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Australia bans display of Nazi symbols

Nazi symbols news

The Australian government has banned its citizens from performing Nazi salute and displaying Nazi symbols, Australian Attorney General Mark Dreyfus said on Monday.

In the summer of 2023, a bill to ban Nazi symbols was submitted to the Australian parliament.

“It is now unlawful to perform the Nazi salute in public or to publicly display, or trade in, Nazi hate symbols, with the Albanese Government’s landmark legislation coming into force today (Monday, 8 January). The new laws also ensure that glorifying and praising acts of terrorism are criminal offences under Commonwealth law,” Dreyfus said in a statement.

The attorney general added that the legislation sent a clear message there was no place in Australia for those who glorify the Holocaust or terrorist acts.

“This is the first legislation of its kind and will ensure no one in Australia will be allowed to glorify or profit from acts and symbols that celebrate the Nazis and their evil ideology.”

Image credit: Social Estate

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  1. And the Roman Salute?
    Which is the reinvented Nazi salute
    Australia is like NZ
    And ruled over by a drunken debauchery of brain dead incorporated morons
    Its getting worse which has been prophesied
    These clowns are just crisis actors in a perpetual state of damage control acting out real life parts in the crisis they have created
    Because they f*ck everything up they lay their hands on
    These people are reprobate and in opposition to YAHWAH Gods Kingdom in earth
    Ruled over by righteousness
    Not evil that is prevalent and manifested throughout these dark Satanic mills
    It is a revolving doors clown show done badly
    Changed around every so often so as to maintain the illusion of Democracy
    Look at Dan Andrews
    Who can be compared to Ardern
    Who left a trail of devastation and destruction in his wake
    Misery and suffering
    Again as popular as a genital wart
    Corruption does not take on incorruption
    Incorruption does not take on corruption
    We are ruled over by a conglomeration of losers
    Selected not elected
    Who have no answers
    Who all swagger and swear allegiance to Judaism
    Which is communism
    A fake man made religion
    Which has no substance nor future
    Which is the bottom line and what we are here to observe

    • ‘Who all swagger and swear allegiance to Judaism (like the U.S. Congress does via ‘Pledges to Israel’ thus over-riding their Oath to the U.S. Constitution…)
      Which is communism.’ (which is a Judeo-Zionist weapon based on the evil, satanic Talmud…)

      Absolutely correct, as noted and verified by Aleksander Solzhenytsyn in several of his books.
      The Bolshevik Communist Revolution of 1917 was carried out by rabid, mentally-defective criminal Ashkenazi and descended Khazarian J3w$ mostly from the country of Georgia, which still struggles with the interference to this day!

  2. Has anyone reached out to Chancellor Hitler for comment on this absolutely necessary and much needed legislation that is in no way an empty virtue signal 80 years too late? 🤔

    Also, someone let the Sydney Opera house know they’re going to need to lose 50% of their Sound of Music wardrobe. And get rid of Schindler’s list, Saving Ryan’s privates and the Indiana Jones films while we’re at it.

    Lets start Molotov-cocktailing the museums and rounding up those fascist historians and curators, their jig is up!! Enough is enough! Burn all dissidents at the stake, tear down their homes!

    😠🔪 🔥 💀

  3. Vague enough in its wording and subjective enough to have a chilling effect on free speech. Australia looks a lot like the thing it claims to despise.


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