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German-Israeli among three dead hostages recovered by Israel

Hamas hostages news
German-Israeli tattoo artist Shani Louk, believed to have been kidnapped by Hamas © Instagram / shanukkk.

Hamas killed the three civilians while they were escaping the October 7 Nova festival carnage, Israel says.

The Israeli military has retrieved the bodies of three hostages from Gaza, chief military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said on Friday.

Among them is a 22-year-old German-Israeli woman, Shani Louk, seen in a widely circulated Hamas hostage-taking video during the raid on the Nova Festival, an all-night musical event held near the Gaza border on October 7.

Louk’s parents told the Washington Post the day after the carnage that they recognized her tattoos and long dreadlocks in the footage, which was posted hours after the raid.

It appeared to show her face-down and unconscious in the back of a pickup truck as militants surrounded her body, cheering. After watching the video, Louk’s mother posted a plea for “any help or any news” of her daughter.

Initially it was believed that Hamas kidnapped Louk alive, but her mother told German media back in October that the Israeli military had confirmed the death after finding a part of her skull. However, it was hoped that the two other hostages were still alive.

The other two deceased were identified as Amit Buskila, a fashion stylist, who was on the phone with her uncle during the carnage, and Yitzhak Gelernter, who reached the site a couple of hours before the attack.

Hagari said all three “were murdered by Hamas while escaping the Nova music festival… and their bodies were taken into Gaza”. He did not specify the location from where the remains were retrieved. Israeli media reported that the bodies were taken from a Hamas tunnel, and the military said it located them through “interrogations”. Israel is currently conducting a ground operation in the Gazan city of Rafah.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the soldiers conducting the military operation on Friday, calling the latest discovery “heart-breaking,” and reiterating a pledge to return all the remaining 129 hostages, “the living and the deceased alike”.

Hamas said that the other hostages will only be released through a ceasefire truce.

“The enemy will not get its prisoners except as lifeless corpses or through an honorable exchange deal for our people,” it said.

Fighting between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas, which has lasted more than seven months, was sparked by the Palestinian militant group’s surprise incursion into Israeli territory on October 7, 2023, which killed approximately 1,200 people.

Hamas also took over 200 hostages, half of whom were later released as part of prisoner exchanges.

Over 35,000 Palestinians have been killed and 78,755 wounded as a result of Israel’s retaliatory offensive in Gaza, according to health authorities in the enclave.

Qatar, one of the international mediators in the Israel-Hamas conflict, said this week that ceasefire talks had reached an impasse following the Israeli offensive in the city of Rafah.

Israeli officials told news website Ynet last week that the negotiations had not completely collapsed, and that indirect talks would resume “if there are answers from Hamas that we can work with.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. Being 22 in israhell, she also was or had been member of tsahal, no ? and then part of the ferocious repression against palestinians.
    She had the privilege to be german but prefered to be jew
    No tears

    • She also died after being stabbed and raped and spat on by your innocent, peace-loving, kumbaya-singing Palestinians, but yeah whatever.

      F*** her for being 22 in ISRAHELLLLL!!!!! 😒🤦🏼

      You heartless thug.

    • Anonymous has no love, no light, no compassion, no empathy.

      It probably worships Satan/Moloch/Baphomet, or is a stupid troll, trolling for responses because it is angry and needs attention.

      Anybody on the Earth who has no compassion or empathy for people who are deliberately murdered/butchered should really leave the Earth and never come back: We do not want people of such “low caliber” to live here with us, because we are better than you and will shortly become much better than you, because you do not represent humanity now or in our future. You are nothing to us and will shortly become part of our past only, and not our present or future.

      • ” You do not represent humanity now or in our future etc. etc.

        NAKBA ; Thieving , murdering and raping . A massacre of innocents. So don t come with your “compassion an empathy” for the ” chosen”. I don t have any

        • The “so called” Nakba.

          780 thousand Arab-Muslims left what would become Israel after Israel paid for their land and houses, only 160 thousand were not paid: They refused payment because they thought the soon to be Israel would be destroyed and they would go back to their houses, which did not happen.

          750 thousand Jews were thrown out of Arab countries with only what they could carry on their backs and were not paid for their land or houses.

          How long are you going to keep up your hatred? Another 75 years? Another 1000 years? Forever?

          Why should we have compassion for you when you have no compassion for anybody else? Everything seems to revolve around you and your “suffering”, whilst you willingly and gleefully inflict the most vindictive suffering upon other innocents.

          I was watching what was going on in July/August 2000 when Arafat was offered everything he wanted for a state, including generous trade deals that would allow the Palestinians to “hit the ground running”. Arafat rejected it because he said if he accepted then Hamas would kill him. Then in September 2000, he initiated another Intifada and sent waves of suicide bombers into Israel to maim and kill innocents.

          The Palestinians have already been offered a state and they refused it. Hamas was the obstacle then. If the Palestinians REALLY want a state, then Hamas must be removed now, and Israel is doing that because the Palestinians have not done that. Indeed, 75 percent of Palestinians support the atrocities committed by Hamas on 7 October 2023. Therefore, there is no realistic chance for a Palestinian state now, even after Hamas is defeated. Perhaps after a few decades when the hatred is removed, then there may be.

          • Well, i could oppose the holohoax.
            But it is a ” forbidden” subject ( many archives are now open to research) as all academics who want to publish about it are villified and criminalized by the j*** sh cabal. This is called ” revisionism” and this kind of free speach is forbidden in western countries. Censured !!!. Being an eternal ” victim” providing all kind of advantages and especially the one of shutting up people who disagree with the apartheid state israhell. There are decent jews who know that very well. They also are demonised and ostracized.
            Nevertheless, the truth has the persitent habit to reappears at the most inconvenient moments.
            I am neither muslim nor jewish and have no interest financial or otherwise to eradicate a population.
            I have no hatred for anyone, but surely i have no sympathy for the criminal state that is called israhell.
            And i have boycotted all goods from there for many years.
            The peace will return there some day, when israhell has disappeared.

            add on : Western countries would not have so many unwanted and unwelcomed muslim refugees if their countries had not been destroyed by incessant wars led by the USA and western europe to provide ” lebensraum” for israhell

          • Israel was founded by lying murdering ziojew thugs, it is the Synagogue of Satan, not the Gods chosen promised land that the cry baby joos keep bull****ting about with never ending fake victim tears over the shekkel gathering holohoax industry. Jesus is coming soon to chase these demons out for good.

    • A nony mouse, what a coward.Thankfully your attitude is rapidly becoming extinct in Gaza with each terrorist sent to join the houris wherever they keep houris for defeated terrorists and murderers.

  2. Well, yes rather. Definitely they were unaware of any pending danger struck in a surprise attack by these animals breed only to do these cowardly atrocities that we’ve seen the world over. So, innocent they were? Yes! It is atrocious to mar the memory of them.

    No, I don’t have tears for these murderers that gave away their humanity a long time ago.Who keep fighting an unwinable fight and put their children up to it generation after generation and for what? Because of their hatred for a specific group of people, tireless and relentlessly going on.These so called “Palestinians” not wanted anywhere else, arrived their with the specific purpose to kill their enemy

    They don’t have their roots in that place, they are foreigners there. Just breed and keep breeding to cause mayhem. Such a fine race of people, not! No, no tears.

    As for the Kharzsarians, they show no mercy, but they’re never to be in the line of fire, they work there evil behind the scenes causing their dishonest fight ensnaring others for their profit and gain. No tears for them either but they don’t seem to bare the brunt of any blame. Protected from harm or blame by their overwhelmingly huge wealth.
    Disgusting parasites. But I can not work out who’s worse. No tears. Just an unwinable bloody war. You won’t see peace in your beloved “Palestine” anonymous

  3. Sorry for her family. I don’t believe a word the IDF says about oct 7 or the ensuing war, but either way she has been killed and did not deserve to. Just like the other 25000+ innocent Palestinians and Israelis from the 35000 or so killed.

    An eye for eye makes all blind

    • A very pretty girl. That is why emotions run so high. Could have been anybody’ s child. But the political/war/genocide context does not allow it

    • No doubt correct, what do they say again? Truth is the first casualty of war.
      But it’s their fight isn’t it? Over and over and over again.
      I didn’t read the whole article to long etc..


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