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The Oath Breakers

We were told the jab was safe for pregnant and nursing women, but Pfizer actually excluded this group from clinical trials.

The April 2023 dump of Pfizer documents are damning evidence that the opposite was true. The mRNA jab was dangerous to pregnant and nursing women!

The Oath Breakers
Screenshot from UK Government site: updated 16 August 2022.

In late 2021 I sat through a corporate run information session on COVID. It aimed to dispel ‘misinformation’ and ‘encourage’ employees to get jabbed voluntarily… before the company considered coercion via mandates.

I recall the Australian doctor/medical consultant reassuring all those online that there was no evidence the jab was unsafe for pregnant women. If we consider the average human pregnancy is 9 months and we already knew the duration of the clinical trials were around 2-3 months, then how could anyone claim, in good conscience and with any certainty, that this was safe for pregnant women and babies? In fact there was no long term safety data supporting either the consultant’s assertion, nor that of Governments with their drum-beat marketing.

Firstly, no evidence yet, is not the same as research has been done and it was found to be safe, a point I made in real time ‘feedback’ and later in a 17 page submission to this corporation. The submission was my attempt to dissuade them from the path of mandates (see NB at the end of this article).

Secondly, Pfizer excluded pregnancy and babies from the original clinical research trials. This was actually known, but not by most citizens in most countries. A very few brave medical people were raising this as a concern early on, at great cost to themselves and their careers. We now have the Pfizer documents as evidence confirming this – see Table 3. below, Missing information. The tables I’m using come from this Pfizer document, which was one of the early documents to be released under court order. It demonstrates that the character assassinations of those few who were calling for caution, was an ugly, group think pile-on.

The Oath Breakers

Despite this subject group being omitted from clinical trials, 270 women did fall pregnant during the trials. In Table 6. below, note (highlighted in blue) that of the 270 pregnancies (+ 4 baby cases), Pfizer somehow, (and inexplicably for a ‘robust’ clinical trial), didn’t have any outcome data for 238 of the pregnancies. They don’t know what happened in 88% of those pregnancies?

Remember this next time someone assures you the clinical research done was ‘gold standard’! Clinical researchers are legally required to follow up with every research participant. Thanks to a whistle-blower, and published in the British Medical Journal, questions over quality of clinical trials had already been raised as early as November 2021.

The Oath Breakers

From Table 6 above, let’s look at the outcomes then for those remaining 32 women/4 babies, because that’s the only human data that was available at the time the Pfizer jab was being first rolled out in Australia and New Zealand. 23 pregnancies ended in spontaneous abortion. There were 2 premature births with neonatal death, 2 spontaneous abortions with intrauterine death, 1 spontaneous abortion with neonatal death and 1 normal outcome. One baby lived. We don’t know what the current health status is of that one live baby.

If the data sample is too small to make conclusive statements of non-safety (and this might be why there are no results for 238 women), then this data sample was insufficient to warrant taking huge medical risks with the unborn/newly born babies of women. Yet this is what Governments did.

Not only did our Governments and medical establishment base their recommendations for using this novel medication on clinical trials lasting a few months and the data of 32 women + 4 foetus/babies, it was also based on a French clinical study of 44 rats, according to Dr. Naomi Wolf. It boggles the mind, doesn’t it? Did we not learn anything from the Thalidomide disaster?

It gets worse!

The April 2023 release of documents from Pfizer are even more damning. Once you get past the shock of this information, the emotion is one of disgusted rage. That’s actually a normal response to heartbreaking news… if you’re not a sociopath. Recall that the FDA and Pfizer wanted these documents hidden until the end of this century but were forced by court order to release them in batches each month until all documents were in the public square.

Cynically, we might suggest that the real reason for attempting to hide the documents was in the hope that they could keep up the gas-lighting denials and by the time 2097 rolled around any victims of harm would be gone. Earlier released documents, as above, were concerning enough and the suspicion was that Pfizer would delay the most damaging documents until the end. This suspicion has been borne out.

The video below has clips from during the pandemic interspersed with what is now known based on independent research and Pfizer’s own records released last month. The document in question is linked here and is the Cumulative Review of the Pharmacovigilance Database (Adverse Events following roll-out). On the first page is acknowledgement that this data may only be a fraction of what has happened ‘out there’ to pregnant and nursing women after having the mRNA jab.

Don’t take my word for it, read the document yourself. Click the link above and go to the bottom of page two and start there. Then watch the video below because it wonderfully highlights that those medical people spruiking this medication as ‘safe’ for pregnant and nursing women might have been well meaning, but were talking out of their proverbial!

One of the key people investigating and analysing the Pfizer documents is Dr. Naomi Wolf. She heads up an investigative team of around 3,500 physicians, RNs, biostatisticians, medical fraud investigators, and other volunteers organised into working groups. They’re analysing the 55,000 pages per month publication of Pfizer’s internal documents. Wolf’s multi-disciplinary teams publish reports in lay language.

The interview with Dr. Wolf, below, gives a good overview of the work they’re doing and their findings. It’s deeply concerning that this information is still being hidden from citizens in most countries. I don’t believe that’s by accident.

Keep in mind that a co-ordinated smear campaign has been waged against Dr. Wolf, which she details in this interview. It wasn’t because what they were finding in those documents was wrong, it was because she was over the target and that information has consequences for reputations, careers and profits. They couldn’t hide the data for 75 years, so have settled for trashing the people analysing them. This has been done with the aid of a compliant and unquestioning media.

Consider that Pfizer alone has earned over 100 billion in profits with immunity from liability. This is big dollar stakes and many have their hands in the dividends cookie jar, so to speak. From U.S. politicians to the media who are sponsored to the tune of multi-millions by Pfizer.

Those raising concerns, like Dr. Wolf, are being vindicated. Subsequent independent research, as below, is additionally confirming what’s being discovered by Dr. Wolf and her teams. What’s being fought now, by those culpable (including Governments around the world), is a rear-guard action. They’re stalling for time and incentivised to avoid accountability.

As anticipated, the research and data are coming in corroborating the Pfizer documents. It has only confirmed that those calling for caution, at considerable personal and professional cost, were correct (and ethical) to do so. Published in the Journal of the American Physicians and Surgeons Vol. 28(1) COVID-19 Vaccines: The Impact on Pregnancy Outcomes and Menstrual Function (2023), is a “population-based retrospective cohort study” that assesse[d] rates of adverse events (AE) after COVID-19 vaccines experienced by women of reproductive age, focusing on pregnancy and menstruation.”

Using “data collected by the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database from Jan 1998  to June 30, 2023,” the authors found that the “proportional reporting ratio comparing AEs reported after COVID-19 vaccines with those reported after influenza vaccines is significantly increased (≥ 2.0) for COVID-19 vaccine” for the following:

The Oath Breakers

The authors concluded:

The Oath Breakers

Far exceeding the safety signal on all recognised thresholds… Keep in mind that systems such as VAERS in the US and CARM in New Zealand are passive systems and only record 1 – 5% of actual adverse events. Many more women may have spontaneously aborted following the jab and put this personal tragedy down to ‘nature’, never thinking (or advised to) to report it.

The authors also cite data from Pfizer’s animal studies (those 44 rats mentioned above) showing “biodistribution of the vaccine contents into the bloodstream within hours, crossing all physiologic barriers, including the maternal-placental-fetal barrier and the blood-brain barriers in both the mother and the fetus.”

The Oath Breakers

Lastly, the authors note:

The Oath Breakers

In short, this study is corroborated by the information being revealed in the Pfizer documents. It is a damning indictment on Governments and medical bureaucracies around the world!

So what has been the outcome in New Zealand? It’s been hard to get the data but below is health data (leaked by an anonymous source) from the Wellington region (approx. 10% of NZs population) to Dr. Guy Hatchard, which he details in his article linked here. He says,

The Oath Breakers

All the results are troubling but for this article I want to focus on the still-birth data in the table below from Dr. Hatchard. Between April 2021 and March 2022 the region saw a 28% increase in still-birth on pre-pandemic levels, dropping back to 25% in the year April 2022 – March 2023. Miscarriages are also up by a similar amount but the figures below may be an under-reporting. Most miscarriages aren’t reported officially, but still-births would be.

The Oath Breakers
Table based on data given to Dr. Hatchard by an anonymous source.

The title image of this post is a screenshot of UK Government health advice dated 16 August 2022:

The Oath Breakers

So, insufficient data in 2022 but a year earlier in 2021 there was apparently ‘sufficient data’ to go ahead and distribute this medication, including to pregnant/nursing women? Recall those women in the video above who said they had ‘data’ saying it was safe. What data did they have that the UK Government didn’t have, even by 2022? Or were they bluffing? Recall also that populations were explicitly told this medication was not experimental. That was misinformation. Dr. Wolf’s working group’s findings suggest this medication isn’t safe full-stop and is impacting fertility already of both men and women.

I can applaud the UK Government for at last taking the first steps to put the safety of women and a next generation above politics and butt covering. From a medical ethics standpoint, this is as it always should have been.

Incredibly, in 2023, repeating the August 2022 health advice of the UK Government still garners the derogatory labels of “anti-vaxxer” and spreader of ‘mis and dis information’ in New Zealand and Australia. This is telling and has nothing to do with the health and safety of women and their babies. The denigration now is to silence and avoid accountability.

Between 2021 – 2022 New Zealand had wall-to-wall advertising telling pregnant and nursing women to get the jab. The New Zealand and Australian Governments would have had exactly the same information from Pfizer as the UK Government. We know from the February 2021 Medsafe assessment there was concern over gaps in safety data, with no long-term safety data.

Given the lack of safety data, the decision to recommend this product to pregnant and nursing women demonstrates that Governments (and their medical bureaucracy) were willing to risk the lives of the unborn/newly born to bolster the narrative of “safe and effective,” whilst smearing anyone calling for caution.

Back to that corporate employee session…

As I sat and listened to that corporate doctor/consultant state, with certainty, that the jab was safe for this group, I already knew the assertion was not evidence-based and backed with data. It was narrative. It was said with great authority, for sure, just like those medical people in the video above.

I’m guessing the doctor was brought in for this purpose and to deal with people like myself? An irritating, ‘tin-foil-hat wearing’ employee…who just needed to get with the program? One with critical reasoning skills and informed enough to raise awkward questions and push back! I was utterly stunned at the lack of caution and that the medical consultant didn’t appear aware of a basic and known fact at the time – the product had not been clinically trialled on pregnant and nursing women.

In advising there’s no evidence the jab was unsafe for pregnant women, I’m left to conclude that it was either ignorant/incautious or slippery language on behalf of the corporate medical consultant. Were they more concerned with earning a corporate fee than protecting the most vulnerable in our society? Toeing the line of Governments was likely the priority. Doctors were having their licence to practise threatened though professional bodies they belonged to, if they didn’t fall lock-step into line with the narrative. Too many chose the path of least resistance and to the detriment of all, including the most vulnerable in our society.

Dr. Robert Malone, the original inventor of the mRNA technology (his name is on the patents), laments this point in his Substack article titled Mind Viruses and their VectorsHe writes,

The Oath Breakers

That corporate information session, and many like it across both countries, was pushing narrative to meet the political ends of Governments – getting as many people jabbed as quickly as possible to build the perception that Governments were our heroic saviours with everything under control…To our politicians, media perception and winning elections were more important than the lives of mothers and their unborn.

Narrative is a contemporary and less loaded word for propaganda. Doctors’ primary responsibility is actually to their patients, not political parties, their polling and election aspirations. So it is a question of medical ethics and in the very least we’ve witnessed an appalling and widespread abrogation of the hippocratic oath, Primum Non Nocere. First do no harm!

This analysis demonstrates that what happened during Covid Crazy has been the most egregious case of gross medical malfeasance in recent history. Our Governments knew they didn’t have the data to support giving it to pregnant and nursing women but went ahead anyway.

The rearguard attacks continue and those who’ve suffered harm are now being gas-lit with blanket denials even as the evidence – Pfizer’s own documents, data and research mounts. The term medical malfeasance doesn’t quite capture the gravity of what has been done. The word atrocity is more apt. I believe history will eventually record it as such.

The Oath Breakers
Collins English Dictionary definition.

NB: The corporate did stall the push for mandates for most staff until it became a non-issue. That is, by mid 2022 it was widely and publicly acknowledged the jabs didn’t stop people getting nor transmitting the virus, thus making this medical intervention unsuitable as a hazard elimination control. A point made, with evidence, in my submission in 2021. Unfortunately, they were forced to make the jab a requirement for some employees at the direct instruction of one client.

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