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What’s really behind the frequency of climate change articles?

Climate change news

Why is no one talking about the obvious?

The UN slipped up by letting us know that the world temperatures did NOT increase last year, and it’s confirmed by many other climate scientists as well. So why the backtrack on this in the mainstream media? Just poor reporting, or something more?

We need more public info and debate from a wide variety of independent experts. This should happen certainly before instituting limits on citizens that cannot make a tad of difference when the giant ‘untouchable’ big corporate polluters continue at an alarming rate.

The focus of governments and the UN should be to limit the big corporations who are responsible for over 75% of global pollution and eco destruction. We should not be persuaded that 15-minute cities (a form of lock down really) are a solution simply by being pressured by daily urgent drama about climate change. A tactic, perhaps, that attempts to provide a show of reason behind needless new plans for 15-minute smart cities that erode freedoms without any actual effect on the problem.

Ordinary people are already willing to voluntarily do things that help the environment…but even if we did a whole lot more … the big polluters make that null and void. Yet it’s these big players who could end this tomorrow by investing even a few billion dollars of their insane profits in solutions that exist already. Governments and the UN should have grasped decades ago this simple truth: the only way forward is to stop the major players’ criminal eco destruction. This “predicted “problem would already be solved if indeed disaster is so terribly close as the PR fear pitch seems to suggest. It’s all getting strangely and absurdly frequent.

What are they expecting of us when the problem and solution lies with big corporates? What is the point of this onslaught without vigorous debate? Are the powers that be using this as another way to control people globally via feeding emergency hype? Hoping then we will readily accept what directives are placed upon us – even though it’s glaringly futile? When the major polluters are given free rein to keep polluting at an accelerated rate – it makes our own very best NZ contribution to this global problem just .0001 %. Meaning – absolutely next to nothing.

So really it’s a joke to create 15 minute cities or any other enforced limits when even just one corporate’s daily pollution exceeds the exhaust of billions of cars. How can even ditching our cars and public transport to electric do anything tangible when you look at that reality? And what about the lithium batteries they run on that pollute even more than making and running ordinary cars, and are shockingly and abusively made with child labour? This is just industry led swapping one pollutant for another – for you guessed it – profit. So much is up for urgent debate so we can cut through to the truly best strategies. This must start with being real about the big corporate responsibility. It’s highly feasible that their huge profits from wrecking the environment can be the investment we need in the future, right now. Billions and billions of dollars.

We can make voluntary changes (and do passionately already) without such limiting and ineffectual restructures like the 15-minute cities already in planning. With the growing bombardment of articles, I feel this climate change PR is strangely devoid of comment about the futility of personal action in the face of ginormous polluters who are a power unto themselves.

Why then does the UN or our governments around the world not slam these polluters? Because the polluters own them. We should think hard when we get bombarded with these dire climate stories. Something does not feel right. Once again hype rather than common sense is prevailing at the highest levels.

When such common sense is nowhere to be seen – we need to be careful to discern what the real science is and what powers are making opportunistic mileage out of it. Always watch, always question.

Image credit: Kelly

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  1. It’s all a big crock. And of course it favours the corporations that is what is called fascism. And they would have us believe we’ll be living in some utopian Gene Rofdenberry. Sci fi serries. They are nut jobs.

  2. 15 minute cities? In the US, they were called “Company towns.” Worked in the mine, rented home from the mine, shopped at store owned by mine. Uneducated and broke. Been there done that!

  3. The deep state…. via influencing media researched by psychologists using data sourced from our devices funded with the money earned by we the people channeled through a tangled confusing web of corporations have brainwashed many of us yet again into thinking the deep state have the solutions to the problems the deep state are creating to serve their agenda of controlling the world….phew take a breath. The sooner we the people wake up to the deep state and how they operate the sooner we say NO to their influence. The sooner we the people create independent healthy communities

    • well, ” deep state” should be carefull.
      Most of the US population has got arms.
      And when enough is enough, that you have lost everything as it is going to happen soon with bankcrash etc, people will have nothing to lose to lose any more.
      The USA is approaching a very dangerous time.
      I hope i am wrong

  4. If carbon dioxide was really a problem there would be nuclear reactor in every town
    As there is not one can only assume it is about control and power


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