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German army has ammo for only two days of war – media

German army news

The problem has been known “for years” but is being aggravated by the Ukraine crisis.

The German Army (Bundeswehr) has enough ammunition for only one or two days of warfare, the German edition of news website Business Insider (BI) reported on Saturday, citing defense industry and parliamentary sources.

According to BI, Berlin is significantly lagging behind the NATO requirement of maintaining stocks for at least 30 days of fighting. It was said that the problem “has been known for years,” as military drills have suffered from insufficient stores.

Stockpiles were further depleted after Germany, together with many other Western countries, began sending weapons and ammunition to Ukraine after Russia launched its military operation in the neighboring state in February.

The deliveries included 53,000 rounds for self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, 21.8 million rounds for firearms, and 50 bunker-buster missiles, according to the German government.

The situation with the shortage “will not improve if ammunition is removed from the Bundeswehr stocks, while corresponding orders are not placed on the defense industry at the same time,” Hans Christoph Atzpodien, CEO of the German Security and Defense Industry Association (BDSV), told BI. The outlet’s sources, meanwhile, were quoted as saying that there have been “no significant orders” for defense companies to produce more armaments.

Eva Hoegl, the German parliament’s defense commissioner, told BI that an additional €20 billion ($19.5bn) is needed to replenish the stocks.

Germany announced the establishment of a €100 billion ($97.4 billion) fund in February to strengthen the Bundeswehr in light of the Ukraine conflict.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht traveled to Ukraine’s southern port city of Odessa earlier this month. After the trip, she announced that Berlin would continue to support Kiev for as long as necessary.

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Source:RT News

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    • You may not agree with or like Zelensky but there’s no need for nastiness, it lowers our opinion of you. Do you look like you’ve just drifted out of Vogue magazine? Even if you did, being hateful is highly unattractive.

  1. Why do Germany needs any weapons or Army? They already surrendered to the deep state and only their agents rule the colony. US has bases and they do not need the permission of the German government and can do anything. They launched many middle-east, afganistan and kosovo operations directly.

    Bild and other MSM are fully controlled. German public are heavily fined for any of their online postings if it exposes the facts on the Ukranian conflict. Let us not care about a toothless nation that has no backbone of its own. German wealth is in the hands of a few and they have kept them safely. German banking system is fragile and the Euro bonds they hold lost hugely. Keep germany down and Russia out doctorine is working perfectly.????????????????

  2. The Indonesian mass killings of 1965–66, also known as the Indonesian genocide, primarily targeting members of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) is rarely told by the media. Other affected groups included communist sympathisers, Gerwani women, ethnic Javanese Abangan, ethnic Chinese, atheists, alleged “unbelievers”. It is estimated that between 500,000 to 1,000,000 people were killed during the main period of violence from October 1965 to March 1966.

    United States, along with Great Britain, Germany and Australia were involved in funding and instigating the killings. Germans must particularly think about the evil path they can be led to. MSM rarely talks about these killings. We will all forget about Ukraine in a few years but UK & Germany will take decades to reover from the mess they are in.


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