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Genetic testing company confirms theft of data

Personal information offered for sale by hackers is authentic, 23andMe has said.

The California-based 23andMe has confirmed that the personal information of its customers put up for sale on the black market is real, but insisted on Friday that its systems had not been hacked.

“Following a claim that someone had gained access to and is selling certain 23andMe customer data, we conducted an investigation. We have not identified any unauthorized access to our systems. We will continue to monitor the situation,” the company said in a statement.

While the company’s physical servers may not have been hacked per se, the “threat actors” apparently used “recycled login credentials” obtained from other online platforms to gain access to some accounts, according to the IT security outlet BleepingComputer.

The handful of compromised accounts were among those that had opted into 23andMe’s “DNA Relatives” feature, which allowed the thieves to scrape the data of their relative matches.

The first inkling of trouble appeared on Monday, when a hacker advertised “one million” lines of data pertaining to Ashkenazi Jews. Two days later, the hacker offered to sell data profiles in bulk, charging anywhere from $1-$10 per account. The purloined data included full names, usernames, profile photos, birth dates, locations and genetic ancestry results, all of which could be used by identity thieves and other malicious actors.

23andMe has urged users to enable two-factor authentication, refrain from reusing passwords, and reset their passwords if they fear their data could be at risk.

The company is a major player in the genetic testing market, offering services ranging from discovering one’s ancestry to detecting genes linked to hereditary diseases and serious health conditions. Its name is a reference to the number of chromosome pairs in a diploid human cell.

In 2018, 23andMe announced a partnership with GlaxoSmithKline, allowing the pharmaceutical giant to use test results of five million customers to develop new medication in return for a $300 million investment. The arrangement was extended through July 2023 for an additional $50 million.

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Source:RT News

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  1. ALL of these DNA companies that trace and analyse ‘Family DNA’ are Zionist owned.
    In order to gain sympathy from the public for those who own these DNA sites, they will always seemingly attach ‘J3wi$h’ as part of one’s ‘Family DNA Heritage’.
    This is to generate ‘blood support’ and ‘genetic sympathy’…the more people who are told that they have J***** heritage, the more sub-conscience support the tested masses will give to the Zionists.(ie ‘After all, I’m J***** too… so I have to support the J3w$ and Israel…!’)
    My neighbour sent DNA in from her cat. Result; the cat is 45% Asian, 42% African, and 13% J3wi$h…!
    These companies under their T&C now OWN the DNA from those who sent in test samples!
    These companies are selling the DNA to insurance companies, law enforcement (see the recent story on that…) and the danger here is that DNA can be planted at a crime scene and an innocent person unjustly accused.
    Suggestion; wash out your condoms after use and pour ammonia window cleaner on all condoms, feminine pads / tampons before throwing them out!
    Now, there is a scientific methodology of collecting one’s DNA from the spaces where they have been, and also from air samples. But, the Chemtrails are now interfering with the air sample readings…! BAWHAWHAWHAW!!!
    The PTB / WEF / WHO / NWO are in full effort to link and exploit your DNA.
    You will soon be genocided for ‘having the wrong DNA’
    The cops are taking DNA at traffic stops saying that it’s to test for drugs. That may be, but the side reward or them is a DNA saliva sample alongside the drug lick.
    Make sure that your DNA is not left behind when you are not home, due to ‘no knock warrants’ and ‘ no warrant sneak-a-peek’ break-ins by LE.
    After all ‘Sir’ (disgusting) John Key passed sneaky no warrant searches.
    Just ask the Pastor in Christchurch who had his home crashed by the cops last year…when he wasn’t home, and both he and his lawyer were never notified!!!


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