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Pelosi lists destinations amid Taiwan row

Pelosi Taiwan news

The US House speaker did not mention the island in the latest update on her Asia visit.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has revealed the schedule for her trip to Asia, amid threats of a strong Chinese reaction should she attempt to visit Taiwan.

In a tweet posted on Sunday, Pelosi said she will stop in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan, where she will “hold high-level meetings.”

The news comes after reports that Pelosi could make an unannounced visit to Taipei as part of her trip.

China considers Taiwan, which has been ruled by a separate government since the late 1940s, part of its territory. Beijing strongly opposes any form of diplomatic recognition of Taiwan, including visits by foreign officials.

In a phone conversation on Thursday, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned his US counterpart, Joe Biden against visits to Taiwan or recognizing the island’s “independence.”

“Those who play with fire will perish by it. It is hoped that the US will be clear-eyed about this,” Xi said, according to the official readout of the call.

While not formally recognizing Taiwan as an independent nation, the US has been supporting the island’s government by selling weapons to Taipei.

Beijing conducted live-fire military drills on Saturday off the coast of the southeastern province of Fujian, just across the strait between the mainland and Taiwan. The move came after reports that China could send warplanes to “escort” Pelosi’s aircraft and prevent it from landing in Taiwan should she attempt to do so.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Palosi should visit Tasmania, and promise to establish a military and a “lend lease agreement for the next 12 years. Corrupt, liar and fashion addict (wears dress costing tens of thousands of dollars) thinbks that taiwan can have a “democracy” plastic surgery as she has every year.

    She is an agent of of big MIC, which is pushing for arms sales to Taiwan. Ultimate Scum (US) Senate has passed a lend lease agreement already to send weapons to Taiwan. It is time for China to demilitarise Taiwan. It is no different from Tasmania, an automous state like Tasmania within the Australian fedaration.

  2. China has sanctioned Pelosi, and supposedly she won’t be landing there unless she swaps aircraft and departs for Taiwan from another Asian country under deep cover, but I don’t really see that happening, especially when such meetings can be held via secure servers and Zoom / Skype.

    Also, fighting has erupted between Kosovo and Serbia once again on their borders.(Source; Hal Turner, who provided the video and stills). The roads across the nation’s borders are closed, and are now being openly defended with light and medium weapons as heard in the video.

    Patrick Lancaster is back again after a break, reporting in from the Donbass region. His latest news; the Russians are winning, and have plans for further expansion into western Ukraine, leaving only Ukraine itself as a type of county/ postage stamp in size around Kiev. The remainder of Ukraine past Kiev is slated to be given to Poland, according to the Russian Defence and Prime Ministers in their map that they presented to Russian media yesterday.
    Plans to move the Ukrainian grain are still on hold due to Ukrainian HMARs attacking the port from where the grain ships load-up and sail out of…
    Those interviewed by PL News (Patrick Lancaster) have consistently stated that it’s the Ukrainians who are shelling and rocketing from the direction of west, and that the Russians are routing the Ukrainians from the eastern Ukraine regions.
    The residents (who have been under Ukrainina fire for 9 years now) report that the Ukrainian Nazi AZOV Battalions continue to commit atrocities, while the Russians move in and give food, water and medical aid to those Ukrainian ETHNIC RUSSIANS living in the eastern part of the country.
    Those Ukrainian AZOV Nazis who were taken prisoner by the Russians were held and housed in a facility on Russian soil that Ukrainian Jewish President Zelensky ordered attacked using U.S.-supplied HMAR .
    Reason: The AZOVs were confessing to war crimes that are and have been BLAMED ON THE RUSSIANS BY THE WESTERN MSM!

    One can only imagine the similar extensive and massive corruptions in the upcoming elections in the U.S., Australian and New Zealand…and the problems caused by the same in the U.K. (via Bojo the Boffin) and in Canada (with Fidel Castro Jr.).

    • She can Zoom in; nobody stopped her using Technology (and she did insider trading on Tech tocks more often than others). It also fits with the “climate emergency” the senile Biden wants to declare to justify the high inflation and falling standard of living in US.

  3. NY Times article states the US has warned China not to respond to an expected visit.
    “Kirby, stressed repeatedly that the United States still subscribed to its one-China policy of not recognizing independence for Taiwan.”
    U.S aircraft carrier, Ronald Reagan, now deployed to the South China Sea.
    Don’t say the U.S never warned China!

  4. The US has no business talking about another nation potentially seizing an island territory by force. This by itself doesn’t validate Beijing’s claims to Taiwan, it just means the US is the very last nation on earth who has any business talking about it.

    The US colonized Hawaii. Just took it, and now they say it’s theirs. Now imagine if Hawaii was 25 times closer to the continental United States, and if Hawaii had been American for centuries, and if the Confederates had taken Hawaii after the Civil War, and if the Civil War was much more recent and also was still unresolved. That’s how much the US needs to shut the fuck up about Taiwan.


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