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Lynda Wharton
Lynda Whartonhttps://lyndawharton.com/
Lynda Wharton has been at the forefront of holistic therapies in New Zealand for over 30 years. She is both a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist and a Naturopath, and is a member of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists (MNZRA). Lynda specialises in the holistic treatment of women’s health problems.

Someone just ask the obvious questions….please

I was 18 and chasing my dream career.

I remember the overnight train to Wellington and the 2 days of intense interviewing and testing.

I was applying to the one Journalism school in the country…Wellington Polytech.

I was desperate to be a journalist and spend my life sharing stories of humanity.

The weekend I got the rejection letter, I remember sobbing for hours. As you do in that melodramatic 18 year old way, I was convinced my life was over.

Lynda Wharton opinion

A Psychology degree was the default option. In the last year at Uni I developed Chronic Fatigue, and the lack of help from mainstream medicine, forced me to look further afield.

A Naturopath turned my life around and lead me to a career in holistic medicine that has spanned 35 years and over 50,000 consultations.

This morning, it struck me in a revelatory way (I’ve been too busy to see it before now), that fate and my soul calling has lead me, full circle, back to investigative journalism…the sort I always dreamed of.

It’s clear to me, that had I found my way into mainstream journalism, I would now be hanging up my quill, with a broken heart and a deep sense of shame.

New Zealand has virtually no independent “fourth estate”, demanding honesty and transparency from power.

Few discerning, educated, passionate, ballsy, annoying (to the politicians) interrogator asking the questions that force a mantle of accountability onto sometimes sloping shoulders.

I long ago stopped watching the 1pm updates. I literally feel my pulse pounding in my temples if I bear witness to the journalist “questioning” that never strays from the straight and narrow paths of masks, lockdowns and a “safe and effective” holy grail found at the point of a needle.

So here, on a reflective Sunday morning, are the questions I would be asking had my dream come true…

Dear Prime Minister…

  • (1) Why are we still using a PCR test amplified to 40 or 45 cycles to “test” for Covid, when we know (and the CDC and WHO have informed us) that such testing is fraught with a huge majority of false positives?
  • (2) Why did the NZ Government remove our ability to access antibody testing through local labs, at the outset of the pandemic, making it impossible for us to determine if we have naturally occurring immunity from previous exposure or infection? (In the past couple of months antibody testing has finally been returned to us).
  • (3) Why is our Medical Council putting the fear of God into any doctor who wishes to prescribe Ivermectin for “off label” prevention or treatment of Covid? And why are those New Zealanders who have been reduced to importing from overseas, seeing their precious package thrown into the bin at NZ customs?
  • (4) Why are you refusing to discuss the reality of what you are seeing in countries around the world, with New Zealanders? Why are you not telling them about Israel, UK and USA, where the most heavily vaccinated populations in the world are seeing massive outbreaks and huge numbers hospitalised and dying….despite at least 3 and now 4 jabs?
  • (5) Why are you not telling New Zealanders that the vaccinated are highly likely the “super spreaders” now. With a viral load comparable to the infected unvaccinated, combined with reduced symptoms when infected, they will go about their lives, out and about and infecting others.
  • (6) Why are you not using your 1pm updates to remind clinicians that ALL changes in health in the weeks following the jab MUST be reported to CARM….as this is a drug that has only provisional consent, and no long history of proof of safety or efficacy.
  • (7) Why are you not helping New Zealanders understand that this is not “just another jab”. That many of the Medsafe questions to Pfizer, (including numerous safety and purity questions) asked by Medsafe, remain unanswered, despite the millions of doses now administered here.
  • (8) Why is our academia not publicly debating ANY of the many issues under scrutiny in far flung corners of the world….including the growing proof of a rapid antibody decline in the few months post jab….setting the stage for the very real concern of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (e.g. the jab changing your immune system in a way which allows the virus easier entry to cells, and a catastrophic immune response).
  • (9) Why are our medical practitioners not calling YOU to account over the millions of severe post vaccine injuries now recorded in databases around the world (VAERS, Yellow Card UK, VigiAccess etc)….and the tens of thousands of post vaccine deaths.
  • (10) Why do our people live in abject terror of Covid? So many believe that if they catch it it is tantamount to a death sentence. Virtually no one understands that mortality is strongly skewed to the elderly and comorbid….and that your average healthy under 60 year old is likely to experience a “bad flu” (or less).
  • (11) Why…when your mantra is “be kind”, are you turning Kiwis against Kiwis? Your own partner implored us, to pressure, cajole, punish, separate and do whatever else it takes to get someone over the jab line.
  • (12) Why, when 30,000 anguished comments landed on your face book call out for “adverse reactions”….did you simply have them wiped away with a click of a button, like dog dirt on the sole of your favourite shoes?
  • (13) Why are our children now being lined up for the vaccine with NO discussion, debate, or public consultation, such as we have seen in many other corners of the world? Instead being presented as an obvious, commonsense “fait accompli”, which it most clearly is not.
  • (14) Why are parents not given the information they need to make an INFORMED consent for their precious children? And while we are on that subject, how come our scatty, pubescent 12 year olds are deemed fit to make that choice FOR THEMSELVES EVEN OVERRIDING PARENTAL OPPOSITION?
  • (15) Why have thousands of New Zealanders walked away from their careers, at the hands of mandates, when they could safely have remained employed with regular Rapid Antigen Testing?

Dear Prime Minister….I could literally monopolise your 1pm update from now to Christmas, but in the interest of my own sanity I will stop here.

I live in hope that one day, just ONE member of the New Zealand press will have the courage to step up and ask you even ONE of these questions.

Until then I will continue doing their job for them.

After all….I was always going to be an investigative journalist.

I just took the long and winding path home.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of dailytelegraph.co.nz.

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  1. Who cares all you write is dribble here you are saying one thing doing another. I would love to know your agenda Cause you are WHITE RICH AND [Edited]. Lynda When has violence against innocent shop owners YES I have screen shots from your very laughable FB group encouraging the storming of shops that need a Passport. I am very sorry Lynda but when I read that stuff it makes me wonder how many people have had there heads screwed up from Meth. So my advice is go enjoy Christmas turn off Fox News and breath and that goes for your mate nutty Earthquake Liz Gunn

    • Hi Alan, I tried writing to my MP to ask questions about the pandemic and vaccination. Apart from referring me to the Covid-19 and MOH websites (that I had already read, hence further questions). Unfortunately I was told the Government are not answering questions. Does this not ring alarm bells for you? All questions are legitimate and deserve to be answered respectfully, especially concerning a medical procedure. And especially when data from government sources around the world is showing that the vaccine is not impacting transmission. I encourage research and critical thinking

    • You don’t even have a basic handle of the English language, spelling or grammar and yet you label an eloquently, professionally written piece as “dribble”???

      Go back to school, you can barely string a sentence together…..

    • Good lord! Hope you can actually handle the truth when it all comes gushing out like a pus filled abscess. Stop listening to the propaganda and start thinking for yourself. What I love about Lynda is that she is thinking for herself & not petrified of some bogus virus. If you started to add up some of the BS covid rules you’d begin to realise that they DON’T MAKE SENSE. WAKE UP!

  2. Lynda Thank you for speaking out for the vaccine injured, and bringing to light simple truths. So many suffering in silence with nowhere to turn, their own doctors recommendations being ignored & overturned by moh. Nobody ever asks the hard questions. First rule of Journalism USED to be look at all angles and supporting evidence – a non biased approach however that is now non existent in our mainstream media.

  3. Sadly Truth and questions are dangerous, look at Julian Assange. I am grateful for your informative posts filled with decency and love. Bless you please continue as you are a true journalist in my opinion.

    • Maybe you should be asking the PM one question which leads to a second.
      1. How do I deal with these questions? and
      2. What is Your response?
      I doubt 100% you will not get individual answers.

  4. Hi Lynda, very well written thank you so much. The same answer can be given to each and every question: This is not about a virus or health or preventing illness with a vaccine, no, this is about implementing a digital ID (vax pass) which will be complemented by digital money and a social credit system. In order to make this work it is essential that each and everyone gets this digital ID without exception.

  5. If most of You people are Smart enough to get your head out of your ass and Think For Yourself , instead of letting others do your Thinking for You , You all will finally see the Trauma and Damage that your Government has caused to your Country, your family/friends and neighbours . They will continue to do so without a care until their own family member is injured-dead , until then A Deaf/Blind Narrative stance will prevail .

    I can’t wait until the 5 th Covid Wave : when people with 4 jabs are BLAMING the people with 3 jabs ….. merry christmas ????

    Merry????Christmas and Thank you Lynda for the extremely hard work that you are doing for your country (someone had too) You are an Inspiration To All

    where ever this is going to end up after the dust has settled (Ours) . will future generations see and study this place in time/event in history class ,in school , not to blame but to debate if the Nuremberg Code could have Saved Us All

    • Kerry, you blame the government, you are correct.
      The MP’s are elected into the House of Representatives to represent their electorates and to be a check on government.
      The MP’s are the first in the line of blame.
      The whole damned lot needs to be routed, we need to start all over.

  6. Another pertinent question. Why are you and foreign minister Mahuta silent on Austria’s pending fall into outright fascism? Shouldn’t we be distancing ourselves and assuring our people (as the the Japanese are doing) that no such measures will be enacted in NZ?

  7. There would be no conspiracy of straight forward questions were asked.
    Prof Mattias Desmet explains what’s going on from a psychological perspective. Mass formation. Part of the answer at least is to keep questioning the narrative and main stream media bias

  8. The only power the individual gas is the ability to say No. I say that all business owners should discriminate against those who introduce and enforce discrimination
    For example when the local M.P calls in politely ask them to leave

  9. I agree with everything you say, Lynda, and everything you’re trying to do. However, “Why” is always the last useless question as it takes us back to an insane past.

    Better to ask “What?” …
    1. What do we want to do next?
    2. What do we need to do next?
    3. What kind of future do we want?
    4. What kind of society do we want?
    5. What kind of people do I want in my future?

    When we ask these questions, we’ll realise that governments, bureaucracies and most current structures are irrelevant … so let’s stop asking those that will not exist in out New Society.

    • Thank you Philip. Time to take out focus off what the crazy govts are doing and forge ahead with our own systems that don’t rely on govt handouts or any other form of control.

  10. That is well written Linda, thank you. I would love an answer to how on earth we are ever going to get rid of the huge debt they pit us all in! On a different subject: when you share links it is very often to Fascistbook only. Can you add links to other sites, or post the same thing on Telegram, so that we can all read what you are referring too? Thank you. Wishing you a merry Christmas. May 2022 bring clarity to many people, may the truth come forward, and may those that have taken our freedoms away be held responsible for their decisions!

  11. Great to see the premier of Queensland was told to leave a restaurant in NOOSA on the weekend because the owner said she had ruined their business due to the mandate she was also told she’s not welcome in Noosa and promptly left just before a crowd was going to be mobilised to demonstrate against her mandates
    This is how you do it soon they won’t be able to walk down the street

    • Hi Steve, I absolutely get where you are coming from. But honestly I wouldn’t waste my time or energy in trying to punish any individual. Instead I suggest putting all energy into creating new systems that are completely outside of the mainstream and don’t rely on govt handouts, any form of bureaucracy or outdated programs designed to generate compliance in any way. X

  12. Hang on, after getting rejected from Journalism school 35 years ago, you’ve spent some 50,000 sessions in Holistic medicine and now somehow become an investigative journalist? Oh dear…

  13. Well said Lynda! You should get together with Liz Gunn. We need a team of proper journalists fighting for real truth. Strength in numbers. I take my hat off to all patriotic NZers who are doing there bit too save our country against these demonic politicians. The lot of them are corrupt even in little old NZ. Keep up the courageous work & remember you are not alone. ???????????? FREEDOM and TRUTH will prevail !

  14. Andy, a journalist is some one who writes and publishes the truth.
    A journalist researches the subject from many sources and formulates an unbiased article .
    A good journalist hopefully encourages readers to question the article.
    Similar to what science used to do?

  15. Keep asking those questions Lynda. I am personally waiting with baited breath for answers to all of them.
    Can they be asked under official information act, complete with public notification actions of answers?


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