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Alex Jones – ‘Most censored man’ in America set to return to X

Alex Jones Twitter news

Elon Musk is holding a poll about reinstating Alex Jones’ account.

X (formerly Twitter) owner Elon Musk has asked the public to vote on whether to reinstate the account of Infowars host Alex Jones. Musk said that maintaining the ban on Jones would go against his belief in free speech.

Musk posted his poll on Saturday afternoon, asking X users whether they wanted him to “reinstate Alex Jones on this platform?” With eight hours to go at time of writing, 70% were in favor of Jones’ reinstatement, and 30% opposed.

“Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” Musk wrote in his post. Musk used this Latin phrase, which means “the voice of the people is the voice of God,” when he reinstated former US President Donald Trump’s account after a similar vote last year.

Jones and his InfoWars channel were banned from every major social media platform in 2018, with the Silicon Valley firms citing “hate speech” and alleged breaches of their terms of service. Jones was also banned from using PayPal for business transactions over his alleged “intolerance against certain communities and religions.”

After purchasing Twitter last year and rebranding the platform as X, Musk rolled back many of the company’s speech rules and censorship policies, and offered a “general amnesty” to previously banned users. However, he wrote last year that after the death of his infant son, he would never allow Jones back, describing the Infowars shock-jock as someone “who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame.”

Jones had previously claimed that the Sandy Hook school shooting of 2012 was perpetuated by the US government to drum up support for gun control. A group of victims’ families sued Jones over his comments, and a judge ordered him to pay over $1.5 billion in damages last year. Jones, who filed for bankruptcy shortly after the verdict, has vowed to appeal the decision.

Musk’s opinion of Jones appears to have softened after former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who now hosts a self-produced show on X, interviewed the notorious pundit earlier this week. Introducing his guest as “the most censored man in the English language,” Carlson sat down to an hour-long discussion with Jones, during which Jones said that he understood that if Musk allowed him back on X, “the ADL and others would really be able to shut down Twitter.”

The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish NGO, has previously clashed with Musk over X’s alleged tolerance of “rampant hate speech.” The ADL settled its beef after Musk threatened to sue the organization for driving away advertisers with “false accusations.”

Responding to an X user later on Saturday, Musk wrote that “I vehemently disagree with what he said about Sandy Hook, but are we a platform that believes in freedom of speech or are we not?”

“That is what it comes down to in the end. If the people vote him back on, this will be bad for X financially, but principles matter more than money,” he added.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Free speech either exists or it doesn’t. Simple as.

    There can be no qualifications. And no, there’s no special exemptions for the word “but” either.
    That word exists only to negate every other word that just preceded it.

    “You have free speech, but…”

    “We encourage healthy debate, but…”

    “We’re a democracy, but…”

    Sorry politicians, sorry media talking heads. As soon as one of you starts a sentence that way, you immediately signal to me that you’re about to say something tyrannical and profoundly idiotic.

    Either you have the strength to be challenged on your beliefs, or you don’t. Either the evidence exists to support your ideas, or it doesn’t.

    Demanding everyone else be made to shut up while you flout your unearned victory is a hallmark of someone who knows deep down that they’ve already lost the argument. Candy coat it in whatever pseudo-intellectual excuses and make believe terminology you want, you’re a mental weakling and a coward.

    Alex Jones is a goofy idiot who’s said a lot of really stupid things and made many mistakes in his career. Alex Jones is also a surprisingly reliable journalist who is frequently CORRECT about a great many things the mainstream media refuse to report on.

    I can listen to his voice and watch his content and MAKE UP MY OWN GODDAM MIND what I choose to believe or dismiss. I’m not such a simpleton that I need big government and big tech to shield my fragile little psyche from dangerous ideas. GFY🖕

    I’m also not so naive as to not notice that the people always fighting the hardest to silence him are the very people he routinely exposes. Weird coincidence 🤔

    This is a good thing Elon has done today. The freer the speech, the freer the people.

  2. Does Alex Jones explain (during the interview) why he knowingly lied and continued to lie about Sandy Hook?
    Is he someone who believes that ‘the ends justifies the means’?


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