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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

What just happened to New Zealand? Apparently it is all our own fault.

NZ COVID opinion

In the short space of three years New Zealand society has been transformed.

Our economic circumstances, our health landscape, our political ideas, our attitude to the rest of the world, and crucially our social cohesion have undergone a sea change. This change has not been a positive step of progress. How was this allowed to happen? Was this imposed on us or did we do it to ourselves?

Well, you will no doubt give me a one word answer—Covid. But what does that mean? You have to go back at least to 2017 to begin to understand what happened. At that point in time, medical authorities and the general public began to be subject to carefully placed publicity announcing that novel mRNA technology was on the verge of curing all disease.

Biotechnology was compared to the operation of one of the most common and useful modern tools of our everyday lives—computers. Tal Zak, CEO of Moderna explained in a TED Talk: 

“We think of DNA like an operating system….we are hacking the software of life, the genetic code, and that has profound implications for the cure of everything from flu to cancer….We think of biotechnology as information therapy.” 

Heady stuff, but this was in fact an attempt by biotechnologists to shake off some very dark truths. An article in Gene Therapy in January 2003 entitled “Adverse effects of gene therapy: Gene therapy can cause leukaemia: no shock, mild horror but a probe” reported:

 “There is a risk of treatment-induced malignancy from retrovirally based gene therapies.…its spectre has always loomed over the field.”

An article in Frontiers in Oncology in April 2019, just before the pandemic, entitled “Gene Therapy Leaves a Vicious Cycle” summarised a history of catastrophes:

“…gene therapy has been caught in a vicious cycle for nearly two decades owing to immune response, insertional mutagenesis, viral tropism, off-target activity, unwanted clinical outcomes (ranging from illness to death of participants in clinical trials), and patchy regulations.”

The authors of this study wanted to encourage us all to think that these problems had almost been solved. There was one small fly in the ointment—they hadn’t yet, nor were they likely to be in the future. Such statements were designed to keep investments and grant money flowing. They were based on vain hopes not facts (to find out more about inherent problems with biotechnology read “Twenty Reasons Biotechnology Experimentation Should Be Outlawed”). 

Trouble was brewing as governments rushed to introduce mRNA vaccines after ridiculously short trials whose concerning initial outcomes were being kept well hidden, including a wide range of adverse effects and some unexplained deaths. An article in Nature Medicine entitled “Gene Therapy Needs a Long-Term Approach” published on April 15 2021, as the vaccine roll out began around the world, summed up serious warnings being voiced behind the scenes:

“Gene-therapy trials are on the rise, but more needs to be done to understand the long-term risks associated with this type of treatment…..[there are] growing concerns about the late adverse effects.”

As we have repeatedly covered in our reports, published scientific research has picked apart the mRNA safe and effective narrative. We now know from official government data, carefully designed research protocols and in many cases personal experience that these adverse effects include the disruption of most of our major physiological systems: cardiovascular, immunologic, neurological, pulmonary, gastrointestinal-excretory, dermatologic, haematologic and reproductive. 

Each of these systems relies on the genetic structures contained in our cells, the very same cells that were being repurposed by mRNA injections to perform jobs distinctly different from the trillions of tasks that they normally undertook. The tasks that keep us alive and well. We were being hacked, as Tal Zak suggested, but not by information therapy, rather by disinformation therapy. Studies show our cells were being reprogrammed to produce toxic spike proteins in quantity over a long period of time, whilst their usual immune functions were suppressed. The stage was set for a catastrophe.

If you want a graphic illustration of what the breakdown of even one of these physiological systems looks like, review this scientific paper entitled “Autoimmune skin disorders and SARS-CoV-2 vaccination – a meta-analysis” published in the Journal of the German Society of Dermatologists. The pictures it contains are not for the squeamish. The paper examines the results of 187 publications recording cases of skin conditions which developed subsequent to Covid vaccination. These are cases of the body attacking itself and fall into just one category of adverse effects among many.

Why didn’t we know this could happen? Why didn’t anyone in authority warn us?

It is a common refrain among uninformed observers that the government, the medical establishment and the media would never get safety so wrong, but they did and the reasons are not so very far from something spelt M O N E Y. Having decided to close our borders and only open them when the whole population had been vaccinated, the government began paying key players to get on board and ostracising those you didn’t.

This carrot and stick approach worked very well. Reportedly doctors were paid $75 each vaccine dose administered, but could lose their practising certificate if they publicly asked questions. A similar coercive approach was floated among a range of professions. Other organisations received even larger per head payments to ferry people into vaccination centres. Schools were given a free hand to ‘encourage’ participation of pupils irrespective of the wishes of parents. This included exclusion from normal activities. The media received cash grants and direct payments to air specific content. Businesses were recompensed for lost income. Fear was also a great motivator. It became very easy to accept the cash and keep quiet.

Just how much money was involved?

It wasn’t small. Reportedly, medical practices were paid $135 for each nasal swab they performed. Naturally the focus of some doctors stepped up a gear. A well organised effort to contact patients enabled some practices to swab 200 patients a day bringing in $27,000 for a day’s work, more than the yearly pension of a retired couple. It is very hard to turn this kind of money down and honestly admit that the vaccines were not only not working, but patient health was suffering. In all, we estimate that the government paid a total of more than $2 billion for administering these pandemic medical services in the community (excluding those provided by hospitals).

By mid 2022 the government had also paid over $19 billion in wage subsidies, much of it to companies who continued to turn in healthy profits for the period. There was little sympathy for employees sacked for remaining unvaccinated, who stood to lose their profession and in many cases the roof over their heads—the family home.

These figures dwarf the $1 billion used to purchase vaccines. Therefore the vast majority of money spent by the government during the pandemic did not go overseas, it was used to pay people to support government policies without thinking about the consequences.

Now we know beyond any reasonable doubt that mRNA vaccines come with high levels of adverse effects and long term health issues, what is the government doing to recompense those adversely affected? Incredibly, the government wants to blame those most affected. Watch Chris Hipkins say with a straight face that people affected by vaccine mandates “ultimately made their own choices”. The level of gas lighting is shocking. Aside from NZ First and minor parties started in response to pandemic mismanagement, this opinion seemed to be shared by all the major parties. No one is prepared to shoulder any blame whatsoever or make up for past mistakes.

Our elected politicians have failed to acknowledge adverse effects, failed to call for the compensation of affected people through ACC, and now wish to blame the sufferers themselves. Their answer: You did it to yourselves, go away. Not a single one among our current crop of 120 elected politicians accepts any responsibility for pandemic missteps. Don’t make the mistake of voting them back this October. There is little point in voting anyone in, unless, as a minimum, they plan to immediately entrench the Bill of Rights as an inviolable constitutional principle.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email.

He is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

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  1. Grand Robber plotted for globalists like his boss WEF agent Jabbie. We will be paying the price for may years to come by way of huge inflation and health costs and even with deaths.

  2. It was an experimental vaccine. They usually offer thousands of dollars to sign up for a clinical trial. People participated in this clinical trial for free burgers and fries🙄

  3. Dumbass stupid naive self serving free loading easily corruptible power drunk Politians of an era of the ‘I know it all’ latte set ‘I can change the world’ delinquents got us to where NZ is today and the whole lot of them need to be voted out on to the street where they really really belong. Here we are being mugged by International Globalists and their agendas that NZ is heavily indebted to for the next 100 years or more while they are raping and murdering the poplace for everything it has. Globalists 1 NZ 0

  4. Before Covid, the NZ Population in 2017 was 4.5 million people.
    Post-Covid (bio-weapon injections) the NZ Population drops off to 3.3 million people.
    Loss of population due to Covid-related vaccine deaths…? ABSOLUTELY!!! It was PLANNED that way!!!!
    (source- Deagel Forecast for New Zealand)

    • If the population dropped by 1.2 million people how come there is still a housing crisis ? What you will find is that those lost have been replaced by massive immigration since 2017. You see NZ peoples are being replaced by a more willing and obedient population. Again all planned part of the 2030 agenda.

  5. Millions in new costs add to Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway overrun
    Covid cost NZ 61 Billion (Ongoing)
    Whats all the fuss about?
    We seem to be living in an era of non accountability
    Lets face it people
    We are surrounded by a revolving doors clownshow masquerading as a political landscape
    There is an unending supply
    Who have an uncanny knack of f**king up everything they lay their hands on


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