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Dutch consumer prices soaring – data

Dutch economy news

Inflation has risen for two months in a row, the government statistics service has reported.

Annual inflation in the Netherlands rose for the second month in a row and reached 6.1% in May, preliminary data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) released on Thursday showed.

Growth in consumer prices has accelerated in recent months, increasing from 4.4% in March to 5.2% in April on an annual basis. The trend has largely been driven by energy prices, which fell less significantly in May than in the previous month, the report said.

The costs of food, beverages and tobacco have also contributed to the uptick in Dutch price increases. Grocery inflation in May eased slightly to 12.8% from the April figure of 13.2%, but was still above expectations.

Prices of industrial goods rose by 8.9% in May from 8.3% the previous month. Meanwhile, energy including motor fuel was 18.5% cheaper last month following a more than 22% decline in April, figures showed.

However, the cost of services such as cafes, bars and amusement parks climbed to 6.1% from 6% in April, CBS said.

The CBS figure based on the harmonized European measurement method, which does not include the impact of rental housing showed that inflation in the Netherlands was 6.8% in May, a full percentage point higher than in April.

Image credit: Ivan Rivero

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Source:RT News

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  1. The Dutch need to overthrow their WEF Globalist Government, as that same government is now starving them out, and it’s going to be much worse than the post-World War Two starvation.
    They are being prohibited from growing veggies, and now the dairy and meat cattle are being ordered slaughtered, with no replacement stock.
    People need to understand that ‘Government’ is only there on a trust basis. When that trust is violated by the Government taking over and ignoring the will of the people, then the people have every Human Right to remove, or overthrow that Government!

    • Totally agree.
      May I respectfully add: most Western/NATO governments are in lock-step with WEF, WHO and UN, all entities created to serve the 0.1 % of international bankster cabal.
      ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that happens on a global scale is DESIGNED by a very few circles, who have carved out their power since more that 250 years.
      Even bank failures…THEY are laughing!
      As if bank failures would phase them. THEY (Blackrock, Vanguard {try to find out who owns that], State Street, and all the biggo banks, have amassed ALL wealth and ALL currency , and now they let the rest of the world collapse and fail.
      THEY will still have the accumulated production facilities, like farm land and factory hard-ware and mines, easily acquired via the fractional reserve system and compound interest THEY instituted.
      THEIR power works by funding their greedy agents (politicians spouting ‘socialism’) and owning the mass-media presstitudes.
      Most of global issues are just a side show…for THEM.
      Especially war…THEIR biggest profit line since centuries.
      If there are a few billion creatures less to fight for survival…
      Think! What will that do for THEM?

  2. In 2004 the Dutch and the French were asked by referendum if they agreed to sign a treaty allowing a European parliament.
    The answer was NO.
    In 2007 the dutch and french parliaments
    voted the Lisbon treaty allowing a european parliament. Therefore, the respectives constitution were changed. As far as i know, it is not possible any more to have a referendum in the Netherlands.
    That is a denial of democracy.
    Further one must know that the european commission in bruxelles ( von der leyen) does not consult the european parliament for establishing thouthands of ” regulations” etc.
    The European Central Bank is also busy with implementing a digital currency.
    At the moment in europe there is everywhere unrest and strikes. But also a lot of freedom restrictions and repression. Rumble is not available in France and there are discussion going among the european commission to restrain twitter. Threats to elon musk as well. And as RT and all what is russian: censure. ( Thanks for your publication DT)
    The Euro currency is a bad thing for many countries and their economies
    It is just a question of time before everything goes bust


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