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Only one in three UN members back new anti-Russia resolution

UN news

International support for Ukraine has dropped dramatically since March.

Ukraine’s latest proposal to condemn Russia has attracted the backing of just 58 out of 193 UN member states, a far cry from the number that symbolically supported Kiev in the General Assembly in March.

Kiev’s envoy to the UN Sergey Kislitsa heralded the proposed resolution on Wednesday, following the Security Council meeting convened on Ukraine’s independence day. The session featured a video address by President Vladimir Zelensky, for which the council had to override protocol requiring in-person appearances, and a series of statements by Western governments denouncing Russia.

Moscow’s envoy Vassily Nebenzia provided the counterpoint by introducing evidence of Ukrainian atrocities into the record and even naming Kiev’s western backers as accomplices in specific instances.

Kislitsa’s resolution also fell short of the support Kiev had back in March, right after the start of the Russian military operation. At the March 2 General Assembly session,141 member countries – or 73% of the UN – voted for a nonbinding resolution to condemn Moscow.

This week, however, that support stood at 30%, with no African, Persian Gulf or BRICS countries on board – and only two Latin American governments, Colombia and Guatemala, standing with Ukraine.

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Source:RT News

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  1. It appears Zelenski has lost both the war on the ground and the minds of those who supported the Ukraine.

    Like New Zealand who raised the Ukraine flag over our parliament hastily. Which parliament did not condemn the wests biolabs or the Ukrainian Nazi regiments and philosophies that now saturate that society.

    Not even a whisper.

    Jacinda Adern you and your friends truly are a low life’s

    • Jewkraine indeed. The IDF paramilitary have been in there for a while now, for “training purposes only” you understand. How stupid do they think we are…

  2. All sovereign countries oppose the Ultimate Scum (US) hegemony. These sovereign make their own independent assessment.

    NZ is NOT a sovereign country at all. It is part of the 5eyes, enforcer of Globalist WEF agenda, party to the proxy wars and our foreign policy is dictated, propagandised using MSM. Our media no longer have any balance or try to inform. Whether it is Pfizer jabbing or Ukraine conflict, MSM mercenaries ae simply selling a propaganda narrative. Tova questioning Jabcinda or Tova interviewing Zelensky, it is all part of the propaganda. Baker is the agent for Pfizer and Patman is the rusophobe agent for the Big MIC. These agents are in academia, media, politics, business and NGOs operating in NZ.

    We need to watch UN discussions and presentations, presented by both sides, to lknpw the full story. Crowd funded journalists provide us the truth. Critics such as https://caitlinjohnstone.com/ remind us where truth lies.

    In short, we are part of the Empire of Lies aka Truman Show; a fact most public do not realise or think it is a “conspiracy theory” but it is a conspiracy fact.

  3. So our tax money is going to support the nazis in Ukraine? Hmmmm…….that makes our govt nazi sympathisers? And they’re using money that comes from OUR hard work to do it? ????

    I feel so sorry for the poor people of Ukraine. They are just pawns in this whole sh*t show. Rich mens games. Look how much taxpayer money has been siphoned from the American people for this ‘war’. Disgusting.

    • They are not real Nazis, Hitler turned down their terms when they offered to collaborate but they killed Jews and lots of other ethnic minorities anyway.
      Now they are fighting for the Jews to get into the EU because nord2 has halted the Jew grift of Russia and if the Nazis do this for the jews they will get a new clean skin, the adl is already singing their praise.

  4. Jabcinda denied unpaid leave to teachers and many other government employees who refused to take the jab. They were all terminated. On the other hand, NZDF soldiers were given long leave to go to Ukarine as mercenaries. While it is sad to see one such mercenary was killed, Jabcinda is keen to support a neo-nazi regime that is hardly a democracy & a most corrupt one. They are the most favourite WEF regime for sure. The MSM and agents like Robert Patman openly encourage illegal mercenary activities in Ukraine. What a shame.

  5. I cannot believe the comments I am seeing. They are just plain stupid. Ukraine is more a democracy than Russia ever was or is. Do any of you actually study history? Russia put in a puppet in 2014, which the Ukrainian people pushed out. The democratically elected Zelesnkyy. He has been a great leader against corruption. Russians fighting in Ukraine (as well as those sitting on their butts in Russia) have Nazi tattoos, post about support of Hitler, and their support for Nazi ideals. Ukraine is more anti-Nazi and pro-democracy than Russia is. Russia is the present-day equivalent of Nazi Germany. All of you saying otherwise are either delusional or just supporting Russia for no reason.

    • Democracy doesnt mean freedom or anything special.Former East Germany was called the Deutchland Democratic Republic,a one party state where you got to vote for your leader.Most Western nations that wank on about democracy are ruled by tyrants lording over the peasants.Voting doesnt make you free or change anything for the better its a con to make you believe you have a say in your country YOU DONT

  6. John, who’s history are you reading. You’re just another minion who believes what he’s told. Start paying attention to what is really going on. Your newspaper will not tell you the truth anymore


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