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‘Don’t give up because some moron says it’s impossible’ – Marsden Point can still be saved

Marsden Point decommissioning news

A news report in The Northern Advocate Last week claimed that decommissioning work at the Marsdent Point Refinery had reached the point of no return.

However, ‘Kiwi’ a member of the Dig In At Marsden protest on site at the refinery, and half of the popular ‘Kiwi & Sue’ Telegram Channel disagreed.

The Northern Advocate report began:

There’s no going back to refining crude oil at Marsden Point.

That’s the word from Channel Infrastructure, as most of the decommissioning work is complete, just months after the site was turned into an import-only terminal.

The new company said the decommissioning project was more than 70 percent complete, and the plant has effectively been dismantled internally. Only the shells and structures remain.

‘It’s not possible to reverse that work that’s been done, it’s a permanent process and not a mothballing of the plant,’ Channel Infrastructure chief executive Naomi James said.

All cabling at the refinery has been cut at the ground, and heat exchanger bundles removed to be sent offsite for recycling.

In a post on the Horus Media Telegram Channel, Kiwi disagreed, saying the cables can be relaid, and most of the $360 million structure was still in place.

‘Without this, we’re screwed,’ he said. ‘This supplied 70% of our fuel requirements for New Zealand. And you’re just going to let this go like this? In this time, when you’ve got the South China Sea contested, where all our oil and refined products get shipped down, with the disagreement between China, Taiwan and the US? This is the exact time in history that this place needs to be reinstated. So don’t give up because some moron says it’s impossible.’

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  1. This government is actually destroying this country from the inside out and ALL 120 MPs are sitting back and letting it happen.

    Disgusted in the lot of them. Disgusted in the media.

    Greedy money taking self interested charlatans.

    • Yep, and THAT must be the message for the next election: ALL parties in parliament have forced you to give up your freedom. ALL OF THEM!
      We have to get rid of the current psychopaths and replace them with people of merit, not failed lawyers.

    • Dear EAR Mr Anoymous; wish to say II do not find yourself to be a very agreeable citizen.

      I & most of my family have had four doses  of the Covid vaccine without any adverse effects.  Yet further no one I know complains of themselves suffering horrific side effects you & your lot keep ranting about. You cannot convince me that your conspiracy claims based on unsubstantiated surveys prove anything.  If these people have a case let them stand up in  public, AS I DO, & prove if.  Without such proof these claims are not worth ANYTHING.

      I stand up in public & publish MY personal experiences under my REAL NAME, so I can be identified & sued if anyone wants to.

      You publish unsubstantiated tripe from unreliable sources &  are always hiding behind the pseudonym ANONYMOUS
      As for your personal attacks on public officials; the only thing they prove, IS JUST HOW SMALL MINDED, PETTY & MALICIOUS YOU & YOUR LOT ARE!

      TO QUOTE YOUR OWN WORDS BACK TO YOU…Personally I believe the last thing NZ needs is a collection of worst ever fukw*ts like your lot , Yet for as long as the media is prepared to publish your ANONYMOUS GARBAGE;  I guess we are stuck with you. 

      • Ken, it’s great your family haven’t suffered any adverse effects, but we’ll see how things are going in 2-5 years time as you are literally a test case. No trials have ever been conducted into the long term safety of mRNA vaccines. On your reasoning we shouldn’t ban drink driving because no one in your family has been killed by a drunk driver. Here’s my personal experience with this vaccine. Of the 40 odd people I know, say 10 are unvaxxed. I know 4 people who had severe adverse reactions from it, 3 were hospitalised. Of those 3, 2 were hospitalised within 24 hours of their 1st shot and one a week after. All 3 were healthy fit strong men who were never sick before and did physical type work. That’s 10% of the people I know who ended up in hospital. This is not conspiracy theory. These guys are not ‘antivax’ – they did it for the common good like you, but I can tell you they’re antivax now. Moreover, Every single person I know who got the vax and boosted still got Covid! A 100% failure! This is my experience, it’s different from yours, good luck to you and your family but don’t ridicule those who have suffered or witnessed the suffering. What’s happened is unprecedented and an unbelievable crime on our people, not just on those who refused the jab, but those who took it willingly and suffered

  2. Food, housing, energy, water and other necessities of life are weapons for control of sheeples, and Jabcinda cannot give up on these being a top ranking agent for the NWO.

  3. I agree with other writers in NZ democracy is ~STUFFED~ & all political parties lead to the same outcomes which is the reason i gave up voting years ago.

    Yet I also disagree with the premise of this article; rather I hold ~Marsden Point cannot be saved just because some moron says it can be~ The rest of the article makes clear the dismantling of Marsden has already gone way beyond any economic reconstruction.


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