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Timur Fomenko
Timur Fomenko
Timur Fomenko is a political analyst.

Why Joe Biden is more dangerous than Donald Trump

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The President’s State of the Union address shows he is a symptom of America’s problems, just like his predecessor.

Joe Biden conducted his State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

A staple trait of Biden’s presidency is that he repeatedly claims that he is making things better for ordinary Americans. In his own words, he is creating jobs, bringing down inflation and “delivering for families”. He frames himself as an FDR style titan who is reinvigorating the US following troubled times, and, in his words, making it “more competitive” than ever.

In reality, his statements could not be further from the truth.The United States is in chaos and the Biden administration faces painfully low approval ratings, crippling levels of inflation, weak 2022 GDP and a looming recession. Whatever the expectations of Joe Biden were, he has proved himself to be the most dangerous and hawkish Democrat leading the US since Harry Truman. As America tears itself apart at home, it is also doing so abroad.

When Joe Biden entered office, many people expected he would be different than Donald Trump. After four years of what the media described as chaos and internal turmoil in America, Biden was heralded as a breath of fresh air who would be normal, sane and moderate. What these arguments actively overlooked was that Donald Trump was not the problem, but rather a symptom of broader American failure and decline. As the world has changed, in particular through the lingering impact of globalized neoliberal capitalism, digitization and shifts in the geopolitical balance of power, the United States has struggled to assert a coherent identity amidst a changing world which has produced deep divisions and large-scale political conflict.

This is the era of “post-truth”, and as a result, Joe Biden is not in fact better than Trump, he is infinitely worse. While Donald Trump was a populist figure who railed against the political establishment, Joe Biden is a long-standing member of the political establishment. As such, he has used his reign in office to reassert its influence and give it “Trumpian characteristics”. That includes the same brand of conceited bragging, populism and political squabbles at home, but with a foreign policy abroad which is dangerously more aggressive than anything Trump ever conceived. America’s increasingly dangerous involvement in the Ukraine conflict is a prime example.

The underlying factor here is the effort by the United States to resuscitate its unconditional hegemony over the rest of the world by force, having sensed that a political shift has taken place. This change is reflected in the anger and resentment of blue collar, white Americans, and a primary driver for Trump’s election. The product of the Trump and Biden administrations has been to project those changes into resentment of China, culminating in events like the recent “Chinese spy balloon” saga that have been hyper-dramatized. China has become the designated enemy, and it appears there is a political consensus in the US around this, irrespective of the consequences.

There are some critical differences between the two administrations in how this is being pursued. While Trump operated US foreign policy on “quid-pro-quo” terms, stressing the “America First” philosophy, the Biden administration sees opportunity not through trade wars or bargaining, but through the escalation of geopolitical conflict. Biden’s team is sacrificing stability on every front for the sake of power. As such, the Biden White House, despite fawning over American jobs and prosperity, has thought nothing about tearing up global supply chains, driving up prices, accelerating geopolitical bloc confrontation, pursuing large scale sanctions and whipping up global uncertainty for hegemonic gain.

While Trump was hyper-dramatic, he cared about markets and growth, and he also knew when to compromise. Surrounded by neoconservatives like Mike Pompeo on China policy, he was more interested in making deals with Beijing in the American interest and could restrain them if he wished to do so. Biden on the other hand, cares for nothing, and has no guardrails. Sure, he might wear a smile, he might not call people nasty names on Twitter, but it is this façade which hides the dangerous policymaking in the White House that has actually left Americans worse off than Trump ever managed to do. It seems unlikely given the circumstances that Trump would have ever allowed the Russia-Ukraine war to happen, and he has made it clear multiple times that if he were President, it wouldn’t have happened.

In some ways, the sheer incompetence of the opposition has, despite dire circumstances, allowed Biden to also be incredibly lucky. For a President who has low approval ratings, overseeing a dire economic situation, he landed on his feet in the November midterm elections, his party even seizing control of the Senate.

The fact that he continues to proclaim victories where there are none is only indicative of how the US is suffering from a leadership deficit. In this sense, Biden and Trump’s methodologies may differ but they are both a product of the same broken system that rewards falsehood and ultimately focuses on domestic political point scoring as opposed to real results. If things have changed at all in America throughout the two years of Biden’s tenure, they have ultimately changed for the worse and pose a threat to the world as a whole. Yet, you would never believe that if you sat and watched his State of the Union address.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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Source:RT News

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  1. very good article. Totally agree.
    A dying snake is dangerous, thats is for sure.
    By destroying europe s economy, biden is closing a market for the USA as the population is going to know real hardship.
    The BRICS that have also been coerced by the USA are organzing themselve to bypass the USA and the dollar. Even Saoudie arabia is drifting away from the USA And many other countries
    Biden is nothing more than the gravedigger of the usa.

  2. Yes, we are going through a lot here (USA). Our government has been infiltrated by corruption, seems nearly everyone has a price! Democrats in DC are so afraid of the people, they’ve erected a security fence around the Capitol. We The People are law abiding citizens and justice will prevail one way or another!

    • @harry jensen
      the ultra zionists have parasited first the jewish people. Giving them the possibility to act as ” victims” because of the shoa and also counting on the solidarity of jewish people. So ” untouchables” . Critics beeing nowdays ” assimilated” with ” antisemitism”. Then they infiltrated governments to promote israel ultrazionisme and its expansionism. Like all parasites that are not destroyed, they will also kill, once objectives obtained, their hosts.
      I just read some books of david icke.
      He describes very well how ultra zionists operate.
      That is why all government infiltrated by those parasites have barred david icke from speaking.
      But david ick is only one of many reporting on the same thing

  3. You know, you can watch “The Dan Bongino Show” 5 days a week to know what’s going on in American politics, no guessing.

  4. This might be a little late in the day….this was from the 10th.

    But it is no revelation what this article says. We already knew. It might be some news to some people. But it has been glaringly obvious right from the start.

    God to read anonymous and Harry Henson’s thoughts on the matter I’d like to read those books of David Icke.

    One big problem is so many Americans are pretty self satisfied and it won’t be until they suffer some hardship that they might start to think again. Basically they need to grow a little or in fact a lot!

    What seems to be happening though is they are starting to get rid of Hollywood and that has been their main source of brainwashing. Nowadays they are using fake children to brain eash instead. Like Greta Thurnburg. But also young children who inturn influence their parents.

    America will have to face the fact that they are increasingly becoming unpopular right around the world and they behave like spoiled children.

    A god example of this was at the Grammy’s. Beyonce although she has had countless accolades has been at the top of her game for just over two decades and has accumulated a huge fortune, it isn’t enough. Upon loosing the Album of the year award, again, to Harry Styles and with his comment This doesn’t happen to people like me.
    It created an huge controversy. SO WHAT! FFS. He probably deserved the award and he probably did come from a place where he was just another punk living in an urbanised ghetto in Ireland. No bull there’s nothing glamorous in places like that. So yes he was right to say this.

    Just a pathetic bunch of bullies and Dore losers. Beyonce if she had any decency should have said something to stop the crass behavior.

    America grow up it’s not always about you!

    • read ” the trigger” by david icke.
      It is about 9/11 and give a good political overview of who is who and who “owns” who. And how this act of terror was made possible.
      And how the ultra zionists operate, especially within the usa government to push for their own goals. For me it was an eye opener. You are never too old to learn

  5. Donald Trump is human unlike Joe. Hunter is scary as f***. He is heavily into his chronovisor https://chronovisor.ch/?ls=en
    We are deluded by thinking the planet is ours and has not been traded for a bag of salt. Read Donald Marshall https://donaldmarshallrevolution.com/
    By his very nature, Joe speaks in tongues of a snake, he calls Putin “Pooty Poot” and naturally loves Boris. With all the future tech onboard he can easily capture thought (mind to voice technology) which enables the money for his war machine (by way of ROYALTIES)
    We are brainwashed by fake christians – the bretheren fundamentalists, fundamental latter day saints, new plymouth bretheren church, all the arise, awake, awash type scientology doctrines fusing “science’ with spiritual facades and scalping the populus. They are skilled in mimicry, deception etc but they seem to lack any deep understanding of human truth, being alien in time and space.
    If you read Donald Marshall you will find some concepts bizzare to assimilate, but think in terms of the allegory and you will start to see things differently.

    • The trouble is that religious people don t know the difference between religion and spirituality. And studying the Scriptures won t make any difference. The USA is covered with all kinds of churches : “in god we trust” has become ” in guns we trust”. Religion is mostly about rites or rituals and for many completely empty of spirituality. And is used as a reason for war. Look at israel killing moslims because they are not jews…..Or jews pretending to be ” the chosen” ( laugh)…. As god’ s creatures, we should all be on a par
      Spirituality on the other hand, is an inner force that guides you through life. You don t need a church of any creeds to know what is wrong or right. Churches of any kind have always been associeted with powers and to control masses


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