21 / 2030 documents all western governments are now under the control of communists/ globalists and the tyranny has picked up speed and so will the genocide. good luck

  7. Nadine- thank you for your integrity and courageous detailed reporting. This has brought together the threads of many concerns I’ve had and explains the incomprehensible decisions made by those who certainly do not have the power to make them.

  8. Pfizer has a long and proven history of fraud, deception and corruption. How and why it has not be wound up and banished a long time ago is beyond me. Quite apart from all the other reasons regarding mRNA long term effects etc, i would never put anything into my body made by Pfizer, even if it was just a Pfizer Panadol

    • This is a well researched article: thank you Nadine!!

      I think everyone who possibly can, should make an appointment with their local MP and discuss some of the issues you have highlighted. It is likely many MPs are unaware of what is happening (or, has happened already).

      • I have had several ‘clinics’ with Todd Muller, a politial dud as so many MP parasites. Unless the sheeple have voted for a good engaged one, an appointment with one of those parasite losers is a waste of time.


    • i,d be more interested to know where the $25million has come from that
      is Mr J.Ardern,s bank account, we know the premier in NSW had to fall on her sword
      because of an undisputed payment from big pharma into said premier,s bank

  10. After month of Phizer Jabs safety reassurance, by Govt, medsafe, and currupt news media. Now, just prior Christmas, we find out the reported impact. With adverse reactions reported for many month now in NZ. Also, reported overseas prior to Jab role out here in NZ. Too late for the team of 4m, 94% of them jabbed as they are mere collateral damage, in Adern’s kindness. At least 26,000 AEs reported by heath care professionals. Medsafe had 33,000 reported adverse reactions, such as dizziness, headaches, lethargy, nausea, chest discomfort, flu like symptoms, fever, numbness, and shortness of breath. Go to hospital with thoses symptoms and they will hook you up to an ECG machine. All but 1 of these events dismissed as minor and coincidental.
    Remembering also possibly only 5% of AE’s are reported, so that could mean at least 1.65m Kiwi’s may have sustained or are sustaining cardio vascular damage, as a result of Jacinda’s Kindness.

  11. Thank you Nadine. I applauded your researching skills.
    I haven’t had the jab and don’t intend to, but there’s more needed than ½ the country refusing to get jabbed.
    Exposing massive corruption is one thing. What to do about it when judiciary are in bed with all the other compromised sectors.
    There are Nuremberg type trials going on overseas now and I believe this will be helpful. The death penalty, which is the outcome for those committing crimes against humanity, will hopefully do away with at least some, if not all of these globalist trillionaires and their minions.

  12. Excellent article Nadine! only just found it.. it fills in the gaps on what happened in NZ. All govts went into panic – a global pandemic! – vaccines essential! . No thought of caution that it was only being released on an Emergency Use Approval – despite using techniques that have never been used before on humans and shown to be dangerous in animals. Following behind the other countries is name of the western alliance game, whether wars of aggression on defenceless countries, and now vaccines to stop the pandemic. Except vaccines are not stopping it.. more perpetuating it – what a mess.. thanks for article

    • Hi Kevn. Actually Netanyahu obsessively lobbied Pfizer (calling 30 times in one day) to promote Israel as a vaccine candidate to be a ‘global model’ citing a number of benefits that included an already existing single digital centralised health system and technology in place from its spyware platforms that rolled out text message alerts for military and civil defence emergency warnings.
      He also negotiated the purchasing cost per dose to $62 per shot instead of US $12-$19.50. When Israel rolled out the vaccine uptake, they strategically used rented accommodation locations to provide a media campaign that looked like thousands of people were queuing in the streets to receive shots. When zooming out of the frame the context was entirely different. Looks like they were well aware of the scope of their position as a global model and pilot project. Nadine (author)

  13. …and the other problem in NZ is 90%’ish of adults have been jabbed and really don’t want to know. What can they do now? Nothing.
    Just keep AWAY from our children.

  14. Pfizer paid Jacinda Adern and other leaders of nations accepting the Pfizer contract 20 million dollars.

    When asked where the money came from Jacinda replied Bitcoin. She is lying.

    She should be forced to admit where she obtained this money then she should hand the entirety of the 20 million over to the people injured by the vaccine.

    She should then be jailed along wth the entire government and their supporting scientists and doctors indefinitely for crimes against her nation, for treason and most of all for domestic terrorism.

    Wake up NZ.

  15. It seems to me that all the honest and brave people hear commenting including the author …as a collective we are living in a country that is extremely dangerous for our children…so how do we rise up and take back control of these dangers at all fronts..? This is completely evil and yes crimes against humanity.. especially since I know a nurse whom was working in Auckland hospital .She resigned due to seeing endless vaccine injuries reported as covid injuries…when she questioned her authorities she was invalidated and silenced.. All our basic rights as humans have been invalidated and over ridden here. How do we protect from such danger ? Surely our grandfathers who died on the battlefields against the tyrany of Hitler would say BIG GROUP ACTION is needed..

    • Hello Soul survival.
      Yes, we are trying very hard to work on multiple angles to see what avenues could bring such a big action.
      Lawyers and journalists to date have been silent.
      If there snore any lawyers reading this comment..We need to understand IP law, Commercial contract Law and have an angle we think has been overlooked. But we are scientists, biologists and need legal help. Thank you from Nadine

      • Hi Nadine, thank you for an exceptionally readable and succinct article to which I am moved to comment:
        What is intellectual property?
        How can someone claim to own an idea which could only be generated by years of living, experience, tutelage, discussion, observation, sharing, practice and theory?
        I may wield a pencil which designs a car but all prior cars jostle in my mind for recognition.
        I may make a new tune on my keyboard but ingrained in the riff are key structures and harmonies defined by everyone from JS Bach to Jimi Hendrix, Evelyn King or Frank Zappa.
        IP law, ( If you mean Intellectual Property as opposed to Internet Protocol )* is a hastily baked phaeton carrying the aspirations of the less than intellectual ruling classes who have left morality and objective truths at the door in their haste to own everyone and everything which their clammy paws adhere to.
        Bill Clinton, the darling of the Epstein set and the gatherers and weaponisers of all artistic and creative content, signed the Digital Millennial Copyright Act (DMCA) into existence and consequently upended the very concept of rational thought.
        World Economic Forum parasites laugh that they can read through people’s eyes to see their PIN numbers, and this is true if one has been unfortunate enough to be brain hacked (actually old tech these days, Jose Delgado produced a stimociever in the 1950’s, nice man: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jos%C3%A9_Manuel_Rodr%C3%ADguez_Delgado and manipulator- https://www.nytimes.com/1970/11/15/archives/brain-researcher-jose-delgado-asks-what-kind-of-humans-would-we.html )
        As ‘Sane Minority’ posted, “Medsafe had 33,000 reported adverse reactions, such as dizziness, headaches, lethargy, nausea, chest discomfort, flu like symptoms, fever, numbness, and shortness of breath. Go to hospital with those symptoms and they will hook you up to an ECG machine. ”
        An Electro Cardiograph is essentially a brain read, as is a CT scan using x-rays for computed tomography or an MRI magnetic resonance image using radio waves to produce a picture of the brain; (https://queensquare.com/article/ct-scan-vs-mri-scan/) so essentially covid 19 is ‘Covert ID’, gathering brain profiles and, as a result, voiding any concept of intellectual property, or stealing it, whichever way you read it.
        The DMCA has been used as a revenue gathering exercise on many fronts. One example being that a musician or group of musicians must pay a royalty fee merely for performing a song registered as the work of some charlatan, hack or other species of poser, who will most probably have had the thing lifted in the first place. This fee is payable on every song to the appropriate rights holder who in turn could be the proprietary owner of any kind of surveillance apparatus, covert intelligence gathering device, bio-hack and/or deceptively obtained consent to record and distribute a creative’s material, much like the sub prime mortgage scandal when homes were forfeited by foreclosure on the american people, now the country with the highest homelessness and addiction problems ever.
        The DMCA is based on the assumption that digital frameworks are secure and infallible and that art and artistic creation is primarily a function of soul-less automatons. Anyone believing this would never have heard the words ‘hacker’, ‘glitch’ or ‘malfunction’ and we hear these words all the time, ever since Hal 9000 malfunctioned in 2001-a space odyssey – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062622/
        Actual commercial contract and IP laws struggle to maintain credibility like drowning swimmers in seas infested by sharks, jellyfish and stingrays. ( Please take a minute to remember Steve Irwin. )
        Lawmakers themselves are quasi-elected bureaucrats with a penchant for put options and expensive jamborees at worldwide summits who only care that their flight crew remain unvaccinated. William Clinton himself regularly slept on the virtually empty 727 between waving a vacuous pen over documents such as the incorrigible DMCA circa 1998.
        A myriad of technology exists to pre-empt and gazump claims on all kinds of endeavour, discovery or creation, much of it is shielded, hidden, redacted or classified as top secret military information, yet is funded by the five eyes surveillance machine operated out of Tel Aviv ie. the entertainment industry which corrodes what remains of our brains and promotes the celebrity worship which has replaced human religious practice, via manipulative and manipulated wireless programming.
        To quote Robert Nesta M:
        “Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
        And another
        Is finally
        And permanently
        And abandoned –
        Everywhere is war ”
        although I would substitute ‘class’ for ‘race’ these days.

        * Internet Protocol is it’s own law. TCP/IP and how malleable is that?

  16. I feel our Government maybe under duress to ensure the vaccines are mandated. I’m also aware by sources I know in the military that they have been training and ready for Martial law. This would be depending on both vaccine rates and negative throw back from the unvaccinated e.g. Rioting etc.

  17. This feels like waking up from a nightmare. To find that we are still actually living the nightmare.
    Surly these crimes and lies cannot simply be contracted into our reality. This government must be scraped.
    Is the only option to return us all to common law.


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