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Ukrainian combat vehicle crews surrender to Russia – TASS

The soldiers reportedly laid down their arms after commanders refused to evacuate them.

The crews of two Ukrainian BMP-1 infantry combat vehicles have surrendered to Russian troops near the Donbass city of Avdeyevka, TASS reported on Tuesday, citing an unnamed Russian security official.

According to the official, a member of a platoon in Ukraine’s 110th separate mechanized bridge had radioed Russian troops, requesting “medical assistance for their wounded soldiers” after commanders had “declined” to evacuate his unit.

The Ukrainian officer reportedly asked for safe passage and said that “the remainder of his units would surrender with all of their weapons, including two BMP-1s.”

Overall, 10 soldiers were taken into custody, including some with serious injuries, the Russian official said. The official added that the captured service members were receiving medical aid and were being vetted for complicity in war crimes.

Russian war correspondent Andrey Rudenko posted a video on Monday evening that allegedly showed Russian soldiers detaining the crews of Ukrainian BMP-1s. The uniforms worn by the surrendering soldiers bore markings resembling those used by Ukrainian forces.

Kiev launched its long-anticipated counteroffensive last week, attacking Russian forces in multiple areas along the front line. According to Moscow, Ukrainian troops failed to breach Russian defenses and did not achieve their goals. Several German-made Leopard 2 heavy tanks and US-made M2 Bradley armored vehicles were destroyed or abandoned during the fighting.

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Source:RT News

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  1. What a complete waste of peoples lives just to attack Russia. As much as I back Putin it’s horrific. It maybe war and that’s what you should expect yet it all could end if it was not for NATO.

    • NATO -at this stage- is protecting the MIBCC (Military-Industrial-Bankster-Congressional-Complex) and the Ukraine money laundromat of the Biden/Obama/Clinton mafia.

      • Yes, NATO should stand for ‘Never Again Talmudic Operations’, but the sad truth is that it’s just the opposite.
        NATO does indeed serve the Zionist / J3wi$h elements that are deeply embedded in every domain of politics, production, and finance.
        In order to stop this war and other future ‘proxy wars’, nations must rout-out the J3wi$h-Talmudic Zionists from their institutions.

  2. This is highly interesting, as over the last few months, Ukrainian Field Commanders have been getting assassinated (or ‘fragged’, as we used to say in the ‘Nam) for ordering their troops into suicide missions in which there are no aspects nor prospects of survival.
    The Company-level Ukrainian Commanders are executing their superiors for ordering such wastage of human life on both sides.
    Now, how much would one like to bet that ALL of the Field Commanders and the Command Ranks above them are J3wi$h, just like Zelensky, and that these appointments mirror those who were appointed to run the GULAGS, and the Red Terror Alphabet Agencies ranging from 1917-1992?
    The SMERSH, CHEKA, GRU, KGB, etc-…ALL who ran and were in charge of those murderous organisations were rabid Talmudic Zionists J3w$!!!.
    Aleksandr Solzhenytsyn has exposed this in his writings…
    So, what we see here are Ukrainian J3wi$h Commanders in the upper echelon killing off as many Goyim under their ‘command’ as possible in compliance with the Talmud, Chabad instructions and Noahide Law by ordering them into missions that insures certain death. That explains the ‘Suicide Missions’, and the fact that the Company Commanders who are Orthodox Christians are NOT complying with such orders that constitute a war crime perpetrated by rabid Zionist J3w$ in Ukrainian positions of power!!!
    Putin understands the clear and present danger to Russia by the same ilk that murdered 65 million Russians between 1917-1992! The J3wi$h Ukrainian ‘Leadership’ has closed the Orthodox Christian Churches, kidnapped men & boys off of the streets for conscripted service, is harvesting organs from the war dead for sale, and engages in financial fraud, monetary criminal crimes, and child / human trafficking!
    Hope and pray the Putin wins this, and soon!!!

    • Agree with you Vlad-
      The RNZ reporter who was reporting the truth about the Ukraine/Russia War should receive a Press Award for not kowtowing to the Globalist WEF / NWO / Great Reset Party Line!!!
      After all, RNZ is a government owned and managed ‘News (propaganda) Outlet, and is dictated to by the Jabby Cabinet which, in turn, receives it’s marching orders from Schwab, Soros, and the Big Pharma / MIC (Military Industrial Complex).
      ALL are doing the bidding of Israel for nefarious reasons…!

  3. Go to ‘Patrick Lancaster’ on YouTube and see his war zone reporting that you won’t see on any other Western media Outlets!
    J**** Israeli)-led Ukraine is the perpetrator of attacks on ethnic Russian Orthodox Christians living in the Donbass over the last 11 years now!
    Only when Russia had it’s requests / demands for Ukraine not to allow Zionist-led NATO to take Ukraine into membership in NATO itself was rudely ignored and lied to via the Minsk Agreement, and after 10 years of ethnic Russians being shelled, bombed and assassinated did Russia come into Ukraine to stop the Talmudic genocide that J*****-led Ukraine was perpetrating on the Russian Orthodox Christians in the Donbass Region.

  4. Horrifying waste of human life. Whats more shocking is the sorry excuse we have for a government here standing with this atrocity rather than condemning it.


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