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Climate change a deliberate ploy to ‘destroy the country’ – former UK politician

Former Member of the European Parliament Godfrey Bloom told viewers that climate change was also ‘WEF sponsored.’

Known for his fiery temperament and controversial statements Bloom was formerly the party whip for UKIP until he was forced to resign after allegedly hitting journalist Michael Crick with a conference brochure in 2013.

At a 2009 UN climate change conference in Copenhagen, Bloom applauded the 1985 bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour, by calling it’s successor ship the Rainbow Warrior II ‘one of the most truly fascist ships since 1945.’

A fervent opponent of climate change policy and ideology, Bloom told his social media followers recently that climate change was ‘nonsense’ and ‘Net Zero’ – the UK government’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – was ‘absurd, impossible’ and unncessary.

‘I was on the Environment Committee in the European Union and I’ve never heard so much nonsense talked in all my life. There are ten thousand researchers in all for the European Parliament when I was there and I threw open a challenge to all researchers of every political party in every country if they could show me any correlation between atmospheric carbon dioxode and temperature and weather.

‘None could, simply because there is none. And this is why we haven’t been able to debate this on mainstream TV, which is where most people get the information. There has been no serious debate. There has been plenty of people appearing on your TV screens that have been celebrities, royals, actors and actresses, goodness knows, but very, very few independent scientists, and yet there are thousands of them – thousands of them who do not accept that man-made carbon dioxide is going to form some form of apocolyptic end to the planet.

‘It’s nonsense.

‘It’s WEF sponsored and it’s about political control because most of my subscribers know that.

‘For some time I’ve been building a website, as always editing it with experts, independent international scientific experts from all over the world with charts and data and everything you possibly need to make your own decision. Please visit it and have a look for yourself, because we are going into some sort of suicidal pact here in Great Britain over this subject with ‘Net Zero.’

‘Net Zero, which is absurd, impossible, unnecessary, and we’re now tripling the number of wind turbines we’re going to have, but three times ‘FA’ is still ‘FA’ – it’s three times nothing. It’s a waste of time.

‘We’ve got solar panels being distributed now around Yorkshire – Yorkshire! Solar Panels? I love Yorkshire but the sun don’t shine here very much to be absolutely frank. It’s absolute madness. We’ve got wind turbines, we’ve got all sorts of things which don’t work which is why we’re in the mess we’re in now. Yet we have natural gas under our feet, particularly in Lancashire…

‘This is quite deliberate, to destroy the country – there can be no other rational explanation… the government, or somebody behind the government wants to destroy this country’s economic future.’

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  1. Since the beginning of time it’s been “5 wolves feeding on 100 sheep,” there’s nothing you can do about it, “It’s the way of things.”

  2. No need to worry about CO2. Intel agencies already have bird flu with “Gain of function” on the shelf. With a 53% fatality rate, CO2 emission will be a thing of the past.

  3. of course it is nonsense.
    The same people also blew up the nordstream pipeline so that we are now without gas. And our industries are moving away. So unemployment for many very soon.
    And they also have been destroying european agriculture with ” norms” as for example the size of a cucumber Every year tons of food are in europe thrown away because of brussels ” norms”.
    Landgrab occuring in the netherlands, Most fisheries have been destroyed. The goal being to have us eat insects. Already “farms” implanted in europe . Making flour out if it to be processed, like it of not in all kind of industrial food, like pizzas etc
    If the EU falls apart, many will cheer

  4. Vegan Green is the new Communist Red!
    …right up to the chocolate-covered cockroaches in the vacuum pack!

  5. “Climate Change” is about increasing their control upon us and creating scarcity in terms of reducing the amount and variety of food and energy that is available. With less food and energy and higher “green / climate” taxes then people would be less willing to have children. This then fulfills their population reduction agenda as was specified upon the (now demolished) Georgia Guide Stones.

    With 8 billion of us on the planet it is obvious that we will affect it. However, what the leaders should be doing is looking at ways of reducing our impact without controlling or subjugating us. Nikola Tesla had free energy and when he died in 1943 the FBI raided his safe and all the information was never seen again.

    Remember, the same people pushing “climate change” with “green” taxes and 15-minute cities are the ones who hide free energy and clean energy technology from humanity.
    Remember, the same people who travel to Davos in their private jets are the ones who want us to move to electric cars so that they can then ban us from charging the electric cars so that we cannot go anywhere.

    The net worth of each of the people who went to Davos was $300 million US. If they REALLY cared about climate change, they would use their own money to privately fund research into developing clean energy solutions.

    • Also Mark, research and read ‘The Deagel Forecast’ of both 2018 and then compare to 2025!
      The Georgia Guide Stones provided solid proof of their plan; that is why the ‘Stones were dynamited in the wee-hours of the morning a couple of years ago.
      Also, check out the Masonically-inspired Luciferian mural at the Denver International Airport terminal, and the Red Horse of the Apocalypse at the gates of the airport itself, complete with red glowing eyes…
      . Hence, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then the scenarios in the mural itself shows that we are already seeing some aspects of that horrific future.

  6. The scientific method requires healthy scepticism. When sceptics are silenced, cancelled, “unpersoned” or whatever technique the Globalist left uses to shut down dissent, then the scientific method has collapsed. It then has been replaced by pure dogma, which has no relation to reality. When wokesters tell me “the science is settled”, my answer is that, “no real scientist will ever claim the science “is settled” when it comes to such complex systems as the weather, secondly, since you have shut down dissent, it is not science but unadulterated dogma”.


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