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Swedish Police Chief sounds alarm over ‘unprecedented’ crime

Crime in Sweden news

Sweden, formerly a country well-known for its peaceful and law-abiding citizens, has for many years been plagued by gun violence, explosions and gang crime.

In 2022, Sweden took the unenviable European record for the most number of fatal shootings in a single year, eclipsing neighboring Nordic nations by some margin.

In a searing opinion piece, the country’s police chief has penned an article complaining that organized crime has reached “unprecedented levels” and become more complex and difficult to deal with.

Writing in Swedish media, National Police Commissioner Anders Thornberg lamented the fact that crime has become more complex and that it has become more difficult to get witnesses to talk.

“Prosecutors, witnesses and perpetrators, who have previously spoken to the police and testified in court, now almost never give any information. This makes the investigation significantly more difficult. Success in prosecution often requires finding other, more difficult evidence,” Thornberg said.

Thornberg, a former director-general and head of the Swedish Security Service, also highlighted the fact that the police force is at present understaffed and underfinanced and he pleaded for more money and more officers. He also called for the force to be assisted by stronger tools through new legislation and strengthened cooperation between the authorities. He also argued that the police’s mission must be fine-tuned so that it can tackle the emerging challenges.

The formerly peaceful nation has for many years been plagued by gun violence, explosions and gang crime. In 2022, Sweden took the unenviable European record for the highest number of fatal shootings in a single year – 64. To put that in perspective, neighboring Denmark which has a largely similar culture and economy, registered only eight gun-related deaths in 2022.

Although largely pinned to conflicts between rival gangs, shootings and explosions cause collateral damage as innocent bystanders are often hurt and venues are damaged. The conflicts even affect schools to the point that the authorities have issued guidelines on how to deal with these matters, which many have interpreted as a “normalization” of gangland violence.

All sorts of reports have revealed that second-generation immigrants are prevalent among the perpetrators of what are often ethnic-based crimes – something the authorities were reluctant to admit for a long time as it indicated that their integration policies had failed. Swedish authorities have now made a U-turn after decades of an “open doors” policy. Furthermore, the police said that violent offenders have become younger over the years, many of them still minors trying to gain credibility in gang land.

At the turn of the year, Sweden was swept by a wave of what the police viewed as retaliatory crimes. The spike in violence and bloodshed that dominated the news over the Christmas and New Year holidays represents a threat to the minority government led by the Moderates, as Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson ran specifically on a bid to tackle organized crime, pledging to “straighten out Sweden”. Kristersson envisaged a “paradigm shift” in criminal justice and promised longer prison sentences to get gang members off the streets and deter new recruits from joining the underworld. The much-awaited turnaround has yet to materialize.

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  1. No sh*t Sherlock.
    After integration policies have failed, hopefully RE-integration policies will happen.
    Plane tickets, a very cheap crime prevention tool.

  2. Drugsgangs operating through europe. Armed with kalashnikovs in Marseille. A lot of arms circultating in europe, thanks to NATO and its action in former yougoslavia. The ukraine war, i am sure is providing more arms for gangs
    Dealing drugs openly on the streets. Using crack cocaine on the street.
    Among other crimes commited by immigrant moslims is knifing or cutting the throat of innocents passer by.
    Burning or trying to destroy churches.
    And von der leyen wants more immigrants in europe. Whom ‘s orders does she follows ??

    As for dealing drugs, it seems that there is also a huge demand. No smoking any more. But cocaine and pot.

  3. I remember during the Syria war, when hostages were being kidnapped and executed (i.e., beheaded) by terrorists and women were being kidnapped and used as sex-slaves (i.e., raped), the EU countries (in particular France and Germany) opened the borders and let in people completely unchecked. There is only one possible conclusion to this: The EU leaders WANT the violence and terrorism and fear! Why? Because fear effects control.

    “They” create the problem with unchecked immigration from countries with violent civil wars knowing that it will import the same level of violence. Then “they” create the solution in terms of digital passports and tracking everywhere we go in order to control and subjugate us.

    Compare also with the US-Mexico border: Mexico has a violent drugs war going on and the border is left wide open. “They” want drugs violence, rapes, murders in the US. Sanctuary cities release violent (and illegal) offenders so that they can offend some more. Different countries but same idea.

    After 9/11, some members of the US Intel agencies said that although Al-Qaeda attacked, it was always Hezbollah that was the A-team of terrorism: If Hezbollah decided to REALLY project themselves internationally then there would be a real problem. Hezbollah have clearly stated that they will (probably are now) sending operatives across the US-Mexico border.

    Our leaders hate us and want us to suffer harm.

    • @ mark,
      your are very right.
      Because i live in europe and that david icke whom i had never read, was barred from speaking and staying in europe, i bought one of his book. To know what kind of guy he was as when i researched his name, i discovered that he is considered ” a complotist” and worse. A ” bad guy”. Which i like
      So i bought ” the trigger”. It is about 9/11 ,
      the lies , propaganda and much more.. Finally about the Ultra zionists at work, infiltrated in all western goverments and more.
      It is a thick book and english is not my mother tong. So i read slowly
      But i would recommend it.
      Not so well written as ” brave new world” or ” 1984″, but an eyes opening of what is going on now in society. ( bought on amazon.) might become difficult to get or disappear all together, considering the censure that is going on at the moment. So i would buy it now

  4. Check out ‘Angry Foreigner’ (real name ‘Ang Arg Talar’) on YouTube and other media that puts out info that other platforms ban…
    An amazing expose’ on what is wrong with Sweden and most of Europe…especially with the opening video ‘Welcome to Sweden; Rape capital of Europe!’


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