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Putin accuses West of demanding ‘hegemon’s rent’ from humanity

Putin v West news

The world is being robbed “through the power of the dollar and the technological supremacy” of the West, the Russian president says.

Western elites led by the US are exacting tribute from all of humanity and will do anything to protect their privileged position, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.

“The West will cross every line to preserve this neocolonial system, which allows it to parasitize the world, essentially rob it through the power of the dollar and technological supremacy, to collect tribute from humanity, extract the main source of its unearned wealth – hegemon’s rent,” the Russian president said in a speech on Friday.

Preserving this arrangement is the true motive that underlies the policies of the Western elites, and is why their governments try to strip other nations of their sovereignty, according to Putin.

This is where their aggression towards independent nations, traditional values, and original cultures stems from.

Leaders of nations targeted by the West face the choice of voluntarily submitting to its dictates, being bribed into doing the same, or having destruction and misery brought upon their homelands by the US and its allies, Putin said. “Greed and the intention to preserve unlimited power are the true causes of the hybrid war which the collective West is waging against Russia.”

‘They don’t wish freedom for us. They want us to be a colony. They don’t want cooperation of equals, but pillaging. They want to see us not as a free society, but a crowd of soulless slaves.’

Putin delivered the speech in Moscow before signing treaties with the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions on their accession to the Russian Federation. The documents must be ratified by parliament before coming into force.

The move was condemned by Kiev, which considers it to be an illegal annexation of its territory. Moscow said the accession was legitimized by referendums held in the former Ukrainian regions, in which people overwhelmingly voted in favor of splitting from Kiev and seeking protection from Russia against attacks by Kiev’s forces.

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Source:RT News

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  1. NZ colony is paying “rent” in so many ways.
    1. Transfer of land to American and European globalists in exchange of their “fiat currency” produced from thin air.
    2. Transfer good food cheaply and force kiwis to pay excessive price at the supermarket and by starving children or provide junk food.
    3. Displace local labour with excessive imports and deny the locals even simple jobs such as taxi driving or pay third world wages.
    4. Trasfer wealth to Big pharma and Big military industrial complex.
    5. Deny proper housing to kiwis exporting wood and other foresty material and import poor quality products and sell at exorbitant prices. Simply make housing unafforable to half of the population.
    6. Make NZD as a hedge dollar for globalists so that they can pass on inflation whenever they like and sell all our banks and financial assets to globalists.

    Agents such as Jacinda sarden and Luxon are here to make sure that we are fooled and the our dues are paid on time.

  2. Top marks to Russia who have stood up to the US mafia. Whose society still treasure parents and families and community.

    Whose society still uplift both Christian and Muslim values depending on free choice.This is a different country to the former Soviet regime. It has truly come of age.

    As a Christian I am ashamed of many Christians irrational fear of Russia based on errant interpretation of Scripture. Who ditching Russia then hold Israel up as a shining light. Their ignorance is astounding.

    And will say that the envy and hatred driving the agenda of the US against Russia is in part and maybe largely fuelled by Christian hegemony. That’s where this self righteousness sits. In their holier than thou sham.

    I dearly hope Russia prevail against this globalist driven enemy. It’s not the normal US citizens that are our enemy but the globalist controlled slaves.

    It is the same in NZ, Australia and many other nations. But it seems (and I hope) not all.

    • On money, John it not so much the US Administration pushing this but the American Evangelical Christian Church. And using “Christian” in that sentence makes me want to puke, as they certainly do not live by the words of the Apostles or teaching of Christ. They are the practitioners of the very worst variety of dis-information on the planet. They are living in a delusion of their own making and dragging the western world down with them.

      And here we have a “wicked” and evil man like Putin using the Name of Jesus and proper use of Scripture when addressing his people. I have to agree may the Lord be with him in his search for peace and justice, something sorely lacking in our own country and much of the West.

    • Living in western europ, i totallt agree with putine and your observation of envy and hatred of the us towards russia, putin beeing the bogeyman.
      And the really scarry zealous ” christians” parroting the bible but unable to show a little spirituallity.
      I hope really the best for russis


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