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Soros reveals how to save US democracy

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Billionaire wants a Democrat landslide to defeat “far-right extremist” Supreme Court and Trump.

The US Supreme Court and Donald Trump’s Republican Party represent a greater threat to the US than Russia and China and must be defeated by any means necessary, Democrat mega-donor George Soros said in an op-ed published on the Fourth of July.

Soros, 91, has previously called for regime change in China and a quick victory over Russia. In his latest syndicated opinion piece, he called them “repressive regimes” that “want to impose an autocratic form of government on the world.” However, he argued, a far greater threat to the US comes from the “domestic enemies of democracy,” which include “the current Supreme Court, which is dominated by far-right extremists, and Donald Trump’s Republican Party,” which put them there.

Echoing President Joe Biden, Soros denounced the court for last month’s Dobbs ruling, which overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade precedent when it came to abortions. He said the logic of the ruling endangers other rights recognized under the Fourteenth Amendment, “among them the right to contraception, same-sex marriage, and LGBTQ rights” but possibly even inter-racial marriage.

“It is also clear that this Court intends to mount a frontal attack on the executive branch,” Soros argued, pointing to the rulings regarding the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency, gun ownership, and redistricting. The common denominator in the court’s recent verdicts is to “support causes promoted by Trump’s Republican Party and weaken or outlaw causes favored by the Democratic Party,” he insisted.

The Dobbs ruling is “part of a carefully laid plan to turn the US into a repressive regime,” Soros wrote, and the only way to stop them is to “throw the Republican Party out of office in a landslide,” Soros argued. Democrats currently control the White House and both chambers of Congress.

Republicans “attack our system of democracy from every angle,” Soros wrote, accusing the party of having “stacked” both the Supreme Court and many lower courts with “extremist judges” and passing laws that “make voting very difficult” and “make subversion of the electoral system easier” at state level.

The “survival of democracy in the US is gravely endangered,” Soros concluded, adding that “we must do everything we can to prevent that,” including reaching out to some Republicans that voted for Trump but reject his “big lie” about there being irregularities in the 2020 election. This, he argued, was about “reestablishing a functioning two-party political system which is at the core of American democracy.”

The Hungarian-born billionaire has invested millions in helping Democrat causes, from the upcoming national midterm elections to district attorney races in key jurisdictions.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Placenta-Eating criminal Soros’s death will bring peace in many countries. Surely he will rot in hell, and by extending his life, he is committing more sins for which his soul will pay the heaviest price.

      • Don’t celebrate too early. He has a dipshit son in his early 30’s who is a massive leftard, poised to take over the empire once Daddy Palpatine kicks the bucket.

        We’ll be hearing the name Soros for decades to come ????????

  2. Do you think that perhaps George Soros and the Democrats are keen to take people’s focus away from the problems with the coronavirus vaccines, and the impending failure of their policies in Eastern Europe?

  3. Herr George Soros, (aka Georg Schwartz, a Communist-Zionist Talmudic monster), along with Herr Klaus Schwab, and ‘Little Boy’ Gates, are ALL involved in eugenics, just as Little Boy’s parents were, and Herr Schwartz’s involvment with the Nazis as documented in many alternative media arenas.
    Putin knows full well the criminals that these ‘Three Snuffketeers’ are, and what they represent; I even think that Hungary and perhaps a handful of other nations in Eastern Europe have arrest warrants out on Soros (Schwartz), but isn’t it amazing how INTERPOL will NOT execute these arrest warrants?
    INTERPOL and the NWO’s NATO and UN will use their institutions to arrest, detain and possibly encamp and murder ‘Patriotic and Poltical Dissenters’ and those who stand-up to Noahide Law and Talmudic due=processes which will serve to elevate the ‘Elite’ to even more abusive power!
    Just look at the empty skies policies via gradualism, high ticket prices, and Pilots who have had enough of working conditions that are far worse than that of a Metro Bus Driver!!!!!!!!!!
    These Nazi bastards are scared of Trump, his supporters, Veterans and the Militias with associated Lone Wolves who are very active in the US with logistical planning, storage of weapons (the Chinese and Central American Catholic Gangs already have stored caches of Chinese weapons…) and the pre-planned execution of battle plans IF Trump once again is vote-frauded out of the next El-ection!
    Americans are always giving the benefit of the doubt to their adversaries, but recent events are thinning-out that benefit.

  4. Soros is evidently running out of baby-blood supplies due to the supply chain break-down. His lizard skin is now showing thru without the steady supply of aborted adrenalchrome baby blood, especially around the eyes,…
    He’ll probably quietly move to the Left Coast (Californication) to procure more adrenalchrome while avoiding arrest warrants overseas.
    He’s definitely Gorn-like in appearance, and reptilian with regard to Noahide Talmudic adaptations…

    • BoJo the Boffin will try and remain in power as per his Illuminati masters. This won’t stop until the entire corrupt Tory Party resigns out of fear of corrupt exposures.


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