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Speaking for the silenced – and rebuilding the health system

Many years before my life as a writer and publisher I specialised in Coronary and Intensive Care as an NZRN.

One of the key aspects of nursing for me was advocating on behalf of my patients — helping protect them at a time when they were vulnerable.

Which brings me to today.

In my view, one of the cruellest acts possible in medicine would be to coerce a patient to undertake an injection still on trial, mis-label it as a “vaccine”, lie about the potential side effects by omitting the most serious, and endlessly tout it as “safe and effective”. Then, when serious side effects occurred, to deny the gene-based therapy injection had anything to do with it and allege the patient is ”imagining” their side effects, or it is “all in their head” or that they “must have a history of mental issues”.

A very courageous New Zealander, Casey Hodgkinson was subjected to this form of torture. Casey went to an Auckland hospital for help after suffering horrific side effects from the trial injection she had been told was “safe and effective”. When Casey was at her most vulnerable, her partner and her mother were not permitted to stay and so were unable to advocate for her. She was seriously injured, defenceless and alone when doctors doubled-down on their denial of her symptoms as being anything to do with side effects from the injection, to the point where she was put on psychiatric drugs for “schizophrenia”, and medical staff alleged a family history of mental illness, which was a blatant lie.

In essence, not only was the source of her injuries denied, but she was subjected to false accusations, ridicule, and given drugs for a condition she didn’t have, while cut off from her loved ones.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I am not aware of any censure of the medical staff by the Medical Council. It appears threats of suspension and court cases are reserved for doctors who have the courage to stand up and speak out with words of caution. Many of these precious, trustworthy souls can be found at www.nzdsos.com.

Aside from NZDSOS, do we still have doctors who are free to make their own decisions, based on their knowledge? Or do we have most now having to take orders from a government that appears to follow orders from off-shore interests? On occasion, even judges appear to advocate the products of pharmaceutical corporations that are still on trial with long-term side effects unknown.

Medical freedom news

The government seems boundless in its enthusiasm to have everyone injected with this trial injection — even defenceless children who are virtually immune to “COVID”.

Until now, we have never had a trial drug administered by injection to anyone who rocks up to a carpark, with little in the way of any medical history with them.

Since when have non-medical staff been qualified to administer trial injections in vans, or a car-park-like setting, after a two-week course that some attendants reported mainly covers what they are permitted to say and what they are not. Do they know the medical history of those they are attending? Do they have the knowledge and emergency gear required if there is a severe reaction?

What sort of circus is this?

With the escalating injuries and deaths of New Zealanders from this trial injection, the government and sponsored media keep these statistics suppressed. Instead, they have doubled down on their assertions it is “safe and effective” with reports that even if a patient has pericarditis, or other very serious side effects from this treatment, there is no reason not to carry on with the next injection. In my experience, this would have been regarded as negligent and unethical.

Why would medical personnel give more of the same treatment that caused such serious side effects?

Now they come for our children, and are even eyeing up babies, too. One New Zealander witnessed St John ambulance staff, in a public park, offering sweets to children— if they came and got the jab at the ambulance.

The dark Grimm’s fairy tales of old hardly match this horror.

It is surely a crime to force an individual to get a medical treatment against their will. Most of us thought the ten simple steps of the Nuremberg Code sorted that out after WW2 but astoundingly, this has been ignored.

Apparently, it is no longer ‘recognised’ in NZ.

There’s a clue.

Why would a democratic government that wanted to ensure the safety of its citizens ignore The Nuremberg Code?

ACC has been inundated with thousands of claims as a result of the jab. The injuries are vast; loss of sight, unbearable pain, deafness, pericarditis, strokes, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, weakness, blood clots, and many others. Yet these severely injured Kiwis find they now have to do battle with a government department for compensation that is rightfully theirs, so they can at least pay for the most basic living costs, while also trying to protect themselves from more of the same treatment that injured them so badly, by another government department.

As you read this article, there are thousands of New Zealanders in this position. Hundreds have died.

Ask Lynda Wharton, who runs the Health Forum Group. She had 60,000 members on the Health Forum Facebook page, thousands of whom had found their voice there, in an environment of love and understanding, where their experiences were heard with compassion. They were able to communicate with others who had suffered from terrible side effects, or lost loved ones as a result of the injection.

It was a sanctuary.

That page disappeared overnight. Taken down by Facebook, a corporation that exists in what was formerly known as “The Land of the Free.” Why? Was it too much truth?
This also happened over a year ago, when the prime minister invited people to talk about side effects on her FB page. 33,000 Kiwis replied. Their stories were deleted.

And the travelling caravan, touting the experimental injection, rolled on.

While at Camp Freedom, I met a veteran NZRN who told me she had misgivings about the injection and was swiftly mandated out of her 30-year profession. She said (and other nurses confirmed) that when the trial injection was first brought in, the New Zealand Nursing Council sent an email out to all New Zealand Registered Nurses advising that if they spoke out about the “vaccination” they would be de-registered.


Why would NZRNs be deregistered because they questioned a trial injection produced by a pharmaceutical corporation that had the dubious history of having paid out billions in fines for fraud and bribery?

Why would an unvaccinated nurse, free of COVID, be mandated out of nursing, while those who had taken the injection were still permitted to work, even if they had COVID?

The Medical Council suspended doctors who courageously advised caution. Two brave doctors recently won their appeals (1 April 2022) against the suspension of their Practicing Certificates.

How has it come to this — where a doctor is no longer able to voice his professional opinion on a trial injection and has to fight for his right to continue to practice because he/she dared to speak out about a treatment still on trial until 2023?

Who were the Nursing Council and the Medical Council taking orders from?

Surely their first duty is to the patient?

What happened to the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Code?

Has no one in the Medical Council, the Nursing Council, the government, or the Advertising Authority, read the eight pages of serious side effects of the experimental injection? They must surely know of it, as this, and other documents like it, were something that Pfizer apparently wanted to keep hidden for 75 years, but there was a judge in America who was courageous enough to order the documents be released. Eight pages of side effects were made public and more damming evidence followed.

This was one of the biggest breaking international stories — and not a peep from the media.

Nothing from any Minister of Parliament, in any party.

Nothing from the Ministry of Health.


Would they not want to immediately halt this trial injection and review it before more damage was done? Before more were maimed? Before more lives were lost?

In New Zealand, the broken record plays on. “Get your booster, you’re not fully vaccinated unless you have had your booster. It is safe and effective.’’

To date, over 53,000 adverse effects have been reported to the government.

Nurses and doctors are duty-bound to speak out against a trial, novel form of treatment if, in their view, it may do more harm than good. To do otherwise betrays the trust of the patient.

In my view, the medical professionals who should be suspended are those not speaking out against a treatment they have misgivings about, who see the side effects, but deny or minimise them or attribute them to another cause, and those who damage patients further by suggesting it must be “all in their head”.

The travesty is compounded by allegations that this medical treatment is “not mandatory” — but until recently most were unable to go to work without it. That sounds mandatory to the majority of Kiwis that I know.

The mandates have now lifted for most, but with the promise that they may be put back, at any time.

So, the guillotine is raised from the neck — yet continues to hover.

And still, the little bubble-flags advertising “Get your co-vid vaccines here” flutter in the breeze throughout the country, from pharmacies to supermarkets.

Roll up for your groceries and get your experimental jab at the same time — at a pop-up pharmacy sandwiched between the frozen peas and the tinned fish.


Are the recipients invited to read the seven pages or more of side effects Pfizer has just released?

Apparently not. The full side effects, according to the accounts of many who have received it and become injured, were not disclosed.

So how can they be fully informed?

They are not.

So the administrator of the trial jab takes the government-provided fee, and the wheels of big-pharma roll on.

The patient has an absolute right to know all potential side effects of a trial mRNA injection. The government and anyone involved in the administration of it must be fully informed and pass all of this information on to the patient and they should be free to decide without any coercion.

I understand that there is also no mandatory requirement to report every adverse reaction. Surely those in government would want to know?

Thousands have already been left jobless and severely injured because, in good faith, they trusted the government.

Do we still have a medical system for the patient? Not if those working in it are muzzled and it is dangerous for them to speak out.

As many New Zealanders mask up, blocking their intake of oxygen for many hours, none of which would appear to prevent COVID — as the Prime Minister and the DG of Health were at pains to correctly explain in early 2021, and as is clearly stated on mask boxes — what has been dramatically unmasked is what seems to be an unhealthy collusion between government and medicine, among others.

Hidden in plain sight.

So, it doesn’t appear to be about health, but more about administering a toxic poison, of which at least two of the ingredients remain unknown. How can that be defined as safe? How can the Ministry of Health (MOH) estimate only about 100 exemptions from the trial injection would be granted, and even those for only six months? Had the MOH seen the case histories of those applying for exemptions? No. So how would they know?

This article is intended to speak out in support of those who have been injured, or lost loved ones, as a result of the trial injection. It is a plea that the government and medical staff listen to them, treat them with genuine kindness and compassion, and ensure they receive immediate support and compensation.

And it is a plea for all New Zealanders to have access to a genuine health system, rebuilt, and free of hidden contracts and agreements with outside influences. One that is transparent, one that is there for our people, and one that embraces all forms of healing, not just concoctions from big pharma whose mantra is profit.

We need one that recognizes each of us as mind, body and spirit and considers it a privilege to help every New Zealander attain the best health they possibly can.

Many are working on it. You’ll find them at nzdsos.com, Nu Tireni, the Health Forum Group and Voices for Freedom. Join them. Support what is right for you.

Mary Hobbs news

Image Credit: © M. Hobbs.

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  1. Excellent article Mary, I agree wholeheartedly with you! Will spread this one far and wide! Thank you for your hard work❤️

  2. Thank you for giving a voice to the voiceless, Mary. I am actually now praying for this experiment to end before anyone else is harmed. We have enough evidence. Time to stop it, apologise to the injured, supoort them and their families and acknowledge the harm that this injection has caused.

    • Thank you Marg. Just a note, the HF are on telegram and also can be found on fb under a different name which contains the words True Stories.

  3. Brilliant article; thank you so much.
    My heart goes out to the broken and I pray that a miracle will heal them.

  4. Post-1960 we have the highest population wide rates of disability and chronic illness in the history. The question that needs to be asked is: does vaccination make us healthier?

    Unvaccinated people have far fewer chronic health problems as proven by three recent independently conducted studies performed in three different ways. You can find out more information at: https://informedconsentdefense.org/

    When you look at the proportion of Autistic and neurologically damaged children this has become a National Security issue and one that cannot continue to be ignored.

  5. I would like to copy this and to send it to my family and friends to read. But unfortunately they have all switched off. Everything is true sadly. We have to re-build our medical system.

    • I hear you. My parents are getting their flu jabs next week, that’s after having 3 other jabs in the last 6 months. Both have had side effects, blood in the eye, acceleration of melanomas and red welts over whole body, but still they call me a conspiracy theorist. I haven’t been allowed inside their house for nearly a year.

      Well so far the only people in our family to get covid are the vaccinated ones, all have been allowed inside my parents house at various times, but no apparently I am the dangerous one! Go figure!they will come to their senses I am sure and it won’t be pretty when they do.

      I will NEVER forgive this government for what they have done to this country and it’s people. I have lost complete faith in the medical professionals (except those who speak up)

      As for these cries of misinformation and misogyny, the only ones spreading misinformation and hate are the govt and the media and shame on anyone who is buying into it for being so gullible that they believe everything they are told.

      • I am so sorry to hear about your parents. So many are facing similar division because of the 24/7 lies they have been given. I hope they do see the truth soon.

      • Anonymous, It’s a shame you have been treated this way by your own parents.

        My mum who is in restcare was pretty much forced to take the three Pfizer concoctions. She was administered the flu jab last week and was bedridden for next 3 days. She told me she was about to die. She said she never experienced pain of that magnitude in her life. She is slowly improving but the latest report that was emailed to us yesterday from the doctor is a bit disturbing and I am convinced the flu jab has adversely reacted with the mRNA poison.

        I hope your parents don’t go through the same experience but at least let them know, especially if they are elderly.

  6. Excellent article. I feel heartened to read this in a world where everything else seems likes lies and spin. I feel truly sorry for the lost souls who perpetuate the mainstream narrative propaganda.

    Anyone who has pushed these jabs, administered them, stayed silent about their effects, treated vax injured with distain and discriminated against their fellow citizens have sold their souls to the devil. If they don’t know it yet they soon will.

    I feel sad for them all actually.

  7. Thank you Mary and the Daily Telegraph for putting the truth out there. If you look at Dr Carrie Madej you will find a video humans 2.0 she has been right from the start, Dr Charles Hoffe found it was causing microscopic blood clotting in 50% of his patients causing heart, lung, neurological, spinal and serious blood clotting, out of 2000 of his patients 12 are now paralyzed after taking the jab. Dr Zandra Botha said her patients were in remission for cancer 100% were not after the j-ab. VAIDS and they did autopsy’s in Germany and found the body was attacking its own organs. Then you have what the scientists found in Australia and around the world Maria Zeee put the information out.Then Todd Callender did a interview with Reiner Fuellmich! ????

  8. Well written Mary and sadly so accurate.
    We trained together all those years ago and have observed in dismay the morphing of a health industry into an ill health industry brought out by pharmaceutical companies over the years.
    If I ever have to seek medical advice again it will be from a Dr with integrity and one who has voiced their concerns about what is happening now.
    I cannot give informed consent for a trial drug and for which there is no long term safety data.
    It’s the same here in Australia.
    Keep writing my friend and telling the truth.
    We will keep protesting across the Tasman. I am hoping I can return to my birth country one day soon.

    • It is so wonderful to know you’re over there, going above and beyond. Very much looking forward to seeing you here, soon!

  9. Dear friends who commented on my article: A heartfelt thank you for taking the time to write your wonderful responses. It makes a tremendous difference to get that feedback and to know that the information is getting out there to those, like you, who are aware of what is happening. I very much appreciate it. Back soon.

  10. The main question I have is why, for what reason, is the govt dead set on forcing everyone including children to have this injection, when it is clear it doesn’t work, that there are risks, and it is unnecessary? Who is it controlling the medical profession? For what reason? What are the mystery ingredients?

    • The World Economic Forum and The World Health Organisation. Have a look at our Prime Ministers and Canadas PM links with WEF also Boris Johnson, Scott Morrison and many others. Gates, Zuckerberg, Soros, Merkel, Macron etc etc. This is part of their ‘Great Reset’. It’s not about health, it’s about implementing a worldwide digital currency linked to your carbon credit and social credit that a one world government (the United Nations) controls. This is after they purposely destroy all western economies. (inflation, lockdowns, money printing, supply chain shortages, food shortages etc etc). European pension funds are broke. This has been planned by the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Vatican and many others for YEARS. They want us all to be implanted with chips so they can track and control us. New Zealand is part of the WEF pilot programme for Artificial Intelligence with Kris Faafoi and James Shaw as the ministers for it. (It’s on the WEF website) Have a look at the WEF ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and Klaus Schwab and his mate Yuval Noah Harari and how we will all be able to be hacked by them. It all sounds mental doesn’t it? Unfortunately everything I have just said is not a conspiracy theory, if you look it all up it’s all there for anyone to read. Watch videos of these people actually saying these things. Auckland Council references the Fourth Industrial Revolution on its website.

      They want us eating fake meat and bugs, I wish I was making that up.

      This all sounds absolutely bat Sh1t crazy I know but it’s all there for anyone who wants to know the truth. Read it yourself, put the pieces together and tell as many people as you know that these are their plans for us. Their ‘one world government’ their ‘new world order’ and guess what folks? None of us voted for it and our government is lying to us by omission of these facts.

      Don’t think voting National will save you. They are all in it together and our voting system can be rigged especially if you do postal votes and if it goes electronic. We must at all costs maintain in person voting and we must get some alternative ‘AWAKE’ people to vote for.

      I see Rodney Hide has posted in the comments – are you aware of the Great Reset and the NWO Rodney? We need voices of experience to speak up before it’s too late as our childrens future depends on it. Get together with Matt King maybe?

      So Covid has never been about health. It’s been about implementing systems to enable the digital ID and currency. I also believe they know these injections will harm people and they do not care. That should alarm people. What is their end goal? Depopulation by any means possible in ways people won’t even realise it’s happening. And indeed, what is in these injections and why are some of the ingredients secret?

      What’s ‘three waters’ really about? It’s about control. What are they planning on putting in our water? Poison? (well sodium fluoride IS actually a poison used for killing pest animals in the bush)

      People need to WAKE UP! NOW! This isn’t over, it’s hardly even begun. Agenda 2030 is their goal.

  11. Thank you Mary. For speaking Truth to Power. All the usual institutions such as parliament, the courts, a free press, medical professionals, have failed.

    We are left with a few brave souls who speak to us and bind us to a new community. The human spirit lives on as you so eloquently demonstrate.

    Rodney Hide

  12. Thank you Mary and Daily Telegraph for telling the truth as always. To MMQC – why don’t you flock off back to the rest of your mask wearing, asleep sheeple and take your booster shot on the way, and your 4th shot and your flu jab. Or maybe you could go back to your religious cult, they may be more awake than you are.

  13. Thank you for this great article Mary. Sadly this Govt. has done major harm and division to New Zealanders. I just hope and pray people won’t forget when it comes to the elections. But who does one elect as we saw in Wellington during the protests the polies are all spineless hiding behind the skirts of nanny Jacinda.

  14. Thank you Mary for this timely article pointing out all those government policies and decisions that just do not make sense! A healthy reminder to review all the government’s covid measures and mandates and to realise there is no semblance of normal ethical and medical protocols and procedures, that were historically designed and built into the law, to protect individuals against harm in the rollout of this unapproved experimental injection. In fact even the word ‘individual/s’ has been dirtied by the PR spin machine and Marxist concepts of community ie the ‘team of 5 million’, whereby the needs/rights of the group supercede the needs/rights of the individual. A clever manipulation of people so they will sacrifice their individual autonomy and medical rights for the ‘greater good’ in theory. For the greater profits to Pfizer and the bankers actually. This global partnership with governments, big pharma and big tech, can only be described as corruption, now in full swing in New Zealand. Along with its complicit allies: mainstream media, and the unquestioning thus ignorant medical practioners, judges, chemists, and employers (mandated to be the government’s police and enforcement officers) who are still demanding compliance with illegal toxic mandates. May common sense and a return to medical and legal ethics prevail and healing and justice to those harmed!

  15. Mary, you are another hero just like Lynda Wharton. Thank you for writing this. All of our politicians (not just the government) are obviously rotten to the core and so are the sycophantic press and epidemiologists who would sell their grandmother for a slice of jabzilla’s funding and kickbacks from pfizer

  16. This article of mine seems to have raised the spirits of the brave who have commented on it here, and if that is the case then it has fulfilled one of the purposes of writing it. I want to thank you all, each and every one of you, for your comments above as they hearten us all and show that we are many. Love, M


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