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Pfizer’s ‘horrible’ mRNA pregnancy research kept secret from the public during jab roll-out

Pfizer pregnancy news

In January 2022, Pfizer and the FDA were ordered by a US court to release documents relating to the COVID ‘vaccine’.

The two entities had previously sought permission to keep them secret from the public until 2096.

The latest tranche was released last month.

Researchers around the world have been pouring over the thousands of documents, with one in particular catching the attention of medical experts and investigative journalists – entitled ‘Pregnancy and Lactation Cumulative Review’.

Guy Hatchard’s latest opinion published on DTNZ characterised the Pfizer research outcomes as ‘appalling’ for babies and mothers.

These outcomes were known to Pfizer and the FDA just as the worldwide vaccine roll-out began.

Women’s health experts and COVID vaccine proponents in New Zealand assured kiwi mums the vaccine would remain localised to the injection site, and would never cross over the placenta or be found in breast milk. The mRNA, they said, would breakdown in the body in a matter of hours, and even if it was in breast milk it was perfectly ‘safe’.

However, the new Pfizer documents reveal the opposite was true.

By the 28th of February 2021 the company and the FDA knew the vaccine crossed the placenta and was present in breast milk, and that the range and number of adverse events for unborn children, babies and mothers were significant.

‘Over half of the pregnancy cases reporting adverse events, including spontaneous abortion (miscarriage)… These monsters [ie. Pfizer] looked at whether babies would get sick and die, or at least whether the foetuses would spontaneously abort, and they did, and they saw that they did, and they kept going. This was just three months into the roll-out. They looked at whether babes would get sick from nursing mothers, and they saw that they did, and they kept going,’ researcher Dr. Naomi Woolf told independent news outlet Redacted.

A 20-minute video released by CoronavirusPlushie highlights the advice given by NZ ‘experts’ at the time, and how this was clearly against what Pfizer’s own research was saying.

In it’s public messaging the Ministry of Health continues to push the ‘safe and effective’ message to kiwi mums, saying it is safe at any stage of pregnancy, and safe to have while breastfeeding.

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  1. Sickening….this govt should face a criminal investigation but sadly, we have cops, who are little more than their stooges….the military are no better…..

  2. When the Wicked Witch decided to ignore her own advisors (as we now know she did) and proceed to declare this brew safe for babies and pregnant mothers did she have access to this information. I suspect she did. Can we have a FOI application to get this info? She needs to stand trial for her crimes.

  3. The amount of whinging, nagging and outright harassing my wife got in 2021 from her Auckland obstetricians was borderline sociopathic. “Just take the vaccine. Just get it, it’s safe. You want to protect your baby, don’t you? Just do it. DO IT!!! WHY WONT YOU LISTEN TO US??!?!”

    No matter how many times we told them to piss off, they kept at it, talks phone calls texts and emails, up to and including right before they wheeled her in for her C-section, when we had to fend off a particularly sulky nurse who wanted to arrange for someone to come up to the room to jab us later that day.

    Needless to say I stood guard for the duration of our time there, never left my wife’s side. I questioned and queried and asked to inspect every single thing they put into her drips etc, driving the medical people insane. Don’t care. Behave like children and you’ll get treated like children 👍

    The medical industry is corrupt and evil. All the good people were mandated out. Of the ones left, half are indoctrinated simpletons, the other half are bought and paid off opportunists. And that business with baby Will a few months back PROVES it.

    Zero faith, trust or respect from me ever again.

    • Well, like I told my kids early on, “80% of people are ignorant, think for yourself!” Good job protecting your family!

    • I sometimes wonder how many of these doctors and nurses that tried to get your wife vaccinated were actually Demons in human form, or possessed in some way, and were giddy at the prospect of killing someone else with the vaccine and getting away with it.

      I have heard similar stories, for example, of people in the US (and other countries) going to their doctors for something quite minor and in the course of the consultation being asked 3 or 4 times if they want to be vaccinated.

      There is something VERY wrong here.

    • Well done mate. I kept an eye on my daughter with these pricks trying to peddle this shit in schools…..suddenly the consents from parents no longer mattered when it came to jabs….

  4. Unfortunately there is so much evil within the medical industry. Fortunately the above video is visual evidence that those particular doctors and nurses who prescribed the Pfizer poison (without having any evidence that it was safe) can be charged for their crimes in future trials as per Nuremberg 2.0. Such crimes against humanity will take years and possibly decades to conclude. Remember never forgive, never forget.

  5. 8:32 Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free

    The truth is an avalanche, the evidence is rock solid, there will be trials and those people who pushed the so called vaccine are quietly sweating with no where to hide

    We are united, we are one, we are ready

  6. NEVER forget that ALL parties in parliament have forced you to give up your bodily autonomy and health.
    Not ONE stood up for the people of New Zealand.
    NOT ONE!
    IMO they are ALL liable to have condoned enabled or participated in crimes against humanity.
    We need a coalition of the new freedom parties to oust the morally corrupt from parliament, otherwise NZ is doomed.
    Hell hath no fury like mothers scorned!


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