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Asian medical experts call for immediate halt to COVID jabs

Japanese and Malaysian experts hold press conferences, while Philippines to launch inquiry into unprecedented excess deaths.

A panel of experts in Japan called the ‘Vaccine Issues Study Group’ is calling for an immediate halt to the use of COVID mRNA gene therapy, marketed to the public as ‘vaccines.’

The group includes eminent medical and science academics, such as Masanori Fukushima (Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University), Yasufumi Murakami (Professor of Science at Tokyo University) and Masayasu Inoue (Professor Emeritus, School of Medicine at Osaka City University).

The group said they had identified 201 diseases which are caused by the mRNA gene therapy, in addition to 3,071 side effect papers. The documented side effects and diseases were from ‘all fields of medicine’, and affected ‘all organs without exception.’

As a cancer specialist Fukushima said he was well aware of the side effects from chemotherapy, but the pattern of those were ‘pre-determined and well-known.’

The side effects from COVID ‘vaccination’ however were not ‘pre-determined’ with multiple side effects and diseases occuring ‘simultaneously throughout the entire body.’

Murakami noted the tendency for mulitple COVID jab side effects to present simultaneously and affect ‘whole families.’

According to the panel, the cause of the side effects and disease was well-known – the spike protein found in the ‘vaccines’ was toxic. The Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP) used to deliver it were also highly dangerous to human health.

‘The major problem is we are injecting two toxic substances into people, one of which makes human cells produce the spike proteins. Since the immune system will attack this, this causes very violent reactions.’

In addition the COVID gene therapy has been categorically shown to produce the IG4 antibody.

‘IG4 suppresses immunity,’ said Inoue.

‘Usually with vaccines, if IG4 is induced it is considered a failure. However, with the current messenger-type [ie. mRNA] vaccines, a significant amount of IG4 is being induced. When this happens it plays tricks on various immune functions. Therefore we want to thoroughly investigate what ratio of Japanese people are inducing this, and we aim to carefully examine what level of IG4 that reacts with the spike protein is present in each individual.’

The group said there was now a ‘tremendous’ number of papers worldwide which showed serious diseases are being caused by the mRNA gene therapy. These include diseases of the heart, liver, thyroid, diabetes, liver, skin, eyes, blood, nerves, systemic diseases, brain and lungs.

‘Diseases across all medical fields have been reported,’ the group said.


The Consumers Association of Malaysia has also called for the use of COVID ‘vaccines’ to be stopped immediately.

Speaking at a press conference called by the Association in December, Dr. Kenny Yong said he had received numerous instances of ‘bad feedback’ and called for the injections to be withdrawn and ‘re-evaluated’:

‘I am a doctor who sells these vaccines. I am indeed a doctor who sells vaccines…Indeed, patients call me saying, ‘Doc, you injected me with 3 doses, and now I’ve got COVID for the 4th time.’ This feedback isn’t just from any doctor speaking casually or someone purposely anti-vaccine. This product, after four years of feedback and product reviews, genuinely has a bad track record; there are various side effects and issues.

‘This product isn’t just a bad product, but indeed must be called back, or withdrawn, for evaluation or feedback or a total review or withdrawal.”

‘We know that these vaccines bring significant harm, after knowing that, the politicians don’t see, do they?’

Professor Aziz Al-Safi backed up Yong’s call for re-evaluation, saying the vaccine was ‘very dangerous’.

Philippines to launch public inquiry into 262,000 excess deaths

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Dan Fernandez said he was shocked to learn that there had been 262,000 excess deaths in 2021 alone, based on data provided by the Ministry of Statistics.

The inquiry was announced in December last year.

2022 saw an excess of 67,000. The deaths in 2021 and 2022 were ‘unexplained’ and could not be blamed on COVID-19, said Fernandez.

Excess death rates from 2022 onwards have been observed across highly vaccinated countries, including New Zealand.

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  1. This IG4 problem helps to explain why so many who have taken this poison are always sick. At my work its us unjabbed who are fit and healthy, while the boostered are off work at home 2 or 3 times a year. The boostered are a burden on the rest of us but thank god a few of them are starting to wake up and know these jabs are worthless and dangerous

  2. Lets see what Sean Plunket and his expert Helen have to counter this. More gaslighting, no doubt.

    Winston, where are you now? Oh, you’re busy with your baubles. Yeah, thought so!

  3. People were massively lied to and pressurised about the experimental gene therapies – the Nuremberg Code on human experimentation was broken.
    We are talking about the greatest medical crime of mankind. Billions were exposed to this experiment, the consequences are uncertain.
    Even children and pregnant women were injected.
    It is time that the criminals responsible were brought to justice.

  4. Fauci’s pet bug made a stir, but fell short of what his eugenicist owners wanted, so the mRNA jabs were brought out fast and pushed hard. Still not good enough. It is much harder to depopulate the world than it looks on paper. Not to worry, the work continues at a ‘feverish’ pace in more places than ever. Maybe eventually they will get it right.


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