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Largest US military base drops ‘racist’ name

Fort Bragg news
1st Brigade enlisted barracks, Fort Bragg

The former Fort Bragg, North Carolina will from now on be known as Fort Liberty.

The US Army officially redesignated its largest military base as Fort Liberty on Friday. Its previous name, Fort Bragg, was changed in the ongoing purge of all references to the Confederacy, launched after the 2020 George Floyd protests and riots.

“The name Liberty honors the heroism, sacrifices, and values of the soldiers, service members, civilians, and families who live and serve with this installation,” the XVIII Airborne Corps said in a statement.

A community team charged with choosing a new name considered numerous Medal of Honor recipients, including Sergeant Alvin York, a hero of World War I, but could not reach a consensus, said the corps commander, Lieutenant General Chris Donahue.

“There was no right name. There were no names that could define what this post is all about,” said Donahue. “Liberty has always been here. Liberty has always been ingrained in this area.”

The 250-square mile (650 square km) facility is considered one of the largest military installations in the world. It is the home of the XVIII Airborne Corps, the 82nd Airborne Division, the Delta Force, the US Army Special Operations Command, the Reserve Command, and the Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command. Since its creation in 1918, it bore the name of Confederate General Braxton Bragg, a native of North Carolina.

The civil war of 1861-1865, in which seceding slave-holding states of the Confederacy fought against Union troops, was the bloodiest conflict in US history, claiming the lives of at least 620,000 soldiers on both sides.

Former US President Woodrow Wilson in 1917 championed naming the army bases located in the South after Confederate officers. As late as 2017, the Pentagon had fended off demands to rename the facilities by activists who argued that honoring the Confederacy in any way was racist.

In 2021, however, the Democrat-majority Congress cited the previous year’s Black Lives Matter protests to recommend a purge of all Confederate references. Five other bases have been renamed so far: Fort Pickett and Fort Lee in Virginia, Fort Hood in Texas, Fort Rucker in Alabama, and Fort Benning in Georgia. Three more – Fort Gordon, Fort AP Hill, and Fort Polk – will have their names changed in the future.

Image credit: Jonas N. Jordan, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Public Domain

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Source:RT News

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  1. ‘Camp Liberty’ is still not ‘Camp Freedom’.
    There is a vast difference between ‘Liberty’ and ‘Freedom’ by definition in Black’s Law Dictionary.
    We have NEVER had ‘Freedom’…only ‘Liberty’ via ‘privileges’ that were granted to us grudgingly by the PTB.
    ‘Liberty’ means you need rego, plates, & a WOF…
    ‘Freedom’ means not having to comply with any of that!

  2. Ft. Bragg in North Carolina is located next to the city of Fayetteville…better known ‘Fayette Nam’.
    Pope AFB is next to that, and supports the 82nd Airborne.
    Under the control of this is the ‘Airlift Command Element, or ‘ALCE’, which was always f#*ked-up due to the Officer Corps always wanting to do everything, but not wanting to take the risk of responsibility should anything go wrong.
    Result; life was pure hell living and working in that area.
    Pope AFB was like a giant magnetic vacuum cleaner that seemed to suck the C-130 crews into it from Little Rock, Dyess, plus the Reserve and Guard units.
    16 hour days, little sleep due to the night choppers flying Spec Ops, and little or no time to even wash one’s flight suit. This went on for a week at a time. One would return to one’s home base totally exhausted.
    If you were out of sorts and favour with the Supervision and Command back at your home unit, the bastards would send you out the following Monday at 2 AM for another week of Pope punishment.
    One Loadmaster went and demanded a Court Martial as he went for 6 weeks straight, and was denied leave after week 4. Obviously, he was granted leave, and he went looking for another assignment during what should have been holiday time.
    Many Aircrew would go DNIF (Duties Not To Include Flying) after 3 weeks of the Pope punishment experience.
    The paratroopers in the meantime would wait like cattle under the shade of pine trees, and then board-up after many hours due to ALCE always screwing things up.
    I won’t get in to what went on at Ft. Bragg, but this much I can say from talking to people ‘back home’;
    Those Southern States that are Red, White and pissed-off will secede from the Union if another election is fraudulently tampered with.
    The statues of Southern Confederate Generals may be out of public view for now (the Southerners only went along with this charade in order to prevent further vandalisation of the remaining statues…) but they are in secure storage, waiting to be placed back on their stands of honor when the Second Civil War is over, and the New Confederacy gives rise to a new, but smaller nation that is red-pilled, Christian’ (I don’t do ‘religions’…) conservative and Constitutional.
    Will this come to pass? Probably not, due to several Tsar Bomba’s going off in that geographical location.
    We shall see…


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