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Science or Magic?

Science or Magic?

It seems to me that there has always been a fine line between science and magic, medicine and quackery.

We are told that there is no God and that everything we see about us has evolved. The problem is that if there is no God where did the first thing come from, for everything to evolve from? We know that mathmatics is the most exact science we have. So, one plus one is two and is always two. Zero plus zero is zero and always zero. If there is no God then obviously zero (ie nothing) plus zero (ie nothing) put together now equals one, or something. And there isn’t any way around that. We might call that a miracle, but if there is no God, then it can’t be a miracle because a miracle requires the intervention of a Supernatural Being, someone over and above the natural order. The only word we have then is “magic”. Somehow “something” magically appeared out of nothing.

We know that there are three things that are the basis or foundation of the universe. Time, space and matter. These three have to come into existence all at the same time. You cannot have space and matter without time, nor matter unless there is space to put it in, neither does space have any meaning unless it has matter in it.

“In the beginning (Time) God created the heavens (Space) and the earth (Matter) Genesis 1: 1.

This is an interesting trinity, three but one, which should point us to something of the Creator. There is also a trinity within Time – past, present and future, Space – height, depth and width, Matter – solid, gas and liquid. Everyday life tells us that things can only be made by some intelligible being outside the thing being made. If you have all the parts of a car, unassembled in a room, no matter how many billion years you give it, that car is not going to assemble itself. Nor are the two door handles going to assemble it. It requires an intelligent being, who is outside the car to assemble it. For the universe to exist it requires an incredible Intelligent Being, outside Time, Space and Matter (ie in the Eternal) to bring about Time, Space and Matter. Unless, of course, you believe in magic!

Evolution demands that an inanimate object became an animate object. How? By magic? If one species evolved into another species, how did that happen when we now know a little about DNA? You can’t have one species evolving into another species, you have to have two evolving at the same time, one has to be a female and the other a male, otherwise the “evolved” species could not continue on. How did that happen? By magic? Procreation is all we scientifically know. If we “evolved” from apes, why are there still apes in the jungle? Has anyone actually seen an ape become a man? I thought that is what True science is based on, what is consistently observable. I guess from here, with all this magic about, it is not to difficult to see that a male can be converted into a female, and a female into a male. Really? Is that science or quackery or magic?

When I was young there used to be gypsy fairs that visited towns and always among them was a tent with a rather mysterious woman in long robes. You could, for a price, visit her tent and she would put a veil over her head and over a crystal ball and proceed to tell you your fortune. Now I notice that the scientists are putting their veils over their heads and computers and then proceeding to tell us the future. Were any of their predictions accurate? I heard many doom and gloom predictions, especially over covid, none of which were remotely accurate. Perhaps designed to keep people scared and force everyone to do as they were told? There is the “famous” hockey stick of global warming, presented by Al Gore, which gave alarming predictions for the future, which has since proven to be false data, but everyone who is taken up with the magic continues to believe. What we keep forgetting is that computers only tell us what we input into them, and if we only input our own biases and prejudices, that is all they will tell us. Which is why AI has the potential to deceive those who think it will be the sole source of Truth. Only the Creator knows everything.

All my life I have heard tell of some breakthrough in medical science that is going to advance our welfare. Then after every report, at the end we are told, “but it will be another five or ten years before it is properly tested.” When it came to covid, all of a sudden “quackery” seemed to take over. Within six months, (or was it less?) a “magic potion” arrived as the panecea of the fear that had been generated. The manufacturers did not want to release any trial data until 2070! They were forced to by the courts and contained some alarming information. None of this, of course, was reported by the MSM. Why should they? We all know who pays their salary and the godless biases they have. The medical fraternity seemed to just parrot what was spoken from the “podium of truth” abandoning their traditional caution. Egged on of course by the MSM, who display no reasonableness and no longer are interested in honest investigation, and win their arguments by finding a derrogatory name to label anyone who dares to oppose their opinion. That is the laziest form of debate and demonstrates an inability to rationally support their opinion. Magic and quackery won the day.

Evolutionary magic insists that everything started basic and crude. But given millions or billions of years evolved into a higher and higher forms. If that is true then the optimism we must have is that everything is in the process of getting better. Look honestly around the world to see if that is true. I mean now, all we hear about is the doom and gloom of global warming. The planet is doomed unless, of course, all countries hand over their sovereignty to the global elite so they can control everything and live in luxury. Doom and gloom – but aren’t we supposed to be evolving into something better? Or has the magic now run out? Actually I do know how the world is going to end. God, Who is not bound by Time, Space and the Material as we are, has already told us. You can find it all in the last Book of the Bible. It is not a pretty picture for the power hungry elitists, but a great picture for those who look to Jesus.

Our culture, when it was at least slightly influenced by Biblical Christianity, used to promote the Wisdom of Jesus “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” or “love your neighbour as you love yourself.” Or put simply – treat others as you would want to be treated. This we have abandoned and the godless have taught us all about our “rights” but nothing about our responsiblities. Which simple tenet is going to be the best to live by for any culture? Which will enable us to get on better with one another?

Can we trust our so-called scientists any more, when they have abandoned their basics of honest, open debate? What about our doctors? Can we trust them to ensure that the health of us all is paramount, sacred, and they are just not the slaves of big pharma? What about our university professors and teachers? If they no longer know the difference between a male and a female, a vigina and an anus, or a vigina and a mouth or a finger and a penis – what really do they have to tell us? What about the MSM, who just seem to be puppets whose strings a being pulled by whoever they serve. We have always been a bit sceptical of our politicians, and rightly so. Perhaps we all need to be more so, especially when they spend more and more time overseas agreeing with their masters, rather than serving the people here. Great trust has been lost and they only have themselves to blame. So who can we trust anymore? Who should we have faith in?

Perhaps it is Time to remember again our Maker and all He has told us in His Word which has been collected into our Christian Bible. To remember again that God Himself has actually visited planet earth in the Person of Jesus Christ. To humble ourselves before Him and ask His Forgiveness for trying to do it “Our way.” Surely it is only our Maker Who has the answers to all our deepest needs which only He can meet in each of us. This is a decision that only each of us as individuals can make.

Image credit: Johannes Plenio

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  1. You should read all the books written by Carlos Castaneda. He talks there in about perception and awareness and about the Great Spirit. Which is another name for god.
    Fascinating and extremely entertaining.
    Could never get through the bible which i found extremely boring

  2. “The problem is that if there is no God where did the first thing come from, for everything to evolve from?”
    There is no logical imperative for there to be a “First thing”. That the Universe, in some form, has always existed resents no difficulty to the clear-minded.
    In any event, postulating “God” as the prime mover only moves the problem back one step – from “Who made the Universe” to ”
    who made God”.

  3. Thank you Jester Fester. I think you have not read carefully what is written. God is not in Time, he is outside Time, over and above it. Although He can also be present in it. So Time is His “invention”. He does not have a past, nor a future but just always is. He lives in the Realm we call Eternity. He always exists. He was never created. Eternal means having no beginning and no end.


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