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Royal Air Force discriminated against white males to increase diversity – Inquiry

Royal Air Force news

An official inquiry confirmed that Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) implemented discrimination practices against white males in recruiting and selection procedures in order to meet diversity goals, RAF chief Richard Knighton has said.

Several years ago, reports emerged that the Royal Air Force stopped accepting white male recruits in order to increase the presence of women and ethnic minorities among armed forces staff. The UK Ministry of Defense refuted that information, while media, citing leaked RAF internal memos, reported that ethnic and gender diversity were present among officers’ performance goals.

“Those involved in Recruiting and Selection throughout this period acted with the best of intentions; but it is clear that people responsible for implementing these policies did raise concerns at the time, and the way in which long-term aspirational goals set by senior leadership to improve diversity in the RAF were translated into personal performance targets was wrong,” Knighton said in a statement issued on Thursday.

The chief also apologized “unreservedly” to all those affected by discrimination practices and to Lizzy Nicholl, former RAF head of recruitment, who had to resign because of a disapproval of policies implemented within the Royal Air Force. Besides, 31 individuals who were discriminated against and missed the opportunity to qualify for a 5,000 pound ($6,300) joining bonus will be compensated for the financial payment they missed out on.

Knighton has also noted that people who joined the RAF at the time the discrimination policies were in place met all required standards and “there was no compromise of entry standards and no impact on operational effectiveness.”

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  1. A strong country seeks excellence in all domains. Without any discrimination.
    “Do-gooders” are racists in their own right. Most despictable of people.
    Buying themselves a ” good conscience” at the expense of their country

    • And…this correctly describes the church-goers who are intrusive old bitties and gossiping rumour spreaders.
      Stay OUT of the churches in all the nations, as these have government spies operating to insure compliance with speech vs tax exemption laws. You will, in time, become a ‘Targeted Individual’ just for going to ‘church’ (see FBI Targets Catholics).
      All those old hags and masonic piss-head power-grabbing bastards attend ‘church’ hoping to be forgiven for their sins of unscrupulous business practices, screwing people over, taking masonic blood oaths, and (dare I say it…!) being kiddie fiddlers behind the scenes! (The latter is NOT forgiven by God nor a ‘Higher Power’…)
      Get the book titled ‘Stasi in the Pews’ and also the movie online titled ‘Checkist’…
      Then, go to YouTube see the late U.S. Congressman Jim Traficant’s exposure on Israel, which is orchestrating most of the problems in the world behind the scenes!

  2. The only reason the RAF inquired into this practice is due to the imminent start of World War Three going hot at any time.
    Otherwise, it would be enforcing the hiring and recruiting of society’s freaks in order to balance out the colours of the rainbow, all tattooed-up with purple, green, blue and pink hair colours.
    Those in the RAF who decided to do this in the first place should be fired and dishonourably discharged!
    Imagine the young Private Pilots, Air Cadets, laid-off and furloughed Airline Transport Pilots who applied to the RAF and who, being qualified as Pilots under the UK’s CAA rules were turned away in favour of the politically-correct freak show that has no qualifications except for filing complaints alleging ‘discrimination’ based on their deviated brain tissues post-Covid-19 bio-weapon ‘vaccines’…!


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