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SIDS cover up – Big Pharma split vaccine batches to avoid ‘death clustering’

Internal 1970s document from pharma giant Wyeth showed the company knew it had a problem with lethal vaccine batches.

Wyeth went on to merge with mRNA gene therapy maker Pfizer in 2009.

Dated 27 August 1979, the document marked ‘Internal Correspondence’ was sent to Alan Bernstein, then Wyeth’s Managing Director and a consultant to the World Health Organization’s smallpox eradication programme.

The previously unseen letter was shared this week on social media by whistleblower Lauren Houston.

The letter was a response to negative publicity the company received following the deaths of 11 infants that year in Tennesee. All the infants died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and had received the same dose of the DTP (Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis) vaccine from the same batch around the same time.

Fearing a public backlash and speculation the vaccine was linked to SIDS, Wyeth executives embarked on a plan to ‘split vacccine batches’ to ensure doses from each batch were spread around the USA in an effort to prevent ‘death clustering’.

US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jnr confirmed the practise, which he said was designed to conceal vaccine injury from the public.

‘This is the incident that caused Wyeth (now Pfizer) to adopt the “small batch rule,” an internal directive to break up batches among different regions so that the “hot” batches would not all end up in one city where a cluster of deaths would attract notice.

‘CDC also initiated its own policy to keep the SIDS link to DTP vaccines undetected. CDC broke up SIDS into several new diagnostic sub categories including SUID and SUDC to conceal the explosion in SIDS cases from the public,’ Kennedy tweeted.

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  1. This is what i thought all along happened with covid vax. To kill the max. but spread so that the ones who would “escape” would be ” proof” that the ” vax” was ” beneficial”. Criminal.

  2. Coincedenses: The number of his name (666) Ronald Wilson Reagan signed law removing liability from vaccines in 1986.
    Untold millions possibly billions have been affected.

    • It definitely existed. It was around long before the vaccine industry, centuries of historical record/evidence for it.

      But I think when they say “eradicated”, what they really mean to say is “isolated and stored in a myriad of our ungodly “biolabs” across the world, then subjected to decades of gain-of-function shenanigans in order to be released just prior to the 2030 great reset deadline…”

      Set your watch, at this stage it’s almost a certainty 😒

    • The word vaccine was first used for the smallpox viruse and comes from the Vaca latin for cow. Taking the smallpox virus unique to cows and infecting healthy adult humans then extracting the blood with the antibodies and thus creating a serum to provide an immunity for the Human smallpox virus.Thought to be used earlier in Chinese medicine. This was how the smallpox virus was irradicated. How things have changed and yet nothing changes, science gets plagerised and contorted.

  3. Avoided the CONVID jab for myself and my family. Now we no longer take any vaccines of any kind. Like govt pharma are, in my view, untrustworthy.

  4. The whole crux of the matter is that there was never any virus
    But was a contrived event staged around a massive deception and fraud
    Which NZ was obligated to buy into in lockstep with the UN WHO instigated pandemic
    So there was never any need for any vaccines anyway
    What were they supposedly safe proven and effective against?
    Its quite obvious with Trevor Mallard showing up at Arderns wedding how all this garbage got through the House
    Speaker Nasi (Nazi) Who allows what is allowed to be said thereby controlling both sides and determining the desired outcome
    Under Judaism there is only one Party
    The Nazi Party

  5. I took the flu vaccine in 2009 and a few days after felt like I had something between a cold and the flu. I was off work for a few days and reasoned that if I can get ill from the vaccine then it’s not worth taking. Since then, I have always been suspicious of vaccines.

    When the COVID vaccines came out I decided to do an “experiment” involving my consciousness: I was standing up in my house, I cleared my mind (I do meditation) and closed my eyes. I constructed as a thought form a large syringe floating in the air in front of me with the needle to the left and the plunger to the right, and the word VACCINE in large white letters on the syringe body. Immediately I felt like I was physically pushed backwards. My higher self (higher consciousness) was telling me, “DO NOT TAKE THAT VACCINE” in no uncertain terms.

    Why am I posting this? The physical evidence that the COVID vaccine is dangerous is now obvious. However, there are other means to find the truth: If it does not feel right in your heart space or in your gut, then it is probably not right. Do the thought experiments using your imagination, use your heart, use your gut and be guided by something more than your intellect (your mind / brain).


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