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Hunter Biden files to block daughter from taking his name – media

Hunter Biden news

The US president’s son denied being the girl’s father until a DNA test proved otherwise.

US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter filed last week to block his four-year-old daughter Navy Joan Roberts from taking the Biden name, telling an Arkansas court that it would rob the girl of a “peaceful existence,” the New York Post reported on Saturday.

Biden’s lawyer filed a motion asking Arkansas Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer to deny the name change request by Navy Joan’s mother, former Biden employee Lunden Roberts, until the girl is able to decide for herself – once “the disparagement of the Biden name is not at its height.”

Biden, who denied the child was even his until a paternity test conducted in 2019 proved otherwise, called the name-change move “political warfare,” pointing out that Roberts had sought to have their daughter’s name redacted from court records related to the DNA test. That case is ongoing, with Biden having filed in September to reduce child support payments, citing a “substantial material change” in his financial circumstances.

Roberts filed last month to legally change Navy Joan’s last name to Biden in a series of court motions connected to the ongoing paternity suit, telling the media through her lawyer that the child would clearly “benefit” from taking on the family name, which was “now synonymous with being well-educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful.”

Allowing the girl to carry the Biden name would go some way toward correcting the family’s utter indifference to her, the filing stated, describing the relationship as one in which she was “estranged” to the point of “misconduct or neglect.”

While media reports initially claimed Biden and Roberts met while she was working as a stripper at the Mpire club in Washington DC, allowing the presidential scion to blame Navy Joan’s conception on his admittedly prodigious drug addiction, Roberts’ lawyer has countered that she was actually a salaried employee of his consulting firm Rosemont Seneca.

The claim is supported by texts and other records from Biden’s ‘laptop from hell’ abandoned in a Delaware repair shop that show she got pregnant while working for him and was unceremoniously removed from company health insurance as soon as the child was born.

Hunter and his father have never met Navy Joan, according to Roberts.

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Source:RT News

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  1. In another ‘social media post’, one group suggested that the Trump Family offer their last name to both mother and daughter, and to ‘adopt’, both of them into the extended Trump Family.
    THAT would be a big slap in the face for the Biden / Pelosi Crime Families, and perhaps would reveal some of the secrets regarding the same.
    The name ‘Trump’ is much more honourable than the ‘Biden’ designation, but the first paragraph of this article would justify the reasons for denying Navy Joan the Biden name.
    After all, who would want the surname of a criminal cartel?
    The fact that Crack-Head Hunter, ‘Doctor’ Jill and child-sniffing ice cream cone slurping Dopey Joe have not even acknowledged this mother and child speaks volumes!
    Since they have denied the mother and child, don’t we all think that they, along with Pelosi, have denied the American People for YEARS despite the fact that they are posing as ‘El-ected Representatives’ who really only represent money laundering, bribes, blackmailing by the Mossad, war with Russia, and managing the taxpayer-provided cash injected trust fund(s) to Israel, AIPAC, the ADL, the ACLU and the SPLC?
    & let’s not forget the Zio-Communist ops of ANTIFA going back to the 1920’s, and BLM which, together, murdered over 56 people in the summer, with billions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses during the same period!
    Note also that it was ‘catch & release’ for leftist criminal communist thugs that is essentially a Zionist-ops, while the J-6ers are being held illegally under the UN-Constitutional NDAA!
    See Hal Turner’s latest article about the WEF Meeting in Davos, Switzerland…


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