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BBC staff told there are more than 150 genders – media

BBC news

Whistleblowers allege a woke takeover of Britain’s national broadcaster.

The BBC hired “trans and nonbinary inclusion” consultants to tell its staff that there are more than 150 genders and instruct them to police each other’s use of gender pronouns, the Telegraph (UK) reported on Saturday.

According to the report, the BBC emailed its radio producers and program editors urging them to attend several training sessions last year organized by Global Butterflies, a group that describes itself on LinkedIn as offering “Trans & Non-binary Corporate Inclusion Training and Consultation.”

During the sessions, staff were reportedly told that “people can self-identify themselves in over 150 ways, and increasing!” They were shown examples of newly-invented gender pronouns such as “xe, xem, xyrs,” and told to include their own pronouns in their email signatures to be more “inclusive and welcoming” and to further their “trans brand.”

Those opting to go by traditional “he/she” pronouns were told that these descriptors “can create discomfort, stress and anxiety” for trans and non-binary colleagues, and that “using correct pronouns and names reduces depression and suicide risks.”

“If you overhear a colleague using the incorrect pronouns for someone, take them aside and remind them of the correct pronouns,” attendees were told.

The training sessions were held less than a year after Tim Davie took over as the BBC’s director. Upon taking the reins, Davie instructed employees at the taxpayer-funded broadcaster to stop “virtue-signaling” online and urged journalists to remain impartial and even to watch their body language and tone of voice when on camera, to avoid revealing “a personal opinion or prejudice.”

Amid this apparent crackdown on woke ideology, employees within the BBC’s ‘Pride Network’ claimed that they were told by higher-ups to “get used to” covering stories and hearing opinions that hurt their feelings, such as a story on lesbians being coerced into sex with transgender women, who are biologically male.

However, the Telegraph’s source, who recently quit the corporation, said that “the BBC simply doesn’t understand what’s going on with gender identity ideology,” and has “been pandering to a social contagion amongst young people rather than being the adult in the room.”

The whistleblower said that there is a “tight-knit cabal at the top of BBC News who give tacit approval to gender ideology.” This group allegedly shoots down stories critical of transgender ideology, while stories that “affirm gender ideology…go straight to output.”

The BBC did not tell the Telegraph how much taxpayer money it paid Global Butterflies for the training sessions but said that it has since cut ties with the group. The training sessions were described by a BBC spokesman as “voluntary” and allegedly had “no link to, or influence on, any editorial decision making.”

Global Butterflies did not respond to the Telegraph, and its website was down for maintenance when checked by RT. An archived version of the site from last year lists the London Stock Exchange, Shell, the National Health Service, the British Transport Police and the United Kingdom Strategic Command as some of its clients. Also mentioned as a client is OFCOM, Britain’s media regulator responsible for policing the content of broadcasters, including the BBC.

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Source:RT News

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  1. There is no place for objective reality in the woke world.

    There are only two sexes, man and woman, based on chromosomes. Well we can dilute a bit for gender, male, female and trans allowing for 3 categories. This issue is nothing to do with how on feels due to mental disorders or the fluid, spctra interpretations. These are interpreted alternate realities of convenience, which is like selling our own piece of papper as currency.

  2. Why Big Bullshit Corporation (BBC) did not reject Pfzer and other covid jab clinical trials which did not include all the 200 genders? I can onlky see male/female description in Pfizer reports which were reluctantly made public. Even if they have included some of the mixed gender, they are NOT in equal proportion. So the BBC should have warned everyone not to trust the jabs because of lack of gender balance, right? What a fkunning hypocrisy?

  3. For the last three days I’ve been identifying as a pencil. That stopped when the rubber on the top of me told me it was identifying as a verb. I’ve decided to go back to being a male and learning to live with drawing no attention to myself. The BBC has been a sheltered workshop for years and is a dumping ground for neurotics. Where else would you go to have “coffee without milk” instead of black coffee? They used to deal in news. Now its engineered oversensitivity at every opportunity.

  4. My grand daughter (10yrs old) came home from school recently and told her parents she was disgusted to be told by her teacher there are 77 genders. Why are kids in NZ schools being taught this woke leftist American crap? Furthermore an few weeks later she went to a slumber party at a friends house only to find these kids were practising what it was like to be a different gender. She dropped all those girls as friends – except one who had the same view as her. Now she prefers to ride her horses and win competitive medals. At least the horses know what gender they are.

  5. The more they push this BS the more we will switch off. The pendulum has swung too far. I can feel it.

    Our TV has been switched off permanently since May 2020 and we don’t miss it. Don’t miss the ads, don’t miss the lies and propaganda and all the dumb reality shows. I can’t stand the woke bought off TV hosts. Stop watching it and they all lose their jobs. On the scrap heap with everyone else whose lives they took part in trashing. Same goes for the radio. Turn the Wokesters and vax pushers off. Start listening to The Platform where at least you can have your say and no one can lay a broadcasting complaint for someone elses hurty feelings because they can’t handle the truth.


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