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Trudeau’s deputy is a trustee of Klaus Schwab’s WEF

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s deputy Chrystia Freeland is a trustee of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Reform (WEF).

Global scrutiny on the actions of the WEF and its members and alumni has heightened over the COVID crisis, with revelations many Western leaders have close relationships with the private, unelected and unaccountable organisation which famously meets in Davos, Switzerland each year.

Chrystia Freeland news

According to Schwab, the COVID crisis provided a unique opportunity for humanity to reset itself, where people would ‘own nothing and be happy,’ a WEF plan known as ‘The Great Reset’.

In addition to Freeland, pupils of Schwab’s philosophy include Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, and Jacinda Ardern.

According to a report published in the Gateway Pundit, Freeland’s grandfather was alleged Ukrainian Nazi sympathiser and collaborator Michael Chomiak. Freeland disputed this allegation as being ‘Russian disinformation’, however numerous photos exist of Chomiak socialising with high level Nazis, as well as eyewitness testimony which supports the claim.

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Freeland has recently stated her desire to make Trudeau’s unprecedented and controversial use of ’emergency powers’ permanent in some cases, particularly those that relate to financial support of the truckers.

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  1. What a creature this woman is.

    I watched her as Trudeau made his announcement and her head was twitching back and forth. Something not right there.

    I saw her previously speaking in parliament. She comes across as as condescending and fake as trudeau. All drama, evil and no substance.

    Anyone see Trudeaus mother interviewed on YouTube? I recommend watching and then you get the idea of why Justin is like he is…..

  2. Very bad when Iran criticizes Trudeau:
    Vice-President of the Judiciary for International Affairs and Secretary General of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights Kazem Gharibabadi condemned suppressing peaceful protests in Canada.


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