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Calls to stop ‘cloud seeding’: Yorkshire farmers warn of crisis as weather manipulation raises concerns

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Yorkshire farmers are sounding the alarm as they face a potential agricultural crisis due to unprecedented weather conditions.

The region has endured an exceptionally wet 18 months, leading to waterlogged soil and jeopardising this year’s harvest. Wheat and bread prices are expected to rise, impacting both consumers and farmers alike.

According to data from the Met Office, the period from October 2022 to March 2024 has seen the highest amount of rainfall in any 18-month span in recorded English history. The continuous downpour has left fields saturated, making it difficult for crops to grow.

Concerns are also rising about human intervention in the atmosphere. Reports have emerged of governments and billionaires engaging in weather modification projects worldwide, according to an article by broadcaster and NY Times best-selling author GP Taylor in today’s Yorkshire Post. Saudi Arabia and the UAE, for instance, have been actively seeding clouds to induce rainfall in desert regions, aiming to address water scarcity issues.

In the last 24 hours Dubai in the UAE was hit by flooding that submerged roads and vehicles and caused flights to be diverted after a reported 158mm of rain fell in 24 hours, equivalent to the typical yearly average.

The results of such endeavours in the Arab weather manipulation programmes has been notable, with billions of cubic metres of water precipitated, leading to the creation of new water sources and increased vegetation. In Saudi Arabia, the efficacy of cloud seeding has even prompted red warnings for heavy rainfall and strong winds, underscoring both the potential and the risks associated with manipulating weather systems.

Beyond the Middle East, similar initiatives are underway. Billionaire WHO donor Bill Gates is backing research into solar geoengineering, which involves dispersing particles into the atmosphere to mimic the cooling effects of volcanic eruptions. While proponents argue that such methods could help mitigate the impacts of alleged ‘climate change’, critics warn of unpredictable consequences, including mass flooding and drought.

Historical incidents further compound these concerns. The devastating floods that struck Britain in 1952, notably the disaster in the Devon village of Lynmouth, have been linked to cloud seeding experiments conducted by the RAF. Operation Cumulus was suspended following the tragedy, highlighting the potential dangers of tampering with natural weather systems.

Despite official denials of ongoing geoengineering activities, skepticism persists among the public. Observations of persistent contrails in the sky, along with anecdotal evidence from eyewitnesses, fuel suspicions of clandestine weather manipulation. The lack of transparency surrounding these projects only exacerbates distrust in official narratives.

Taylor writes:

‘As an avid sky watcher, I have noticed that since 2015 (never saw this before then) there are a growing number of jet contrails, especially when there is a cloudless sky. I have watched and photographed the same large jet going backwards and forwards along the coast at Filey. It did this for nearly an hour before it switched off its contrail and flew south.

‘The clear sky is left with a patchwork of contrails that don’t disappear and cause a phenomenon called contrail cirrus. Within the hour, the clouds thicken blocking out the sun. Often this leads to rain.

‘I have seen this happen many times, but whenever I speak to someone in authority about this, I am met with a brick wall of denial and silence, even though there are aeronautical companies in this country who advertise this service. There is a growing library of evidence from whistle-blowers involved in these operations and the internet is full of videos taken inside the planes showing the equipment used.’

Image credit: Jonathon Young

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