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Right to Life NZ
Right to Life NZhttps://www.righttolife.org.nz/
Right to Life NZ (Inc.) advocate for the protection of unborn children and those whose lives are increasingly threatened by expanding euthanasia. Right to Life NZ believe all human beings are created in God's image and have a right to life from conception until natural death. They also oppose embryonic stem cell research and all artificial manipulation of the human genome.

Rescue the unborn being dragged to the slaughter!

Unborn children opinion

“Rescue those who are being dragged to death, and from those tottering to execution withdraw not. If you say, “I know not this man!” does not he who tests hearts perceive it? He who guards your life knows it, and he will repay each according to his deeds” (Prov 24:10-12).

Do we not hear the silent screams of the unborn responding to the lethal instruments of the abortionist committed to violently sucking the child from the womb or intent on tearing the child’s head and limbs from its body?

The above scripture is a clear command from God to rescue the defenceless and innocent unborn children, who are condemned by the state to be killed for being guilty of the crime of being unwanted. Each day in New Zealand an estimated 39 unborn children are murdered, funded by the state, by being poisoned, sucked from their mother’s wombs or being violently dismembered.

God is telling us that this is a battle in which we must engage; we must take a stance. We must stand up and be counted; no one is exempt from engagement, we must witness for life. Either our silence will condemn us, or our witness will bring forth blessings.

73 million unborn babies were murdered worldwide in 2023. Throughout the country, too many New Zealanders say “I don’t know about this,” or “It’s not my issue,” or “It’s none of my business,” or (worst of all) “I’m personally opposed but don’t want to impose my view on others.”

The government promotes the slaughter and murder of the unborn as a “health service” and a “matter of choice” for the mother.

Those who are opposed to the slaughter’ are prohibited by law from seeking to rescue the unborn within designated “safe areas” of 150 metres surrounding the state’s execution facilities.

The media support the government’s state funded killing of the unborn and the wounding of their mothers, by imposing a deafening silence on the murder of more than 14,000 unborn children each year.

The occasional tragic stranding of whales on our beaches however, solicits an outpouring of grief and coverage from the media.

For the triumph of evil all that is necessary, is that the media remain silent.

Each child is a unique and unrepeatable miracle of God’s loving creation deserving of our respect and protection. Every child is a human being from conception endowed with an inalienable right to life.

God knows and sees through all of this. Each of us will have to render an account for what we have done or not done in the face of the scourge of abortion.

This public slaughter cannot remain something that we are merely privately bothered by.

This passage from Proverbs indicates that silence and inaction when the innocent are being dragged off to slaughter is tacit approval of their plight.

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  1. We have turned our back on God and the rest is predictable. A country that was once “God’s Own” must be judged, and it is. We have to bring huge numbers of Chinese and Indians in to have enough people to keep the economy going, to replace the children that are aborted and contracepted.

  2. Many in our world cannot face a mirror. The UN immigration program imposes large numbers of middle eastern refugees who do not share our values, on western democracies. The UN have funded abortion and contraception for decades. Population growth is a national decision for citizens and the religious affiliation of that nation. Alarmists and conspiracy theorists have no business dictating to this nation how we manage right to life.

  3. What makes you think you have the right to impose you beliefs on others and make decisions for anyone other than yourself?

    Did you support the government vaccine mandates? If not then on what basis did you oppose them?

    If you believe in God you must also believe in Satan, therefore not every act is the result of your God’s influence, thereby not every conception is the result of God’s will.

    • It’s a nice attempt you’re making at muddying the waters there.

      There’s a VAST difference between government vaccine mandates and abortion, to pretend they’re the same thing is reductive and intellectually dishonest.

      The “my body my choice” argument is applicable to vaccine mandates where YOUR own body is on the line. It falls flat however on the subject of abortion since it’s no longer YOUR body your choice will affect, but a completely different human being with their own genetic code. The standard should be higher than a simple political catchphrase in this case.

      At the centre of our value system is the belief that government should not have a hand in killing people, be it in the womb, through poisonous MRNA injections, or through euthanasia. This central tenet is perfectly consistent throughout our arguments, no matter how many so called “intellectuals” attempt to portray us as hypocrites.

      What gave us the right historically to impose our beliefs on others is the fact that this country was founded by Christians of the same persuasion (no matter how hard the revisionists are currently working to edit the history books). What gives us the right to want to continue to impose it now that Christianity is apparently something to be mocked and ridiculed is the fact that our arguments are still factually and ethically correct. A fetus is a baby, killing babies is evil. Simple as.

      Yes yes I know, rape and incest 😒

      But even when we offer special exceptions for rape and incest (and legitimate medical grounds) its not good enough for the leftists. It’s because they don’t actually care about raped women, they just want to win the argument and have unrestricted abortion on demand 24/7 so they can continue to live in sin consequence-free. Selfishness seems to be a virtue in 21st century, even if it’s cloaked in fake altruism to garner votes.

      And to answer your proposition, yes I believe in both God and the devil. As far as the bible and it’s 2000+ years of teachings are concerned, EVERYTHING is God’s will, even the bad conceptions. Why does he allow people to be raped and suffer? Why does he allow evil to exist in the first place? These are questions that religious scholars and priests and philosophers have been asking themselves for millennia – no one’s really cracked it yet.

      But just because there aren’t easy answers it doesn’t mean you simply dismiss the whole thing and declare “there is no God”. Just look at the dwindling of religion in the west over the past few decades, all the cool trendy secularism, and consider how it’s brought us to the gates of hell.

      If a baby is conceived through a rape, is it the baby’s fault? Should they be murdered for a crime someone else committed? What if nurturing and raising and loving that child ultimately becomes the mother’s salvation, and gives meaning to her life? What if that baby grows up to lead a nation or cure cancer etc? What about the children they themselves would sire many years down the road? So many questions, so many possibilities, so much potential – all gone before there was even a chance to consider any of it.

      Abortion is the single biggest human rights tragedy in history, it DWARFS slavery. Dwarfs it. Every aborted baby (and all their would-be descendants who are cancelled) are a potential genocide.

      This is the deepest evil the human race has ever committed, truly a crime against humanity and a black mark on our history.

      You don’t need to believe in God to see that (you’ll just see it much sooner if you do).

      I’m not commenting to win an argument or to mock you or make you feel stupid so I can score internet points. I say what I say in the sincere hope you might actually consider some of it and change your thinking, or at least be willing to ask yourself these questions.

      Or whatever, go ahead and call me an ist or a phobe, scream that you hope my mother and sister are raped so I “know what it feels like”. That’s the usual reaction😒🤷🏼‍♂️

      • Wow so many assumptions and judgement!

        The vaccine mandates can be considered along the ‘my body my choice’ argument but aren’t they also an example of one group imposing their beliefs on another?

        Most women choose abortion as a result of circumstance. So maybe you could all lobby to create an environment the encourages women to continue with pregnancies planned or unplanned. How about starting by removing and judgement of their circumstance. Does it really matter if they’re a single 15 year old or married 25 year old? If you think it does then is it really a good enough reason to make a person feel worthless or that they’ve done something so terrible they should terminate the result?

        Secondly let’s give women the means for choice. NZ spent a lot of money paying people to stay home and propping up businesses during it’s COVID response, so why don’t we pay every pregnant woman the equivalent of the living wage topped up with an allowance for each child under the age of 18, regardless of the employment situation. This would not only remove the stigma of being a solo mother on the benefit and elevated all mothers to the same level of value in society, it would also allow the mother to choose whether or not to work or how much. I would also think it would have quite the impact of reducing child poverty.

        If as you say everything is God’s will, then doesn’t that cancel you argument as every abortion must also be God’s will?

        So I’ve come up with some ideas, what have you got?

        One last question what are these internet points, where can I get them and where can I spent them?

  4. Okay so, a couple of things:

    1) The vaccine mandates were an example of government trying to coerce people into injecting hazardous chemicals into their veins. Not the same thing as murdering unborn children in the womb, no matter how cleverly people try to conflate the two. Our premise is that government shouldn’t be killing people, and it’s consistent in both cases.

    2) I’m all for encouraging women not to kill their unborn children. Not sure about “lobbying to create a positive environment” or whatever it was you said. That frankly sounds a little wishy washy to me. Although I really DO like your idea of allowances or some sort of additional social welfare to pregnant women and those with small children, especially given that there’s just been an article today on this very site talking about NZ’s plummeting birth numbers. Having a child is NOT easy, it’s the hardest thing a person can do, especially single, and if a woman finds they’re not up to the task I would rather they give the baby up for adoption. There are plenty of good people who would do anything to become parents, I say this as someone who adopted an orphaned baby girl in 2000 in addition to having my own kids. HARD work, worth every god damn microsecond.

    3)There’s always bound to still be some social stigma associated with being a single mother on the benefit. I don’t really care to be honest, there’s nothing that can be done to change that. It can’t be legislated or affected by policy, it is dependent entirely upon what people think, and people will think what they want. All due respect, everyone’s thoughts and reasons and feelings and opinions and biases aren’t my concern anyway. I don’t want unborn babies being murdered in the womb, it’s that simple.

    4) The question of “are abortions God’s will”. No, they most certainly are not. They’re the symptom of a society that has abandoned its morality and descended into decay. History is replete with examples of cultures who engaged in child sacrifice etc shortly before they collapsed, it always goes the same way. And I can understand why you’re trying to throw God in between us in the middle of our debate, but again it’s not the win you think it is.

    Abortion is evil, God allows evil to exist. Why? Who knows 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Maybe it’s just the inevitable price to be paid for granting us free will. Maybe the philosophers need to spend another two Millenia pondering it. Whatever. I still don’t want unborn babies being murdered in the womb. Simple as.

    5) I’m told internet points come from something called spicy memes which you can obtain from someone called a “sh*tlord”. I’ve never met one personally, although I did win some of those internet points once in a chat room. Just ended up spending them on more memes. It’s a vicious circle, I might need some help.

    • Thanks for sharing your views. We can only make decisions based on our experiences and how well we can think outside the box.

      I like to play devil’s advocate at times to help me see things from another’s point of view.

      How about a slight amendment to the allowance, woman could be paid the living wage from pregnancy until their youngest child reaches 18 along with an allowance for each child under the age of 18. This would mean all mothers are on the benefit whether they work or not are married or not. Pretty simple way to invest in our countries future.

      Did you notice benefit bashing stopped when the government financed people’s wages and their employer during COVID ie most of the country was on the benefit. Hard to stigmatise/bash people when you’re all receiving the same support.

  5. From a divorcee woman.
    I was left alone with very young kids ( toddlers) to fend for myself in a foreign country. With no money except “benefit”, just to survive.
    I had a friend in exactly the same situation, as she was kicked on the street with 3 kids, the house beeing sold before mister took the monney and ran.
    As a divorcee, i met many women in the same situation . I am no exception. Fend for yourself, work parttime if you can . Even if you are skilled difficult to find work, considering you have kids. Be a rotten mother because you cannot be available when needed and through lack of money or time, the kids get the same answer ; NO
    Socially, you are isolated as many shun women alone with kids. So the kids get also isolated .
    You are not protected, neither are your kids, often accused of things they did not do, as some members of society think you are weak and cannot defend your own. Gossip and aggressivity of males towards the mother and towards the kids

    I am not from a anti- social background, neither are my friends or women i know in the same situation. Our ex partners were for the most good earners , with little consideration for their own kids. We also learned that the law does not protect mothers and kids and that many “lawfull” tricks can be used not to pays any kids’ support,

    That is the society as it is nowdays.
    You wont be surprised to learn that my now adult children don t want to have kids themselves . Neither the adult children of my friends. They don t want to reproduce the same situation
    The only thing that matter in western society is monney.
    And don t come with your bible and your ” christianity” . The churches , catholic AND protestant, and their communities were the ones condemning women having kids out of wedlock and divorce. For centuries. The stigma still sticks. Never seen such an hypocrisy as in so called ” christian values”. “Values” only in words.
    I will always support women who want to abort. It is not of you to judge them or to impose your opinion on them.

    • But it IS my right to impose my opinion on what MY tax money is spent on. And I don’t want it being spent on murdering babies in the womb. It’s barbaric and evil, I don’t care what excuse is offered up for it.

      I don’t care how hard life is, I don’t care how expensive everything is – a poor life is still better than being dead.
      And I say this as someone who struggled from childhood, someone who helped my mother raise 3 other kids because my father hit the road when I was 10, someone whose house burned down and had to wear church-donated clothes for a year, someone who pinched cans of Watties out the local dairy so there’d be supper. And I say this as someone who years later adopted an unwanted baby girl and spent 24 years watching her grow from a baby to a toddler to a child to a grumpy teen to a beautiful young woman.

      Children always were and always will be expensive. Doesn’t matter if it’s the 1850’s or the 1950’s or the 1970’s, kids were ALWAYS expensive. Life was always hard. We had families anyway, we persevered any way. This talking point of, “oh well, life is so hard you might as well just kill yourself” is stupid and self destructive to the human race. You don’t need to believe in “christian values” to see that.

      And sorry to hear that you’ve had difficulties through your own life, and I mean that sincerely, but at least it’s given your children some perspective and appreciation for the things that matter in life. It’s far better in my opinion than growing up with everything handed to you on a silver platter. Also, this business of none of them wanting children doesn’t stem from their hard childhoods, it comes from all the modern TV, music and social media programming they’re bombarded with every day. You should encourage them to get married and have kids IN SPITE OF how hard it is. Teach them the joys of loving someone as much as you loved them, there really is nothing else in this life quite like being a parent.

  6. You are not alone to pay taxes mister. That does not give you any right to impose your will on others, especially women.
    You are a fool if you don t understand that abortion is an act of despair from the women forced to do it. Where are the males authors of the pregnancies in the first place ???
    Ask the women in Gaza how it is to see your kids suffer without hope and die of malnutrition/ famine


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