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US drops another $2.2 billion on Ukrainian military

Ukraine military aid news

Secretary of State Antony Blinken paid a surprise visit to Kiev to unveil the aid package.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has pledged another $2.2 billion in long-term military financing to Ukraine and 18 neighbor states and territories “potentially at risk of future Russian aggression,” pending approval by Congress, Secretary of State Antony Blinken revealed on Thursday during an unannounced visit to Kiev.

Blinken met with President Vladimir Zelensky and other senior officials to discuss the details of the $2.2 billion package, of which $1 billion will go to Ukraine. The rest will be divided among “regional security partners” in order to help them “deter and defend against emergent threats to their sovereignty and territorial integrity” through strengthening their coordination with NATO and combating “Russian influence and aggression,” according to the State Department.

Splitting the remainder of the money are Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the breakaway Serbian province of Kosovo, which declared independence in 2008 but remains largely unrecognized as such outside of the American sphere of influence.

Blinken hailed the Ukrainian “counteroffensive” against Russian forces in the south as “effective,” calling it a “pivotal moment” for Kiev, while Zelensky thanked the visiting diplomat for “this enormous support that you’re providing on a day to day basis.”

The aid package was the second announced on Thursday, following on the heels of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s pledge of $675 million more in heavy weaponry, armored vehicles and ammunition to the Ukrainian war effort. Austin was joined by the German and Dutch defense ministers, who offered training and more equipment to Kiev.

As of August 3, the US had committed a total of $44.3 billion in aid to Ukraine since the launch of Russia’s military operation in February. Biden’s Democratic Party is expected to face tough midterm elections in November as polls indicate voters are much more concerned by inflation and other economic issues than the supposed Russian “threat.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. No one knows whether this is under lend& lease act or just lethal aid. I suspect this is the former so that US can control whatever remains as Ukaraine for decades to come.

  2. So we have record homeless in American states and the US is laundering US citizens money to Ukraine.

    Madness. How haven’t they American people risen up against this corruption yet?

  3. All this, while America’s Disabled Veterans live on the streets of the major U.S. Cities under tarpaulins, crops are being systematically destroyed, water sources allowed to dry-up with the help of geo-stationary satellites emitting microwaves, and HAARP now played-out in Low Earth Orbit, and Black Rock being allowed to hyper-inflate housing costs!
    Bill Gates has bought up vast tracts of fertile farm land, but nothing is being planted, and no livestock raised on the same!
    Americans are basically gutless, and hide at home watching their J3wi$h-run and owned Bravo Channel, video games, and Tik Tok selfies. Their narcissistic traits are moving along at light speed! It’s all about… ‘them’!
    Many can no longer qualify for the Military or the of alternative Public Service…!
    In the meantime, petrol and food prices, commodities and the cost of services (ie energy, etc.) are skyrocketing similar to the Weimar Republic of the 1920’s! All by design, & all designed to fail!!!
    As Tony Hilder stated at the beginning of his video ‘Millennium 2000’ from 30 years ago:

    “War has been declared against you…your children…your mother…there isn’t anything you have or EVER HOPE TO HAVE that they’re not planning on *taking away!” (*Klaus Schwab, the Zio-Communist Nazi-based ‘Player’ with “You will own nothing and be happy.”)
    ‘Who am I talking about? A group of Freemasons, those in the evil-archy of the Globalist Banksters..well, ‘THEY WANT IT ALL!’
    *Anthony J. Hilder
    (*who was shot in an assassination attempt 25 years ago for revealing this information and for his co-produced 33 & 1/3rd info-album titled ‘Illuminati CFR with Myron Fagan)

    • Americans wont do anything about the so-called “deep state” they are full of s***.They imagine an orange-haired saviour will come to the rescue so they dont have to do anything themselvesThey wank on about the 2nd ammendment and how its supposed to stop tyranny by their own government,we know that will never happen.

  4. So the US keeps printing money they haven’t got, to finance a proxy war. I wonder what would be the outcome if China or Russia gave 2.2 billion in military aid to Cuba . .Remembering of course that Cuba is still occupied and under sanctions since the Bay of pigs . The arrogance of it all is astounding.


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