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Fauci accused of ‘crimes against humanity’ in Wuhan gain-of-function coverup

Fauci committee hearing news

Fauci was the chief medical adviser to the president in 2021-2022, during a pivotal period in the COVID ‘pandemic’.

In a dramatic congressional 3 June hearing of the Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci disavowed actions taken by his longtime senior adviser and friend Dr. David Morens, who authorities claim violated federal rules by using personal email for official business and editing a press release for EcoHealth Alliance, a recipient of state funding.

Lawmakers accused Fauci of engaging in self-preservation, lies and corruption in the fiery hearing.

‘It was obvious to everyone that you and your organization (NIH) had a lot to lose if the American people were to discover that COVID-19 was most likely leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, and that you via the EcoHealth Alliance and Peter Daszek, actually funded this research, and that this lab was actively and recklessly funding gain-of-function research,’ said Dr. Ronny Jackson (R-TX).

‘As such, you did everything in your power to deflect and coverup this possibility. You even recruited others to help you in this effort. Unfortunately this cost our country and the world valuable time – time that may have led to answers regarding the origin, may have blunted the spread, and may have almost certainly saved lives.

‘While I think most of us have known all along what I’ve just described, what I have been appalled to discover through sworn testimony to this committee, is the level to which you and those who worked for you, went to coverup the obvious.’

In an earlier hearing damning evidence was presented of Morens deleting emails and bragging about circumventing the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). But Fauci claimed Morens was not an advisor on policy or substantive issues and distanced himself from Morens’s communications with Peter Daszak, head of EcoHealth Alliance, which funneled NIAID grants to a lab in Wuhan. Fauci denied any knowledge of Morens’s actions and insisted he did not promise protection to Daszak.

Government funding for the EcoHealth Alliance has been suspended, and Daszak is currently facing debarment proceedings based on evidence of ‘misconduct.’ The process will prevent him from receiving US taxpayer funds. Daszak has been accused by the US Ministry of Health and Human Sevices (HHS) of ignoring the risks of gain-of-function research and violating NIH grant terms.

Fauci was accused of being complicit in covering up NIH’s involvement in gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. Morens’s emails suggested close communication with Fauci, including evading FOIA by using private channels. Further, Dr. Kristian Andersen, who authoured a paper dismissing the lab leak theory, claimed Fauci “prompted” the work and subsequently received substantial funding from NIAID. The subcommittee highlighted a pattern of secretive behaviour among Fauci’s closest aides, raising questions about his transparency and involvement.

The hearing continues today.

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  1. WTF were the FBI/CIA and all the other alphabet agencies doing 4 years ago? Surely they knew most of this back then. They too, let the bull**** continue

  2. That list of ten thousand exemptions for the Covid jab in New Zealand MUST be obtained.
    Any politician, journalist, doctor, public servant or celebrity (take one for the team) who claimed an exemption and then pushed the jabs must be put on trial for crimes against humanity and treason.

  3. He’s accused of crimes against humanity in a congressional hearing. What happens when in the US, the house and congress put the pieces together and realize that:

    (1) The virus was deliberately released, and,
    (2) The vaccines were engineered to be poison – to maim, kill and give people life changing illnesses.

    You probably could never prove (1) however the following are strong indicators:
    (a) Fauci said in January 2017 that President Trump WOULD have a pandemic during his presidency.
    (b) Event 201 held in October 2019 in Wuhan had “movers and shakers” from the medical and military domains to discuss how to manage a pandemic, in other words, how to manage us in terms of lockdowns, coerced vaccinations, social distancing and mask wearing. Shortly before the end of 2019 a video surfaced of people in Wuhan literally dropping dead on the streets from a mystery virus.
    (a) and (b) indicate prior knowledge, and what is the statistical chance of a pandemic meeting happening a month or two before the pandemic breaks out IN THE SAME CITY?

    You can prove (2) by looking at the excess deaths in countries that are heavily vaccinated, not in 2020 when the pandemic happened, but in 2021 just after the vaccine roll-out.

    Also, of note to be considered is that, from the point of view of humanity, it makes little difference whether the people in Wuhan were actually dropping dead from a viral concentrate or if they were “crisis actors” pretending to drop dead. Either way the end result is FEAR for humanity with the intent of compliance to the dictates of governments.

    I think that there is A LOT MORE that congress could uncover.

  4. String him up by the finger nails – this murderer should have been hung during the aids epidemic when he did exactly the same shit as the convid scam – fraudci is disgusting


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