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Ukraine prepares attack on Crimea – Zelensky

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Kiev already has the resolve necessary for the assault, but is still building up its capabilities, the president says.

Ukraine is preparing an offensive to try and seize Russia’s Crimean peninsula, President Vladimir Zelensky said on Friday at a press conference. Kiev is forming new units specifically for the task, with servicemen undergoing training abroad, he revealed.

“We’re taking military steps, we are preparing for them. We are mentally prepared already. We prepare technically, with weapons, forces, we form new brigades, we form offensive units of various kinds and types, we are sending people for training not only in Ukraine, you know, but also in other countries,” Zelensky stated.

The president, as well as other top officials, has repeatedly pledged to re-capture all of the former Ukrainian territories from Russia, including Crimea. The peninsula broke away from the country back in 2014 in the aftermath of the Maidan coup in Kiev, joining Russia after a landslide referendum.

Four other formerly-Ukrainian territories, namely the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as Zaporozhye and Kherson Regions, were incorporated into Russia after the overwhelming majority of their populations voted in favor of the idea last September.

Neither reunification with Crimea, nor the latest incorporations of other regions got Western recognition, with Kiev and its backers considering these lands part of Ukraine.

Russia has repeatedly warned Kiev against plotting an assault on Crimea. Early in February, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, who now serves as Deputy Chair of the Security Council, said that any attack on Crimea would be interpreted as a direct attack on the country itself and would be “met with inevitable retaliation using weapons of any kind.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. Good luck Zelensky and grubby Joe. The Russians currently have a “full court press” along all battle fronts in the Ukraine. That should keep you focused on repentance

    Even if Ukraine could muster an offensive they would need more than the 4 tanks of the 200 promised by the glorious west that have so far arrived. The ammo is following – Apparently.

    As are NZs Covid masks (our contribution to the heroes of Ukraine) …… ahem.

    Still to throw them a bone ….. as Grubby Joe said in Warsaw…. America will fight Russia to the Last Ukrainian

  2. Nice of Zelensky letting Putin know what’s going on. I wonder if Zelensky is training his 16 year olds and disabled new recruits.

  3. The people of Crimea VOTED in a REFERENDUM that was overseen and witnessed by INTERNATIONAL POLL OBSERVERS and the Crimeans voted their return to Russia after witnessing and experiencing what the last two J3wi$h Ukrainian Governments have done to the populations of Crimea, and the Greater Donbass Region.
    The Russians are NOT going to give ground in this particular instance, especially with building a major bridge connecting the Crimea to Russia, and also in keeping steadfast in deep water ports.
    Hence, the Crimean Peninsula was not illegally taken by Russia- it was a referendum that passed with 92% voting to become a part of Russia.
    That stands as a legal referendum, voter outcome, and political desire to side with Russia AS OBSERVED IN THE INTERNATIONAL COURT IN BRUSSELS! under INTERNATIONAL LAW!
    & BTW, for the Mossad / J3wi$h Operatives that are in New Zealand at this time; I know who you are, what you are trying to do, and I recognise exactly who you are!

  4. zelenski is provoking russia in the hope that the UE and UK come to fight in ukraine and that war destroy europe. He is Biden’ and ultra zionists’ puppet.
    I only hope mr putine does not use any nuke, as it is what Biden and his clique want. But bombing and razing kiev, yes !


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