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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Was the NZ Coroner right to rule that he couldn’t determine the cause of the sudden death of a 13 year old boy following Covid vaccination?

NZ coroner opinion

In any case, what should the coroner have said and who or what is to blame for the tragic death?

The NZ Herald reports this morning the ruling of the coroner Robin Kay in the case of a healthy 13 year old boy who died suddenly as a result of myocarditis (heart inflammation) 10 days after Covid-19 mRNA vaccination. Despite the fact that myocarditis is a known and recognised side effect of Covid mRNA vaccination, the coroner said he couldn’t decide what the exact cause of death was because, on the advice of ‘experts’, he couldn’t rule out the possibility that the myocarditis was caused by viral particles.

It is true that in an individual and tragic case of young sudden death such as this there will always be an element of doubt, so was there doubt in this case and what should the coroner have said in his judgement?

The coroner’s ruling omitted to reference the established process of science in deciding the balance of probabilities in individual cases. When faced with the outcome of a single individual case, science looks closely at the bigger picture and analyses a large number of statistically representative outcomes among the wider population. This enables a more precise probability of cause to be assessed.

In this case, a comparison of Covid vaccination status among the cases of death and hospitalisation in the whole NZ population should be made. The coroner should have noted, as the Hatchard Report has informed the Health Minister, that not only has this not been undertaken in NZ but that the process has been blocked by the government working in tandem with the allopathic medical establishment. 

The coroner should have ruled that access to public health data relevant to the case before him had been denied for no good reason.

Such cases of wilful blindness are not unknown in science. The theory of general relativity discovered by Albert Einstein was rejected by the Nazi state, despite decisive evidence verifying it, and outlawed from German science since its architect was Jewish. In other words, the power and policy of the state took precedence over the evidence of science. 

Are we brushing up against this perilous situation in little New Zealand? If so, how did we get here and what should we do to rectify the situation?

As we have been reporting repeatedly for three years now, the mRNA Covid vaccine carries risks of a long term increase in the incidence of heart disease and cancer. You can read a summary of the very concerning cancer statistics in the Australian Spectator provocatively entitled “Catherine and Cancer”. The article concludes with the depressing thought that there appears to be no end in sight to the epidemic of cancers which began to rise rapidly starting in 2021 way above and beyond the prior trend.

In fact, a significant number of eminent biochemists, geneticists, and medical experts warned back in 2021 that we would be facing unprecedented rises in heart disease and cancers following mRNA Covid vaccination. These included for example leading US cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough and Belgian Vaccinologist Geert Vanden Bossche who along with many others published scholarly critiques of mRNA vaccine safety, both of whom and their colleagues were promptly cancelled and wrongly ridiculed as conspiracy theorists by orthodox main stream institutions (see here and here).

As their dire predictions are now showing up in public health data, if science is followed they should be vindicated and publicly lauded. 

Let’s not forget that behind the worrying statistics and suspected future trends are a very large number of personal tragedies that we are glimpsing daily as the tip of this iceberg through newspaper reports of the distressing cases. 

Our coroner’s failure to reference the need for close investigation of public health data, underlines the doors that have been firmly closed and shut in the face of the Covid vaccine injured by those responsible for creating and mandating the universal use of mRNA technology. So-called experts who omitted to assess or warn the public about the risks which were well known pre-pandemic and published in scientific journals. 

The Guardian newspaper headlines a report today that the last few years have been amazing for rich people. There have been 141 new billionaires in 2023 alone. It is worth reflecting that a few people have become very rich, influential and powerful during the Covid era, whilst a much greater number, almost everyone in fact, have become poorer as a result of the decisions of those profiting from Covid policies.

Robin Kay, the newly appointed coroner who ruled on the case in hand is both a legal expert on insurance claims and a registered nurse so he should have been able to articulate the arguments we have presented above. However at this point in time we need to reference the remedies rather than exclusively decry the errors, omissions, and negligence. Without these remedies our future might be, as Geert Vanden Bossche warned four years ago, very bleak indeed.

The public are labouring under a great many popular misconceptions concerning health, genetics and the causes of disease. 

The coroner’s ruling did nothing to clarify or dispel these. The presence of trace viral particles found in the young boy’s heart was not an oddity, such viral particles are in fact the norm, affecting almost everyone. A 2023 article in the BMJ entitled “Where do viruses hide in the human body?” confirms this. The crucial factor in keeping them under control is the capacity and efficiency of our immune system. If immune processes fail, life will be at risk.

Viral particles contain sequences of genetic instructions capable of interfering with the body’s essential processes. Our immune system is constantly involved in clearing these up in order to protect our health and genetic integrity. This is not in any way an occasional activity, it is on a grand scale. In every single cell there may be as many as 70,000 repair jobs undertaken every 24 hours, and we have 37 trillion cells, a total number that is almost beyond comprehension. This all happens more or less automatically and one wonders how this is managed or controlled on such a vast scale.

Not just heart and organ health are affected by latent viral particles, but also cancers. There is a public misunderstanding that only a few unlucky people have a susceptibility to cancers latent in their physiology and genetics. This prevalent idea enables more obvious causes for the recent rapid increase and speed of cancers such as the introduction of mRNA vaccines to be dismissed without scrutiny. The truth is that almost everyone can be susceptible to cancer if the efficiency of immune repair is impaired, as is known to be the case for some individuals following mRNA vaccination.

Balance is at the basis of immune functioning and automated efficiency

Does immune repair involve mechanically automatic sequences of events like a thermostat switching a heating system on and off according to the ambient temperature, or are immune processes crucially different in some way? The answer to this is very revealing. In essence, immune processes involve the balance of three elements: elimination of known foreign impurities, maintenance of existing processes, and creative appropriate responses to novel situations. Cancers grow when the balance between these three processes is lost to the extent that novel genetic structures are allowed to develop at least initially unrecognised and unchecked.

Balance is a very abstract notion, therefore its fundamental significance to modern medicine has been largely overlooked. Let us revert to the history of science to understand what is at stake. From the beginning of the twentieth century, a controversy overtook physical science. Einstein’s gravitational science was deterministic—one thing followed another according to a set of strict rules. However with the advent of quantum mechanics, it was found that certain situations resulted in chance outcomes. The great endeavour of physics then became the reconciliation of Einstein’s deterministic laws with the quantum mechanical laws involving chance. The focus of this process has become the understanding of super symmetry or balance. 

Balance is a universal abstract characteristic of the universe which has apparently found its expression in living systems. It is at once rigidly lawful and infinitely flexible. It is independent of anything external to itself. Our immune response is deeply connected to this fundamental property of natural law, as is our self-referral consciousness. It is perhaps for this reason that Ayurveda, the ancient health system of India, recognises loss of connection with the universal balance, unity or symmetry of nature as the fundamental cause of disease. The seat of balance in us is both physiological and psychological, involving body and mind. Each relies on the other, but it is our inner consciousness which fully reflects the balance of natural law.

Our immune processes are the result of the abstract coordinated collective intelligence shared by trillions of cells. The physiological unit of consciousness or awareness is the whole cell, therefore anything that interferes with the functioning of the cell puts our connection with innate balanced functioning at risk. If the functions of too many cells are edited, as happens deliberately to billions of cells through mRNA vaccination, then the fundamental collective and specific immune processes are put at risk.

This understanding needs to inform our assessment of the risks of mRNA technology and our medical responses. As we have previously noted, there are herbal technologies and techniques of meditation which research shows sustain balance and immune efficiency. These could play a vital role in alleviating the immune crisis that is engulfing medical practice. To find out more about the role of balance in the physiology, read our article “Action to Face the Medical Crisis Can No Longer Be Postponed.

From a broader perspective, balance is a defining characteristic not just of individual physiology, behaviour and intelligence but also of biological eco systems and collective behaviours. We have discussed this in our article “The Long Read: Could Individual and Collective Intelligence Have Been Negatively Affected by the Covid Pandemic?”. The preservation and maintenance of balance is the cornerstone of our biological and physical world.

The sad case of a 13 year old boy whose life was tragically cut short should not be the subject of mere hand wringing and protestations that we don’t know what happened, but rather a determination to investigate more and understand more. The coronial ruling today was an opportunity thrown away and another example of the medical establishment refusing to face up to the realities of current public health data.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email.

He is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

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  1. He’s either a spineless coward, terrified of falling foul of the establishment for speaking the truth, or he’s been paid off.

    It really is that simple.

  2. Arrest this man.! ! !
    Complicit in conspiracy to commit pre meditated mass murder/democide.
    The evidence is increasingly clear that these globalist health experts are lying to protect eachother and their interests.
    Not only this, but they have also attacked, gaslit and censored those sharing the truth, which is a crime against us all.
    How many more must die before the facts are accepted? The longer it takes, the more will be injured and the longer it will take for the injured to recieve proper care and compensation.
    The injections are proving “safe and effective” as a democide tool. Cull underway. Nobody arrested.

  3. Author Cynric Temple-Camp, has stated that there is always a cause of death and as a pathologist it is their job to find it.

    But changing the law to allow coroners to put on death certificates “cause unknown”, kind of says it all.

  4. If you don’t loathe and despise the political establishment in NZ by now, you are not paying attention.

    Utterly tragic. My deep sympathy to the family, what a loss.

  5. And every sitting politician cowered in the Beehive and ignored those that sought their pleas for compassion and sanity. A disgusting display of arrogance and blind to simple logic.

  6. Tell one lie and you have to tell a hundred more to cover it up…
    These liars are no longer trusted by anyone with a single brain cell.
    Another young life wasted.
    Justice may come, but too late for this lad and so many more.
    Bioweapon genocide.

  7. Let’s just call this gaslighting out for what it is.

    A corrupt and/or cowardly coroner toeing the line for his/her government paycheque.

  8. This is such an incredibly sad situation for this family!
    If vaccines are so ‘safe and effective ’ why not introduce/enable the appropriate blood tests pre and post vaccination to establish the immune response? Did the vaccine work, did the patient achieve the desired protective level of response, were other Immunological related tests impaired or normal?
    Why are our Medical professionals still (2024) working through backlogs of patients arriving in ED or at GP practices with Cancer, Thrombocytopenia, Bells Palsy, Myocarditis….. only to then rustle up some left field excuse in order to distract from the real cause? Surely after 3 years there has been similar patterns in appropriate testing that is pointing to ‘the causal link’.
    Furthermore, the uptake of many vaccines in New Zealand is inevitably likely to be at an all time low. This is likely to be ….because everybody appears to know somebody who was once healthy….and is now…….
    The issues around the avoidance of transparency in reporting or investigation into cause of adverse reactions/injury/death relating to ‘all vaccines ‘ requires addressing with urgency, and this family deserved and should have received an honest, thorough investigation and proper medical explanation.


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