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Israel carries out new attack on Aleppo airport – Syrian media

Aleppo airport news

At least one missile reportedly struck the runway of Syria’s second-largest airport.

In a second attack on the Aleppo international airport in the span of a week, at least one missile struck the runway while “several” were shot down by Syrian air defenses, the state media in Damascus reported on Tuesday evening, blaming Israel for the strike.

“Israeli aggression targeted the Aleppo airport,” the Syrian Arab News Agency reported on Tuesday, adding that air defenses “shot down a number” of missiles fired from international airspace over the Mediterranean Sea.

The strike involved at least five missiles and took the Aleppo airport out of service once again, according to several local reports, which could not be independently confirmed.

Tuesday evening’s attack is the second strike against the Aleppo airport in the space of a week. Last Wednesday, several Israeli missiles made it past the Syrian air defenses, striking and damaging the runway and disabling the airport. The same air raid caused damage at the Damascus international airport as well, but it remained operational.

According to the Russian military, on that occasion Israeli jets fired a total of 16 projectiles, including missiles and glide bombs. Syrian authorities said the Aleppo runway would be repaired by Friday.

The Aleppo airport had only reopened for civilian traffic in February 2020, having been badly damaged by the fighting with Western-backed militants seeking to overthrow the Syrian government. Civilian flights in and out of Syria were rerouted through Aleppo in June, after a series of Israeli strikes damaged the Damascus airport runway.

Israel has repeatedly struck Syria with missiles. On the rare occasions the Israeli government has acknowledged the attacks, it has described them as preemptive self-defense against Iran. Tehran has offered military aid to Damascus in recent years against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists and other radical militants.

Syria has denounced the strikes as illegal and unacceptable. The Foreign Ministry in Damascus informed the UN last week that Israel will “bear all legal, moral, political and financial responsibilities for deliberately targeting the international airports of Damascus and Aleppo and for endangering civilian facilities and lives.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. Israel is a criminal state, as evidenced by the attack on the USS Liberty, the war on the Palestinians in the Zionist attempt to drive them from their homeland, and the recent assassination of Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.
    Just a few months ago, Israel atacked the AP and Al-Jazeera news services building.
    Then, we have the random sniping in the Gaza and West Bank, stealing property and land from the Palestinians, with the Mossad assassinating those who speak out against all of the crimes that Israel continues to commit using American taxpayer money in the BILLIONS that supports such a terrorist state!
    The hypocrisy of Israel runs parallel to what the Nazis did to the non-Khazarian J3w$!
    Aleksander Solzhenytsyn noted that radical J3w$ ran the GULAG Camps.
    All of the Communist Hierarchy were J3wi$h!!!
    This model of GULAG was later used by the SS and the Nazis, but with industrialised murder thrown into the mix!
    It was not only the J3w$ that suffered, but others as well in the Konzentration Kamps, which were privatised institutions!
    The International Red Cross in Geneva no longer gives out the breakdowns of ethnic, religious or political groups that died in the camps, but from past research, it wasn’t ‘6-million J3w$’…the 6 million included ALL persecuted groups!
    See Jim Traficant’s video where he exposes the modus operandi of Israel in his last interviews with Hannity and Sustern.
    & those ‘J3w$’ in Israel are not actually pure J3w$: (see Wikipedia for genetic codings, and the ‘J3wi$h Genome Myth’ at Snordster, along with ‘Shooter’ and ‘Monster’); they are Zionists. Torah Judaism and Talmudic Zionism are not compatible to one another, and the Orthodox, Shepardic and Hasidic Rabbis demonstrate in weekly protests.
    Zionists are not only J3wi$h in their ranks, but also Christian, Moslem, Agnostics, Athiests, Luciferians, etc.
    They are within Zionism to promote their Talmudic agendas under Noahide Law!
    & every year, each U.S. President has signed-off on Noahide Law in front of the various Rabbis gathered in the Oval (Offal) Office! This is why Common Law, Constitutional Law, and the Right of Due Process has disappeared in the U.S.
    And until recently, ALL members of both the House & Senate had to sign ‘Pledges to Israel’ that over-rode their Constitutional Oaths that they all took when they entered the Congress and Senate!
    J3w$ now make up 2/3rd to 3/4ers of Biden’s ‘Cabinet’…and they are out to destroy the Goyim (you & me) along with those who are considered ‘profane and unenlightened’ by the Luciferian aspects of the Masonic Lodges!
    See Hal Turner’s report for today where Congress is out to destroy the world via war with Russia, China, Iran, and Civil War inside the U.S..


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